It is with great pleasure that I present to you the teaser for the EP "Follow the power"! This is a new project of mine together with Italian Synthwave Master Vincenzo Salvia! Out on New Retro Wave tomorrow!
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It is official!The new ULTRABOSS album "SEVEN DEADLY SYNTHS" will come out in a few weeks on Rosso Corsa Collective!!! Stay tuned for updates and infos on where... to get it! The album will also be released on vinyl! Thanks to Michael Rosso Corsa Glover and every one at Rosso Corsa for their warm welcome and support! I couln't be happier! Also, I officially dedicate this album to my friend Jason Becker!
My album will feature collabs with the bright talents of our most beloved synthwave acts, such as Sebastian Gampl, Isidor, Vincenzo Salvia, Cody Carpenter, Dana Jean Phoenix, Tokyo Rose, Rolly Rocket, Rulmyno, Jerry Galeries, Master System, Meteor and Volt Age to create the coolest and best shredwave experience possible....AND a cover designed by non other than Heather Hermann: The Duchess of Deco!!! Feel free to freak out now...
Photo by: Verena Mandragora

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!!!!check out this cool video by my friend Cody Carpenter !!!!

I am working on a full lute recital of music of JS Bach. Stay tuned for dates and infos!

happy new year! perfect music for nye..

Johannes Monno spielt Johann Sebastian Bach: Fuge BWV 997
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YESSSS, check it out! Ludrium and Cody Carpenter gave me a chance to shred on the new album! Doing my best Jason Becker impersonation!

SUPER PROUD of this collab here with my good friend Cody Carpenter !!!! Check out this tune and the upcoming album!

Full song and Free Download from Cody Carpenter's Interdependence Album. Nebulous Is The Power written by John Cody Carpenter and published by Ludrium - ASCAP. Released on Blue Canoe Records (1/26/201

GOD I LOVE BODY COUNT! First time i heard this song I was 13! HA!

Click here, join the hype and support the legend, Jason Becker, with the recording of his upcoming album.

Jason Becker has ALS and he's making a new album. Be a part of it! | Check out 'Jason Becker's New Album' on Indiegogo.

That's what I have been up to lately! AND more Ultraboss! AND more collabs! AHHHH!

feat. Ultraboss, Tommy Reeve, Max The Sax. Coming 2018!


Bob Daisley was in London recently for a book signing to promote his autobiography 'For Facts Sake' which took place at the Vintage Guitar Emporium in New Ki...

My new album on itunes! YAY!

Hör dir Titel des Albums „Speed Issues: The Duets“ an, unter anderem „Nation Eater (feat. Cody Carpenter)“, „Kiss the Hammer (feat. Rafael Trujillo)“, „Nightcry (feat. Andrew Jay)“ und viele mehr. Album für 8,99 € kaufen. Titel ab 0,99 €. Kostenlos mit Apple Music-Abo.

featuring 13 duets with my musician buddies Rafael Trujillo & Cody Carpenter & Jennifer_Batten_PDX & Carl Verhey...en - Official & Timo Somers & Thomas Eder & Josh Kraft & Hasnbear Music & Andrew Jay & Justin DeFreece!!!!! This album is dedicated with much love to my friend Jason Becker, Randy Rhoads and my lord, Johann Sebastian Bach.
Check it out. My best and heaviest guitar playing to date.

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13 track album


13 track album

Pre order the new album here!

Speed Issues: The Duets
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With my hero and friend Jason Becker and my good friend Marilyn White in 2012.

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