This is how I practice now, truthfully. Let's call it a ... collaboration.

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I've been asked to perform a piano piece in November, so I'd like to arrange a song(s) with a message of gratitude in honor of Thanksgiving. What are your favorite songs of gratitude?


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Happy listening!!

Happy Pioneer Day!

Listen to the song I arranged in honor of the Martin and Willie handcart companies. The arrangement tells the story of their journey. Join me on a "listening scavenger hunt".


Can you hear their excitement and determination as they set out?

Can you hear the worry when the snow starts to fall, and the spiral of the flurries as the innocent flakes turn into a blizzard?

Can you hear the weakened, yet resilient faith as they trudge through the deep, cold snow? "Press forward Saints, with steadfast faith in Christ."

And finally, can you hear the renewed strength and hope when they spy the valley as they near their journeys end? "With love of God ... Hallelujah, hallelujah".

Of all my arrangements, this is the one that I feel most passionate about, because theirs is a story and a sacrifice that should never be forgotten.

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I've been reintroduced this summer to the animated film, The Prince of Egypt, and have been blown away by the music. Check out this performance by an incredibly talented singer, Brian Stokes Mitchell, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir of "Through Heaven's Eyes". I was at this performance a few years back and it was amazing.

America's Choir meets with Broadways last leading man in a clip from Ring Christmas Bells. Brian Stokes Mitchell sings with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Buy ...