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Hey folks... sorry for the delay in updating; it's been quite the time here at ole Zeb Central lately. But enough of that... here are two EXCITING bits of news!!!!

1. January 2018 was the new ad-free PLANET ZEB!'s BEST MONTH EVER! Listeners from all over the world, on platforms like iTunes, TuneIn and others, BLEW us through our listening hours cap for the month in about three weeks' time and COST US MORE MONEY IN PERFORMANCE ROYALTIES.... but we've NEVER BEEN HAPPIER to do i...t for yoU! We're working with Live365 now to ensure even MORE listener capacity 24/7/365, so take advantage of it and LISTEN! And TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

2. Just last week, we FINALLY got revenge on the cybersquatter who stole the original "" from us and then put up a sign somewhere offering to sell it back to us for something dumb. We don't deal with terrorists. So when HE didn't renew it, we STOLE IT BACK and PLANET ZEB! now controls the AND our cozy original domains! Both of them point right here to our Facebook page, where you can get the latest news, see random pictures, and start the stream to hear a BETTER VARIETY of AD-FREE hits and rock classics AROUND THE CLOCK. There is NO down side for you here, people.

Thanks again for listening, and sharing the fun!


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See what you think. And remember to SPREAD THE WORD about Planet Zeb! We’re nonprofit, ad-free. Means we can’t afford a Super Bowl commercial. 😂

See what you think. And remember to SPREAD THE WORD about Planet Zeb! We’re nonprofit, ad-free. Means we can’t afford a Super Bowl commercial. 😂

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PLANET ZEB! continues to climb the Live365 "Top Stations" ratings, thanks to YOU! Oh, for the days of our old glories (2000-2012) as one of the ol' Live365's top 3 stations week after week... but given that we never thought we'd be back in the game against the pushers of corporatized formulaic crap-radio, we're pretty happy where we are and where we're going! COME JOIN OUR FAMILY OF REGULARS... and please remember to tell your friends and family about PLANET ZEB!

From the I-Had-A-Feeling Department: Since going COMPLETELY AD-FREE in December, Planet Zeb! has now re-entered the Live365 TOP STATIONS listing thanks to YOU and your listening! Please oh please oh please... keep spreading the word of mouth, because that's always been the best way to bring new friends into our loop of around-the-clock hits & rock classics of the 80s and beyond!

Live's listening hours computer doesn't count non-US listening because they're not responsible fo...r royalty payments for non-US streams, and that's what's kept us from being even higher in the count with about 50% of our current audience being from Europe, Canada and South America. Now, c'mon USA... become an even BIGGER part of the fun! I guess we're one of those swanky fashion trends that has to be popular in Europe before we make it to the States... even though we're jus' here enjoying the no-talk songsets from good ole North Carolina.

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My God- it still exists. This is a newswire release for the debut of AudioFeast, which was a great li'l service with some really good folks that tried to take internet radio streaming one step beyond (cue saxophones) wired computers back in the days before widespread WiFi. They came to me and a select other group of stations to be permanent, featured debut content partners. I worked my ass off doing two shows a week, one for Live and one for AudioFeast! Got my first MP3 playe...r out of it though; they were kind with the freebies!!!

Ahhh, them was the days. But now... ONE stream... ONE awesome station... ONE goal: to entertain your socks off. Around the clock. Free. No, really. I pay the listening royalties. You're welcome. Just please tell your friends so more like-minded listeners can join our little fraternity here.…/AudioFeast-Spreads-Portable-…

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Jan. 6, 2005--AudioFeast, the first to market portable Internet radio for MP3 players, mobile devices and PCs, today announced

Busy busy working on new hand-crafted playlists for the new year! And every time I do, I always stop in wonder at stuff I find on the internet when I preview clips of PZ!’s classic rock and pop tracks that sound as great now as they did back then.

Sometimes, as with this studio track from 2005, I’m reminded of some artists that’re simply freaks of nature- unlike Sinatra, they never lost their voice. Paul Rodgers of BadCo (et al) is always gonna be my #1 example of this! My #2 usually surprises people though- until they see this. Ladies and gents, our runner-up... Phil Mogg of UFO. Incredible. 🙂

2005 Live/Studio Version from UFO "Lights out" album/CD. Phil Mogg(Vocals) Vinnie Moore(Guitar) Pete Way(Bass) Paul Raymond(Keyboards) Jason Bonham(Drums)

SNOW DAY here at Planet Zeb! Central... and with the extra time being immobilized in front of the computer, we're working overtime on getting the NEW 2018 playlists organized and ready to roll. And remember your Christmas present from us.... now COMPLETELY AD-FREE 24/7, around the WORLD!

We keep smiling and feeling thankful every day we log in to check on listener counts and locations and see our audience growing, both in the US and the rest of the world. Germany, Netherland...s, Italy, France, UK.... thanks for explosive growth! Here in the States, thanks to NC, VA, PA, FL and some others for the most listening hours; we're starting to get more popular out West, too, in CA, NV and AZ! *THANK YOU* for spreading the word to friends and family about PLANET ZEB! It's pretty much the only "advertising" we've got for the station... sort of a crowdsourced promotional campaign from the listeners who love us. And whom we love in turn.

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PHEW! Ole Zeb here's just finished meticulously going through every one of our huge # of playlists (they even scare the Live365 staff with their sheer numbers) making sure they've been rebalanced and reordered to take advantage of our NEW COMPLETELY AD-FREE AROUND-THE-CLOCK AWESOME FORMAT for even MORE HITS and ROCK CLASSICS from the 80s and beyond! If I sound a little excited about that, well... you're right. Tune in and see if you aren't after a little time with NOTHIN' but great music (and the occasional quick station ID) with NO MORE ADS EVER.

We were so excited a couple of weeks ago to announce the NEW AD-FREE Planet Zeb! On Live365!!! And it lasted a couple of days before a server error reverted the station back to its old form. Oops. But that makes it DOUBLY awesome to announce now for the SECOND TIME that as of today, we’re reasonably sure it’s likely that with favorable odds and more or less correct posturing that comes with a disclaimer for unforeseen accidents and a fair bit of guesswork that NOW PLANET ZEB! IS ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY AD-FREE! Enjoy it today- hits and rock classics of the 80s and beyond... with a smattering of holiday favorites in the mix between now and 12/25 to keep you in the spirit of the holiday without burning you out on 30 different artists’ rendition of “Wonderful Christmastime!” 🤣

Finally a bit of a chance to do some work on the station today, peeps! BIG stuff too- now AD-FREE for you! Holiday music has started, too, for those who like a little of the Christmas spirit tucked in here and there, but who would become homicidal if they heard "Wonderful Christmastime" sixteen times in one day!

While working on the station, I took a shot of our latest geostatistics- to see where our listening family had been listening FROM over the last 30 days. Now THAT'S an INTERNATIONAL community! From the bottom of my heart, thanks for your support and I'm happy you're here, enjoying the music of our lives with those who share a love of it with you.
- Zebby

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Effective this weekend... PLANET ZEB! goes COMPLETELY AD FREE with the BROADEST and MOST AWESOME collection of hits and rock classics of YOUR LIFE! COMPLETELY AD-FREE, 24/7!!!!

Happy Holidays. <mic drop>

Direct-stream link to start PLANET ZEB!, FYI... this will work with your default third-party player, or even in your current web browser right this very second!

WOO HOO! Our first (confirmed) listener from Colombia this afternoon! Bienvenidos!

Heh- on this day in 2009, according to the ole Zebby Facebook stream... "I just checked an obscure little broadcaster tool at Live365 for the first time in ages and discovered that PLANET ZEB! is closing in rapidly on its TWELVE MILLIONTH listener streaming hour since inception on 04/01/00. I'm pretty stoked by that discovery. 🙂"

12,000,000 listening hours in 9 and a half years wasn't bad for the classic ole Planet Zeb! She was put on the air to counter overcorporatized, over...hyped conglomerate mass media mush with a rock 'n' roll station that was actively tendered, locally owned, operated and loved, with a single goal in mind of sharing to a world full of like-minded music fans our passion for the 80s/90s era and its music. Twelve million hours'- plus worth of ears joined us on that journey. 🙂

Now, PLANET ZEB! is back... with an even wider playlist and even more music on a great rework of our traditional old Live365 platform!!! Here's to having you along for the journey toward our next 12,000,000 listening hours. 😃

It's the music YOU remember from the station that NEVER FORGOT! Planet Zeb!... THANK YOU for listening and sharing us with your friends!!!!!

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On the way into work (the job that lets me pay for Planet Zeb! so you can enjoy it with me) this morning, listening via cellular streaming because virtually every plan out there is now friendly to our 128 kbps stereo stream!.... Communards, "Don't Leave Me This Way," then Eddie Money "Take Me Home Tonight," then Bowie's "Let's Dance," followed by Survivor's "High On You." Then, I got to the office and had to park. And then, I had to fight myself to get out of the car and stop listening in the car. TRY IT SOMETIME!!!!