It's been a very long time since any sort of event has been arranged. Will be in Spunland EU tomorrow for the King Of Spun contest though.

Meeting in the clubhouse in 30 minutes! Send a club join request to pixels4progress to join!


Meeting up in the Clubhouse at 8pm UK time, 9pm EU time, 3pm EST, 12pm rest of US. Generally looking for people to help out or just chat So all are welcome. The clubhouse is called Pixels4progress

Next Thursday 13th Feb we will be doing a meet up in the clubhouse: Pixels4progress.

Generally just to catch up with everyone, however we are looking for a team of people who want to get involved and take charge of the channel as content and updates have been rather lacking recently.

Looking for the following, but not limited to:...
-Social Media Manager
-Events Manager
-Graphics/Art Manager

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We are thinking about 2014 already and have begun planning our next fundraising venture.
This isn't set to happen for a while, however we are thinking Late April-June.

At the moment we have set up a new Twitter that will stand alongside our current one. @TGPHR



It currently is in the planning stage and we want to involve everyone from the very beginning.

Taking aboard feedback from earlier this year we have decided to support a total of 3 charities this year! All will run at once, so you can donate to which ever page you like as there will be 3 fundraising pages.

At this stage we want to know which charities you would like to support? We are looking for a charities from all regions of the world so not just the UK!

Popular charities we have thought of include:
-Help for Heros (Supporting UK armed forces)
-Make a Wish (Making wishes come true for children US)
-Starlight Wish Foundation (Making wishes come true for children UK)
-Clic Sergent (Providing Homes for parents/family of terminally ill children so they can live close to specialist hospitals)

We need opinions regarding the above and also suggestions of more US and Global charities. If you know more UK ones then let us know those too!

Have a merry Christmas everyone!

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The latest from TGPHR (@TGPHR). Coming Spring/Summer 2014!! Check Back for Updates

Been a little while since an update! Sorry about that

We have not had much happening recently since the Extra-life and BCAM/DVAM projects we helped with.

We will be doing a Christmas event sometime though! Hopefully in about 2 weeks time.


Will be making/uploading a Christmas banner for the pages too. If anyone wants to have a go at making one then be our guest and we will definitely use it : )

Also if anyone doesn't want their PS4 because its Christmas which is all about giving. then we will happy help you by taking it off your hands. : P

That's about it really at the moment, but during the new year there will be more.

If you have got ideas regarding something you would like to do whether this month or even next year, then send a message or email and will see if we can help!

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Come Play with Team Unity in PS Home on Wednesday and Thursday in aid of Extra Life. (This is for NA users)

Donating to Team Unity's extra life team profile will put you in the running to win some great prizes.

Wednesday- 9AM-12PM EST Sodium 2...

Thursday 9AM-12PM Novus Prime

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We will be gaming for the kids Hellfire Novus Prime space of Playstation HOME on the PS3 to help raise money for this Years Extra-Life Charity!!! Come Join us!

3 for 2 on PS4 Games
Buy 2 PS4 Games from Amazon and use the following voucher code at checkout "GR8TNESS" to get FREE PS4 Game!

Be quick lasts until 1pm PST! AND while supplies last!


Redemption Instructions
Redemption Instructions:
1. Mark the checkbox next to the three games you want.
2. Click the 'Add to Cart' button.
3. At checkout use promo code 'GR8TNESS' by 1 PM (PST).
4. The discount will be applied to the lowest priced game.
5. The final price will automatically reflect your savings in the Order Summary.

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During 2014, we want to support many great charities but we want to know which ones are particularly important to you? Let us know!

We have been thinking of some we would like to support. We are thinking one big project and a number of smaller projects during 2014.

One large charity (National or International)
2-3 small scale charities. (Local)

Any causes you know? then feel free to shout them out here

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Won a prize at our event?
Ideally we were going to send them out via PSN tonight, however due to maintenance we are unable to

If you would like your code tonight, then please send us a Twitter direct message or Facebook PM and we will sort you out with it : )

Please help Team Unity reach their Extra-Life fundraising goal!

They are super close to their $500 Target! only $79 away.

To donate please view their page here:...…

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Team fundraising page for PSHome UNITY

Thank you to everyone who turned out for the event! It was great to catch up with the regulars and also meet some new people.

If we promised you a prize, then we will contact you tomorrow regarding your code.

Special thanks to Lockwood for providing prizes to make the event even more fun : )

we are currently holding a really late halloween event feel free to come join us. send a club join request to pixels4progress

Below are the profiles for those who signed up to Extra Life under a PlayStation Home team.

All of the below are still trying to reach overall group targets, so if you see someone you know fundraising why not donate or share there page URL to give them a helping hand.


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We are Extra Life, an online grassroots movement working to save local kids through the power of play. From video games to board games, Extra Lifers do what they love to raise money for CMN Hospitals.