Pine Biotech was established to bring computational big-data analysis tools to the Agrotech and Biotech industries to address industry-specific challenges.
Biomedical Data Analysis on T-Bio

The T-BioInfo platform combines analysis of data and machine learning approaches - as well as integration and modeling. The simple interface and intuitive options for creating complex algorithmic pipelines also make this platform useful for bioinformatics education.

Importantly, we provide the means for this set of tools to be run remotely, freeing users from the constraints of limited computational resources.

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Modern advances in personalized medicine have used technology to characterize a patient’s fundamental biology, in terms of DNA, RNA, or protein. This can be used to classify a disease (such as breast cancer subtype) or to characterize important details of the patient (such as genes related to drug response for a particular treatment).

Cell lines are used to study cancer in a lab without human or animal subject involvement, modeling interactions between the sample and various drugs.
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