So..our sign showed up today. Thank you for the call that it was out there. No we aren't open again (boo! I could use a great pizza!) But I am happy to have the sign back that I painted.

hope everyone (and their cars) survived the winter weather weeks we've had


Have a fabulously Merry Christmas! Yay for snow! (If we don't get stuck in it.. but it sure is pretty!) Enjoy your friends and family.

Farewell fans We had a great last weekend! Definitely went out with a bang We'll keep you posted on news and events.

Come out for our last weekend.
We'll be closed for Christmas and will not reopen.

What a fun friend-filled weekend!

Coming up... the Penultimate Pizzeria Adagio Pizza Weekend....

We will be closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and after much deliberation..we will not be reopening at this location. Thank you for being fabulous fans.

Christmas Parade of Lights downtown Cape tonight at dark-time. (I think 5?) Come enjoy the festivities, and hey.. not bitterly cold this year!

it's Small Business Saturday! Support your favorite local pizzeria (which is hopefully us lol)

Avoiding the #SEMOblackfriday madness? Got the deals and are exhausted from the hustle and bustle? Take a nap and join us for a relaxing slowed-down evening!

Also for PINK Friday add strawberry to your lemonade or limeade for free #SEMOBlackFriday

As per Cady's request, this is not #SEMOBlackFriday, it's PINK Friday. Come in for a $1 small strawberry ice cream tonight!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Enjoy friends and family and food, and remember that we have a lot to be thankful for!

when you're all turkeyed out, come have pizza this weekend! We're open Friday and Saturday.

We all know kids love cardboard boxes. What other non-toy items make great presents or stocking stuffers for your kiddos?

♫ It's pizzaaa... ♫ It's pizza TIIIME! ♫