Crackin' night at Tyacks Hotel with the Blue River boys! Loads of people talking about how to push more original live music in Cornwall too, which is ace! Massive thanks to everyone who braved the weather to come party with us!
Sail For Adventure

Avast Crewmates! If you're new to the Pirate Copy camp then here's your induction pack!

'The Shape Of Piracy To Come' - FREE EP -…/the-shape-of-piracy-to-co…

'Goin' Down A Storm ' - Better EP that's only £3! -


Check out the epic video for the title track of our most recent release, Goin' Down A Storm, below!

Upcoming gigs:
- Sept 8th - The Junction, Plymouth - Plymouth Punx Picnic!

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Yarrrr! A big ole thanks to arr good mateys over at CHBN for givin' us a spin!

Y'might have noticed it's all seemed very quiet over here at pirate HQ lately, but don't forget... the surface won't tell you what the deep water knows...

Eyes on the horizon mateys!

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It Could Get Loud on CHBN Radio

15 mins till we're going to unleash some of this on you... Arrrrr you ready to cast off?