Oceans Deep
It's our favorite day of the week, time to jump in to the river. Pastor Dan Garber is preaching on the topic "Hearts on Fire" Catch the whole service on the YouTube channel at:
Is Genesis History - Trailer

Don’t allow what you haven’t seen turn you away from what you have Faith to see in Christ!
The Vision is bigger than you!
An excerpt from some of my portion in a Tag Team (Pastor Matt Cross) Message titled "We Are Not Alone"

This Sunday night Pastor Curtis Crawford will minister in our 6pm Service. Here is a snapshot of his message.
The Four D's of John 3:16 is an in depth look at one of the most memorized verses in all of Scripture. The Danger- Perishing; The Design-Love; The Duty-Faith; The Destiny-Life.
The Potter’s House Worship Center, 1911 W. Market St. Harrisonburg Va. 22801

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The vision holds us together, a vision that is deeply intertwined with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit makes us stronger together!
We won’t wonder in confusion, rather we will run the race set before us, With Patience, The Path!
Because we have served together in ministry, worship, passion, You will not be able to write your story and leave me out if God has put me in your story…
The vision connects us…
The reason we walk together is because we agree, we embrace the Vision…....
Amos 3:3 Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?

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This Morning Pastor Matt Cross and Pastor Dan Garber will "TagTeam" the message titled : "The Vision" here is one slide:
The Vision Binds us Together!
The enemy has and will try to separate us…
Don’t let him have a voice…
The Vision of this house (Phwc) is not copied from any other ministry or church…...
It was received as a secretary would take dictation from from her employer from the Holy Spirit…
Nothing left to chance…
God Spoke and we wrote it!
And we are walking it out!
The Vision Leads, It dispels confusion, It keeps Hope Alive! for livestream

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Roads are clear in and around H'burg and Phwc. Temps are 37-38 and rising, we are have both 10am and 6pm services today. Use caution because there may be slick patches. The lot has been salted and is safe. With these temps, any slick spots will be leaving soon. This Is The Day The Lord Has Made I Am Rejoicing!
Lets Gather To Worship Today!

The Amp'd Winter Blast has been canceled due to inclement weather.

Please join us Sunday, 3 pm, at Strite Auditorum in Crestwood at VMRC off Virginia Ave as we celebrate the precious life of our sweet sister, Sharon Hayden, who went to be with our Lord Wednesday.

Phwc Brothers,Tonight we will have our Feb. Excel Men with Zachary Magalis give a word of encouragement, also we will host a "Tool Shower" for Kevin Barb as he is about to marry Wendy Baxter, please bring a tool, (or tools) wrap them man style and come at 7pm all welcome!

Thoughts from my morning devotion: Church?
"Anything is better than compromise, apathy, and paralysis. Lord please give us an intense cry for the authenticity of Worship, The Gospel and The Holy Spirit"

Church, Worship, The Word, and Fellowship should be to a Christian what "Together" is to a newly married couple, What ice is to an ice skater, What milk is to a baby etc.
I Hope you have a church, I hope you go today! If you don't please consider The Potter's house Worship Center 1911 W. Market st. Harrisonburg Va. Because we promise to "Host The Holy Spirit's Presence"

A memorial service to celebrate Grace’s life will be held at 11:00 on Saturday, February 10, at the Potter’s House Worship Center, 1911 West Market Street, Harrisonburg, VA. It will be followed by a reception for family and friends.

July 9, 1925 - January 11, 2018 Grace (Gross) Hockman died peacefully on January 11 in Harrisonburg, VA at the age of 92. Grace is survived by her sister Jewel Brenneman, of Baltimore; her 4 children: Larry of Boulder, CO, Rick of San Antonio, TX, Sue Lickteig of Westminster, CO, Joe of Hockessin, D...

He will be with you until the very end.

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Based on current conditions & projected weather forecast The Potter’s House Worship Center will cancel tonight’s service

The Potter's House Worship Center will have our 10am service.
We Will make every attempt to release as early as possible.
The Lot and road up will be salted.
This is the day The Lord has made I Will Rejoice and Be Glad!

Simon Peter replied, “Lord, to whom would we go? You have the words that give eternal life. We believe, and we know you are the Holy One of God" John 6
(Read John 6 and you'll see Jesus say some very difficult things, "eat My Flesh, drink My Blood"?? was very offensive to many of those listening to Jesus that day, they just simply walked away)
Tomorrow's title “Where Can We Go”

“Disciple making is not a call for others to come to us to hear the gospel but a command for us to go to others to share the gospel.”
Today's message "The Missing Link" for livestream
The Potter's House Worship Center 1911 West Market St Harrisonburg Va.