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Hi folks- a quick bulletin, with apologies if you were listening earlier this afternoon and got dead air for a while. The digital encoding server to which we’re assigned at Live365 had a nervous breakdown, apparently! Our stream was affected for about 30-40 minutes, but I’m pleased to say that Live’s IT gurus were immediately on it and resolved it ASAP. Growing pains as more folks from around the world tune in for a BETTER VARIETY of HITS & ROCK CLASSICS!!!! (and we’re working with them to minimize burps like this in the future). 😃

Alexa, put to her highest and best use.

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This is our new prototype black t-shirt, made popular by the fact that on the old Planet Zeb!, a lot of our listeners were squeaking for black t-shirts, but the blue/red logo didn't show up well on them! So Zebby designed a new shirt with a light logo, and here it is again after an extended hiatus. But this one is even BETTER because it has our new "You Can Dance" back (check it out at the site). Once we check out the custom order we just placed, we may make these mainstream and then you can have one whenever you'd like.

NEW Limited Edition w/customized back logo! Rising "Planet" in a lighter color- get 'em while you can!

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Hits and rock classics of the 80s, 90s and beyond, from a library over SIX TIMES the average terrestrial, satellite or internet station's size! Around the clock and around the world in high-bit stereo... it's one of the earliest and longest-running...

It was ONE YEAR AGO TODAY that the most award-winning and one of the most popular stations from the classic Live365 rose from the ashes of that service like a phoenix, soaring... oh hell. Maybe it’s just easier to say it’s our anniversary on the new Live365. 🎉🤣😺

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Wow... biggest weekend to date for the new Planet Zeb! in listenership; we’ve usually been in highest demand on weekdays! Leading locations around the world include the US, England, Germany and Canada; leading US states at the moment include NC, FL, VA and MN!!! Wherever you’re tuned in, thanks for your support and we hope you’re having a great weekend with the music YOU remember... from the station that NEVER FORGOT!!!

Still don’t know exactly who wrote this back in 2004, but I assume it’s one of my friends and fans from WLCS, AM 910 in Baton Rouge, LA, circa 1984. I noticed it on the web shortly after it was posted during the first incarnation of Planet Zeb!, and it still exists today... which makes me happy. WLCS was the pinnacle of my radio career (despite working 100kw FMs in larger markets later on!)- and when I read something like this, or hear some of the music we play on the station..., it takes me immediately back to that control room in that era with those colleagues and friends. 🙂

If something resembling heaven is being in a certain consciousness for all eternity of a single fixed, remembered spot of where you felt the best you’ve ever felt in all your life... I’ll be playing a lot of Van Halen, Billy Idol and more in that old control chair, looking out over the Mississippi River. And the place’ll be full of cigars, Diet Cokes... and a shitload of cats. 😹

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In honor of Simon's birthday, and in honor of WLCS Zebby Rhoads memories, I'm listening to PLANET ZEB . Many, many thanks to Rebecca for pas...

There are times of self-doubt, people. There are times of hard thinking, self-reflection, humility, deeper questioning. What IF someone out there in this big, wide world rocks harder than PLANET ZEB? What IF someone has a more enjoyable station, with more variety? Is this all really worth it? WHAT IF WE AREN'T ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY THE MOST AWESOME INTERNET RADIO STATION ON THE PLANET???? 😮😮😮😮

Regularly at these times, my friends, the next song like this one that just played comes on and I think, "oh, who am I kidding? PLANET ZEB! is the ****ing most incredible thing ever to grace the internets. Besides cat memes." Thank you, Paul & Jimmy.

Paul Rodgers Vocals Paul Rodgers Vocals Jimmy Page Guitar Ricky G. Video No Infringement Intended!!

Because we’re the kind of folks who’d rather spend money on swag for listeners than top high fashion models to show it off, a dining chair manikin will be fine. 🤣 They’re the newest in our fine line of Zeb Wearables, including the embroidered Planet Zeb! Gildan 100% cotton tee and the also embroidered also Gildan all-cotton long sleeved tee! There’s actually a chance of snow here later this week preceded by a high in the mid-70s, so both are useful. And handsome. And demonstrate one’s INCREDIBLE tastes in online radio stations. 😃

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“Alexa, TuneIn Planet Zeb” immediately gets you an ad-free better variety of hits & rock classics from the 80s & 90s on your Amazon Echo! Or, come to & start the player at the top of our page. Either way, enjoy the music YOU remember... from the station that NEVER FORGOT!!!

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HAPPY APRIL FIRST!!!! On April 1, 2000, Planet Zeb! Internet Radio first began streaming on Live365, from its original home in Charleston, SC. It had about 80-100 songs in its library and pretty much just pass-through listeners from the network on that day... but it would grow and go on to become the classic Live365’s most award-winning and popular station, with thousands of listeners around the world tuning in for a total quarter-million listening hours per month!

The legal... and commercial landscape has changed since then, and we could have sold out like commercial broadcasters have. But we didn’t. And though we’re smaller now, we’re still here... around the clock and around the world, with a better variety of hits and rock classics AD-FREE. Still with our same logo from startup... same announcers... same network.... same attitude. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PLANET ZEB!

(Photo: Wayback Machine’s earliest capture of, March 2001)

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Still not sure how we do it, but we DO... found NEW TRACKS that should be in the PLANET ZEB! library, including (how's this for variety?) Madonna... Black Sabbath (the Dio version).... Duran Duran... Prince.... The Time... and... TWO from THIS GUY, one of the most awesome popular songwriters of the era!

Official video of Gerry Rafferty performing Get It Right Next Time from the album Night Owl. Buy It Here: Like Gerry Rafferty on Fa...

A BETTER VARIETY of hits and rock classics from the 80s and beyond. Always FREE... and AD-FREE TOO! Click to listen to the award-winning PLANET ZEB!

If you’re like Zeb and think it’s ridiculous that you haven’t heard the full version of Jethro Tull’s “Heavy Horses” on the radio since 1982 or so, you have about seven minutes remaining to hear its full stereo glory RIGHT NOW!

Two IMPORTANT THINGS to know this Saturday!!! (1) It’s an awesome music mix weekend at Planet Zeb! (2) It’s ALWAYS an awesome music mix weekend at Planet Zeb! And ALWAYS free of ADS... free to YOU! 😀

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