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Confused 😕 ? Pigro can help you choose with #ai & #bot #tech💡 #debate #election2016 - Try it:

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Who will fill the void 𝅗 ? Pigro can let you know with #ai & #bot #tech💡 #debate #election2016 - Try it:

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Who deserves to win the #elections 😳 ? Pigro can let you know with #ai & #bot💡 #debate #election2016 - Try it:

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It runs off an AI system that's huge. It knows a lot of big words. Real classy.

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Reggio Emilia non è in America, ma sicuramente lo è dal punto di vista digitale e dell'innovazione. Visto che noi i #chabot - grazie alla tecnologia messa a punto da Pigro - li abbiamo già. Grazie Valeria Vale Montanari !

The White House already had a Facebook bot, but now it's open-sourcing the Messenger for anyone to use.

Our contribute to the #elections2016. Curious to know @HillaryClinton position on that nowadays #privacy #bots #ethics

Speaking at The Hague today at a conference on internet Freedom co-hosted by Google, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called it "an urgent task" to pres...

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Pigro for President. Pigro is a search engine based on news related to certain populars ambits of interest.

Thanks mr. President, the first one to speak #AI ! We #chatbots do love you 😍

“After eight years in office, @POTUS remains optimistic about the world's future. His essay as WIRED’s guest editor:

Pigro Job!!! If you are interested, drop us an email. If you can, retweet! Thanks #chatbot #ai #job #rectruiting

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#simplicity is my #mantra. Thanks Stefan Kojouharov!

The average person uses 3-5 apps per day. How many do you have on your phone? The big app purge is coming -- you know, the day you delete all of those apps that you don't use.

Let's #disrupt! #AI #bots "Artificial intelligence: Disruption era begins" @Bloomberg

Artificial intelligence software solutions will likely be the top disruptor in technology in the next decade, like smartphones and the cloud.

Good one! Maybe I can take benefit of it 🙃

Researchers show how they can reverse engineer and reconstruct someone else's machine learning engine---using machine learning.

Pigro have developed a custom bot for Comune di Reggio nell'Emilia, and the telegram bot is now the point of reference for weather alerts of Protezione Civile. #growingup

Comune di Reggio nell'Emilia was live.

Presentato il servizio di allerta meteo per i cittadini sul canale Telegram del Comune di Reggio Emilia. Indicazioni per accedere al servizio.

"The assistant is coming in two 'expressions' as Google calls them: a new chat app called Allo and an audio-only, Amazon Echo-like speaker called 'Google Home'." It seems that the presence of a physical device helps. Do you think Pigro would benefit from having an hardware expression?

Google would like to remind you that you can talk with it. Today Google is announcing a "Google Assistant" that essentially performs the same tasks as other Google interfaces do, but in a...