Interesting recent article...

Emporiums of plant-based medicines offer products for what ails the mind, body and soul, even though scientific studies about their efficacy are inconclusive.

Of course plants and their soil may save us!

We generally think of climate change as a story of sky - of emitted gases, of atmospheric carbon levels, of storms. Author Kristin Ohlson would like to direct our gaze earthward, to take a...

An important project to consider supporting! 5 days left on its kickstarter campaign.

We talk about clean, sustainable food but what about clean, sustainable medicine?
Avid listeners of Montana Public Radio might have felt a little off Monday – and come Saturday, they might just feel even more unsettled.

Happy 25th birthday to the American Botanical Council. Here's to the next 25.

A petition about ginseng policy, yay!!

Help United Plant Savers, (UpS), bring awareness and action to saving a valuable and culturally significant native medicinal plant! United Plant...

I apologize, I'm not posting much since I retired from the radio show! But this show at the NYBG sounds great if you're in the vicinity.

Wild Medicine, Healing Plants Around the World, Featuring The Italian Renaissance Garden

The Herbal Guild is great...good event this coming November.

AHG Symposium 2013

Good-sounding herb fest in Texas....

It is with great joy that we invite you to participate in Herbalismo! We hope that this historic event will bring together practitioners and students of many herbal traditions in our region to celebrate plants and healing in the Deep South. Well respected Herbal Elders like Rosemary Gladstar, Paul B...

Sustainable vetiver plantations and nutmeg distilleries in Indonesia! Cool!

Request Information on ACHS's Study Abroad

All about Richard Schultes, 1 of Flora's heroes.

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Some cool plant resources included at this website for teachers....

Hooks and hot topics for university teachers and students

Conference in Quito in Dec. on med plants and natural products, check it out!

I've always wanted to go to this Chicago garden. If you get to, check out this annual garden walk.

Welcome to UIC College of Pharmacy.

Isabella Rossellini trying to help bees (which helps plants).

In this fantastical and wildly educational short film created by Isabella Rossellini, Burt (or someone impersonating him) of Burt's Bees talks to the Bees fo...

I love this short film, I think cuz I love Nelson & his family. It's short--and sweet.