Another Throwback Thursday for today. My friend Jeff posted this video back from last ALA eating apples like a lamb in my Um Jammer Lammy cosplay. Because I'm a know....Lammy.... LEAVE IT TO MILKCAN. Featuring The Cosplay Professional as Parappa the Rapper and Pingu Tyrone as Grunkle Stan.
🎉Happy New Year🎉

Well I just has a safety run in with Facebook releasing personal information on this page without my consent and I'm not ok with that! It also punished my reach for trying to remedy the problem.

So until I come up with a better means of managing this account this facebook page is now inactive. I won't be replying to messages or comments.

Until I fix this (If I ever do) please follow my other social media accounts that don't have a risk of endangering my personal life.


You can also email me at

If you can comment and like this so it reaches more of my followers I would appreciate that a lot!

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Happy Valentines Day Facebook ❤️

I wrote this poem just for you. I even endowed it with my scent.

Aren't I the most thoughtful person in the club?

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PiggyNukka Cosplay added a new photo to the album: Parappa the Rapper.

I have lots of un Parappa the Rapper things planned for March. GET READY.
Awesome edit by Chet Brown Design
Original photo by Prinny Fun Cosplay

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PiggyNukka Cosplay added a new photo to the album: Modeling.

Here's a photo I took for a fashion shoot with Jason DeSomer Photography while I was in Portland for the holidays.

Lots of stuff been happening and with cosplay stuff rolling in from ALA I'm probably not going to be posting much from this and my other fashion shoot. You can get all 50~ pictures though on my Patreon though for only $3 a month along with GIFs from each shoot and some more extra goodies:

I've got lots of cosplay photos coming soon tho! I just need to sit down and edit them~

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Sorry for not posting for a week! I got more than a few messages asking if I was ok and I am doing a lot better now.

I went ahead today and wrote up my Anime Los Angeles con write-up and selfie dump for Patron. It's free to read like most stuff there and has a whopping 73 photos from the convention.

Check the comments to see it~

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I decided to jump in on the #cosplayersaskids hashtag. As you can see I grew a nice set of teeth.

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"The light flickers. I flicker back."

Got my first single Yuri picture back today! I made a tweet of our whole group on Twitter you can check out:

Photo by Hoang Pham Photo/Video

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I am home from ALA! The con was a bit odd for me because of some personal life problems and I was a bit antisocial, but I still had some fun and I'm glad I was able to make it out for our Doki Doki Literature Club group we slaved away on for a month!

Yuri is me (Made Y, N, and M's blazers, styled Y+M wigs)
Monika is SuddenlyJenxx on IG
Natsuki is SummerFonseca96 on IG (Quilted Y and N sweaters and painted shoes)...
Sayori is Zalora Cosplay (Made all skirts)

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Find me tonight at ALA! I have piss poems to give away

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I don't feel I'm a super good Yuri (but thanks beautycam for making me feel better) but I'm still gonna have fun Doki Doki Literature clubbing today!

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Doing a BNHA slumber party shoot with friends and then I finally get to shower! I don't want to be pink anymore!

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Just got in Mina fully for the first time ever and I love it so much! I'll be the Alien Queen for the rest of the day today at Anime Los Angeles 👽

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If you're awake and want an early morning panel at ALA, come to Wigs and you in LP 4 at the Gateway Hotel from 10-11 AM.

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Hey guys! Some pretty bad stuff happened in my life which is why I've been MIA. After some large convincing from my friends, I decided to still go to ALA this weekend so I'm not a sad lump at home.

I dropped out of the con going 101 panel and won't be cosplaying today, but I will be doing Mina and Yuri this weekend still. Maybe not to 100% because I just haven't been feeling it this week but I hope I still have fun.

Here's a pic of my finished Mina wig and I hope to see some of y'all this weekend!

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I haven't been updating cuz I've been so busy getting things done for ALA! Here's just a snippet of some of the things I worked on this weekend.

Also times that blazer by 3, because I some how busted out 3 of them this weekend. Please kill me.

If I'm ever MIA on here check out my Twitter (super active) or my Instagram stories. I usually post either what I'm working on or post a quick thing of why I'm not online too much. My account on both is @piggynukka.

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Mina Ashido Makeup test #2: A GIANT FAILURE

I went ahead and tried another type of makeup of Kryolan's site (Aquacolor+) since it was a closer color and I'm not pleased with it. The application is very difficult (from these pictures you can't see but there's large areas on my face that the paint rubbed off from just trying to layer it) and it has the consistency of latex.

It's also still not the color I want so I will be using my first paint for ALA and then exploring other o...ptions before Sakuracon.

Also I bought Sclera and they don't fit in my eyes ): Like I got them in and there a huge air bubble, like when you try to fit too much Fabric around an object. That means that I'll never be able to wear Sclera for this cosplay unless I get custom fitted ones, which I never will since they cost 300-400 dollars and you have to toss them after a year.

Oh well, there's always Photoshop!

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Come learn from PiggyNukka, Zalora, and Chas about the in's and out's of wigs! We go over everything from basic cutting to creating monster wigs from scratch. If you're too scared to try it yourself, we also go over how to find a commissioner and things to expect.

The panel will take place in room LP4.