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Ronald Niece
· October 13, 2017
Pierce Brothers Coffee Roasters not only provide great coffees they give us excellent service. I asked for a shipment to be delayed a few days and they did it.
Jason Houle
· June 1, 2017
I live on the street. And have been here longer than them. This company is stinking up the neighborhood. The smell is so bad. It burns your lungs at times. Nevermind the headaches, smell and frequent... blue smoke. People cant even sit outside. It is said there are no health effects from this issue. But its not pleasant either way. Some People HAVE to go inside because of this as well.
Please Boycott this unfriendly company to new to my neighborhood! !!! We have waited long enough for them to fix there issue.
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Britny Jones
· March 26, 2015
I came across pierce brothers last year and have found myself only drinking their coffee since. Every other coffee tastes so bad to me! I ran out of my fogbuster this week and had to drink something t...hat was laying around the kitchen and really couldn't stomach it! Such an awesome company to work with too! Thanks guys! See More
Yvonne Moreno
· May 21, 2017
I'm am avid Fogbuster lover, the first time I tried it I have been hooked and not a work day goes by that I will buy my hot cup of morning gold. Love it!
Melissa Clancy
· November 5, 2012
On 01/05/14 I wrote to your customer service and said the following:

"My husband and I have been buying Pierce Bros. Coffee from our local health food store (Newark Natural Foods in Newark, DE) for t...he last couple of years and have been very pleased with it. We tried several other organic, fair-trade, air roasted coffees because we care about our health, our planet and our fellow man. Pierce Bros. was the smoothest, least irritating to our stomach coffee we could find. We enjoyed every bag we bought until about two months ago.

The first bag that was off was the Sumatra, our usual choice, and it smelled sour and bitter. We decided to brew a pot anyway just to be sure and it's taste was very harsh and burnt. We took it back and got a refund. The second bag was House Blend because they were out of Sumatra. The beans smelled ok so we brewed a pot in our french press and they were again very harsh, burnt and acrid. I only took a sip before realizing that it would upset my stomach and likely trigger a migraine but my husband is of hardier stock and drank a whole cup. He regretted that decision all day as his stomach has been upset since. I'm not writing to complain, I'm writing to ask if something has changed about the roasting process or the type of bean being used. Is it perhaps a problem with a local roasting house or local distributor? We'd love to keep buying your coffee because we miss it and it's a great price but we can't afford to keep wasting time and money or risking our stomachs. Any advice?"

A very nice CS agent named Mindy wrote us back the following:

"I am sorry to hear that you did not like a few bags of our coffee. The only thing I can think without doing a trace is that it was coffee purchased shortly after we had a fire in the roaster. It’s not a common occurrence but it did happen last year. I would be happy to send you out 2 bags of coffee if you let me know if you like it on whole bean or ground and your shipping address."

And she did indeed send us two bags of coffee and we were very pleased with your customer service. Sadly, the beans still tastes wrong, almost rancid. We tried making it at various temperatures using a french press, a bialleti espresso pot and a drip pot. We tried letting it brew longer or shorter than normal and with filtered tap versus distilled water. We added a pinch of salt and cinnamon to try to cut the bitterness. Nothing worked. A few months later we moved to another state so we didn't have the chance to give it another try. I can only assume something in the roasting process was changed, I really don't know. Maybe it's back to it's old wonderful self, I hope so, but I'm not local anymore so I won't have a chance to find out.

I know it's a disappointing review and I hope that anyone who reads this will give your coffee a fair shot because we really did enjoy it, the price was great and the customer service went above and beyond.
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Craig Jurasz
· June 18, 2015
When deciding which coffee to serve at Agawam's Java Stop, there was no other coffee that even came close to the taste and quality of Pierce Bros!
Karen Lucas
· April 17, 2015
Pierce bros coffee is the best! Fogbuster is so delicious and a great pick me up! Love all their coffees though :)
Joe O'Neill
· December 13, 2016
Had my first cup of FogBuster at the Cummington fair about 5 years ago and have been hooked ever since.
Dee J P Brochu
· January 16, 2017
Great product. Great people. I'm lucky to live locally .... smells good when I drive smells; even better when I make my smoothies with it.
James D. McDougall
January 20, 2012
I am a coffee snob. Pierce Bros. is hands down one of the best providers for a flavorful organic bean. My personal favorite is Fogbuster.For the dark, small cup fan,the boldness of the Espresso is nea...r to perfection.Awsomeness. See More
Christopher Peters
· May 2, 2015
I would rather not drink coffee if it isn't Pierce Brothers. It would be a tough row to hoe elsewhere in the nation, except they ship everywhere so I'm always happily Fogbusted!
Varsh Farazdel
· January 21, 2015
Recently had some of your organic dark air roasted coffee! crazy delicious!
Laura Sloan
· May 28, 2015
The only espresso I use! I start each day with a cappucino using Pierce brothers espresso roast. My favorite coffee.
Michele Mikkelsen
February 20, 2012
In October 2011, I stumbled upon the Fogbusters brand coffee sold by Pierce Brothers. It wakes and keeps me up and it is really smooth not bitter.
Pixie Nancy Powell
· April 17, 2015
Liquid GOLD ! May the Coffee Fairy give many many blessings to you ♥
Ricardo N Melinda
· December 5, 2014
Excellent customer service! You guys surprised me yesterday with an unexpected delivery! Thanks for making my day better! Melinda
Sean Darren Pierce
· April 17, 2015
100% Certified Organic, 100% Fair Trade Certified, SVK Kosher, Air Roasted, Never Bitter, Never Burnt. You can't beat the taste of pure goodness!
Antonio Baumgartner
· May 23, 2016
Burnt coffee. Rude people. Horrible business. Never again.
Kate Burgwinkle Wardwell
· September 15, 2012
Black Bear has just replaced Fogbuster as my favorite.
David Wilson
· January 19, 2014
Simply the best!
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