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If you’re like Zeb and think it’s ridiculous that you haven’t heard the full version of Jethro Tull’s “Heavy Horses” on the radio since 1982 or so, you have about seven minutes remaining to hear its full stereo glory RIGHT NOW!


Two IMPORTANT THINGS to know this Saturday!!! (1) It’s an awesome music mix weekend at Planet Zeb! (2) It’s ALWAYS an awesome music mix weekend at Planet Zeb! 😀

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It’s that time again! Time to show you what a GREAT FRIDAY it is on Planet Zeb!... and what you’re missing if *you’re not enjoying it with us!!!!*

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So here's the kind of awesome day we're having on a chilly Thursday here at PLANET ZEB! 😍😃🤣😀😆

How's yours?

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One of Internet radio’s biggest libraries of HITS and ROCK CLASSICS from the late 70s through the 90s... 24/7 AD-FREE and always free to you! It’s the music YOU remember.... on the station that NEVER FORGOT! The award-winning PLANET ZEB!

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Improved geostatistics reports are finally coming! They give us the chance to start a time-honored tradition of the CLASSIC (sounds better than “old”) PLANET ZEB! to report back to listeners the top listening areas from the past 30 days! For US listeners, we still can only report data by state... but one day soon, we hope to add city data to these reports TOO!

For FEBRUARY 2018:

Top 10 countries, by total listening hours (TLH):


1. United States
2. Germany
3. United Kingdom
4. France
5. Japan
6. Spain
7. Russia
8. Luxembourg *rocks!*
9. Ecuador
10. Switzerland * not neutral! Also rocks!*

Top US states, by TLH

1. North Carolina
2. Virginia
3. New York
4. Minnesota
5. California
6. Pennsylvania
7. Tennessee
8. Alabama
9. Louisiana
10. Florida

CONGRATULATIONS if where you are is in these rankings... and if not, THANK YOU for your continued support- go out and recruit more friends and family to boost your position in the ratings by listening 24/7... to Planet Zeb!

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Here’s the kind of Tuesday morning we’re having on PLANET ZEB! Wouldn’t yours be a little nicer if you joined us, and heard ALL MUSIC with NO ADS??? 😃

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This morning, what a PRIMO playlist... Power Station, Breakfast Club, Boston, OMD, the Stones... if you're not tuned in RIGHT NOW, you're missing.... your life in music! Come join us-- on the AD-FREE PLANET ZEB!

Just another Sunday evening of great listening. That's why (www.) PLANETZEB.ROCKS

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The “proof” for the embroidered sweatshirt came in today. Lookin’ good, and at least here on the east coast, sweatshirts seem to be in style for a bit longer! 😨

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(disclaimer: it's in enterprise development status right now and hasn't been formally approved by the Apple or Android stores... but it WORKS! Further disclaimer: Zeb's a lawyer. Use at your own risk, including foreseeable or unforeseeable likelihood of your mobile device's spontaneous and violent emission of sparks, metal shrapnel, ninja death stars, etc.)

CRITICAL COMMANDS for every Amazon Echo owner!!!

1. "Alexa, play Planet Zeb! on TuneIn."
2. "Alexa, turn it up to 11."

New PZ! shirts are *on the way* and we're chuffed about getting them here! In the meantime, our primary swag partner, Cafe Press, has been accommodating of our need for a new, special LIMITED EDITION coffee mug. These are Zeb's favorites, and he still has some from 12 years ago in active rotation in his collection (and the logos still look crisp and clear after all that washing!). This one features our "You Can Dance" logo along with a cool BLACK handle and inside for the first time in PZ! Swag history. Close-up of logo on right. Enjoy!

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iTunes update for those who've asked about getting to PLANET ZEB! since Apple seized control of all stations they streamed (and want you to pay for them):

To add Planet Zeb! to your Mac or PC via iTunes: open iTunes. In the upper-left corner, choose Music. Then, from the navigation bar at the top of iTunes, choose Radio. Then, choose "File" from the menu bar and then "open stream." It'll ask you for a URL; enter this--

Voila! Planet Zeb!'s ...coming through iTunes again! You can use a similar method on your mobile device, though we recommend the dedicated Live365 app in your phone's store (free!) for that. Once you're streaming in iTunes, by the way, you can simply grab and hold with the left mouse button and drag the link to your vertical "recents" bar on the left side of the screen for easy starting up later.

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Small correction to a new graphic I posted at 4 this morning. And the apostrophe is no accident.

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Part of the reason we've been so active lately on your newsfeed (don't worry-- we'll shut up soon and get back to next week's programming!) is that we've been working on restarting/rebuilding our Cafe Press shop from the *old* PLANET ZEB! Weeeelll, come to find out this morning that we didn't need to rebuild it-- somehow it survived all these years with its original collection of swag, and NOW that we own "" again, the stuff is all perfectly good again, too! 🤣

Keep an eye out for new and changing logos and new shirt designs in the near future. We're deleting old stuff and adding new stuff pretty regularly to get it in tip-top shape for the future!

The official merchandising location for PLANET ZEB! Internet Radio at around the clock, around the WORLD... the music YOU remember from the station that NEVER FORGOT!

For the first time since rising from the ashes of the old Live365 to the *new* one... SWAG!!! Here’s our new official station t-shirt and 3x5” mini-sticker!!!!

Test-run order of our supplier is now on its way to Zeb Central, and we need to reward a few of Zeb’s friends and confidantes for sticking with us and listening like crazy after we fired up the new station. But if you’re listening like crazy NOW and would be interested in turning your body or vehicle into a billboard for our FREE, NONPROFIT and AD-FREE exercise in musical joy for the masses, PLEASE SEND US A PRIVATE MESSAGE and say so! If there’s enough interest in on-air giveaways or something, we might just fire some o’those puppies up TOO!!! 😃

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