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The great game: The politics of houbara hunting in Pakistan

How a Central Asian bird is shaping Pakistan's policies
The IAF held its annual Council of Delegates Meeting in the Ruh Ordo Cultural Centre in Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan on 5 September.

Dear Friends,

The arrangements for the next International Festival in Abu Dhabi are underway. The theme is youth and the sound-bite is ‘It is our task to pass on the Art of Falconry to the youth, securing the transfer of our unique falconry tradition and practice onto the next generation’.

It is going to be a very different festival to previous ones and will be based on the UNESCO concept of the leaders of the current generation passing knowledge, wisdom and skills to the yo...unger generation.

We propose to do this through strategic and practical workshops and the information and ideas presented and discussed will be collated by the youth and published in a “proceedings” document; in effect the whole festival will have become a conference in its own right.

Very important in this will be a centre-piece exhibition of photographs, quotations, texts etc. from the 1976 Sheik Zayed Festival, All these can be digitized in high definition and professionally arranged in a specially designed pavilion. Please let me know if any of you would like to offer material and/or help in staging this exhibit.

There is also an idea to invite anyone who attended that first festival to come to this one as a VIP, to receive the accolades of the youth in a public ceremony. If you are in contact with any of these people, please let me know so that official invitations can be offered. We know some will be unable to travel, but they should still be invited and maybe they can attend electronically – Skype to a big screen or some other modern thing.

It is forty years since the first festival brought successful strategies to ensure the continuance of falconry, it is time to plan for the next 40 years.

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Falconry, a living human heritage
UNESCO ICH Pakistan added to the list.

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Website of the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage

Saker falcons released by wildlife department, kpk

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Congratulations to Pakistan Falconers & all involved.
Pakistan Falconry Culture Heritage has been now added to the list of Intangible Cultural heritage UNESCO

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Pakistan Falconry Association

Goshawks Manning In Pakistan a film by Pakistan Falconry Association

Congratulations to Pakistan Falconers & all involved.
Pakistan Falconry Culture Heritage has been now added to the list of Intangible Cultural heritage UNESCO & is just approved at Unesco ICH meeting Addis Ababa. Attended by Mr.Mohsin S. Haqqani Secretary National History & Literary Heritage.

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At the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in Addis Ababa, awaiting addition to the lists of falconry in Italy, Portugal, Germany, Pakistan, Kazakhstan. I will post as soon as we have news, hopefully this afternoon (it is 2pm in Addis)

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Thousands laid down their lives so
that our country is breathing this day
Never forget their sacrifice...

Happy Independence Day

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Falconers care about the conservation of birds of prey; it is why we have such a close bond with our birds, and why we are able to hunt with them. Yet under our noses saker falcon populations are declining and we have no idea why. Please donate to help us study this population decline and protect this amazing species.


Join us to help study the saker falcon's migration routes to identify the threats it faces so that we can ensure its survival. Satellite trackers will allow you to follow the routes online. This project is being undertaken as part of the Global Action Plan for the Saker Falcon.

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Around the world saker falcon populations are falling and we need your help to find out why and to protect this amazing bird. We can’t do this alone. Please sponsor a saker to save the saker falcon.
Sat 2:00 PM UTC+05Chenab College, Jhung
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Good to see a Falconer from Punjab region contesting local body elections. An election campaign picture.

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Falconry: The Demonisation of a Nobel Art

This year 600 adult houbaras were released in Lal Suhanra National Park by International Fund for Houbara Conservation

Dear friends,
World Falconry Day on 16 of November is coming!
In this very special day we celebrate the recognition of the falconry as UNESCO Intangible cultural heritage. This will be a very particular year, especially for us in fact the theme of the fifth anniversary is: FALCONRY AND CONSERVATION FOR A NEW GENERATION!
You all are invited to spread this happy news among falconers . I hope you will celebrate this very important day with your friends and with your falcons !...!!
Clubs and organizations can participate, so can individual falconers all over the world (whether or not they are part of the IAF), public and private entities can participate (whether or not they have commercial or economic interests), and generally anyone interested. Proposals for collective and individual initiatives will be posted on the IAF website Any falconer can take part or anyone close to falconry, regardless of sex, race, religion or culture; the only consideration is that the activity should be designed to develop a good image of falconry. With the aim of feeding the sense of belonging to the falconry community everyone is encouraged to use the logo designed for this purpose. Its use is free and it can be downloaded from the IAF website. The IAF is not responsible for any inappropriate use the WFD logo. If you want to record your activity in the official program of the WFD, the programme that will be displayed on the website of the IAF
Events proposed by IAF member organizations and / or members of the working group will be assessed for eventual integration into the official program which will be promoted on the IAF website, through press releases and through the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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