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Vesta offers two paid plugins: SFTP Chroot and Web File Manager. We recommend buying them as they are cheap and they will help you. Here we will discuss ab
Many times, you will need to change the PHP settings on your web server. For example you may want to change the values for memory_limit, upload_max_filesiz
MySQL databases are an important aspect of your web server. With Vesta CP is very easy to create databases and users. How to create a MySQL database and a
You created a new site and you want to set up an email account? You can create email accounts via the Vesta interface. How to create email accounts in Vest
After the admin created your package and user, you can now add your web domains. This is a very easy process in Vesta Control Panel. Let's see how. To add
Unlike cPanel and WHM that has separate ports for secure and unsecure connections, Vesta is using a single port - 8083 - which is not using a SSL certifica
To speed up loading times for your site and to save bandwidth, you can enable gzip compression. This means that content of your site will be served by the
We will show in this Knowledge Base post how to run a virus scan in cPanel. The cPanel Virus Scan tool can scan for viruses and malware your home directory
As you probably already know, Google puts more and more SEO value on AMP HTML pages. We've made here a little tutorial on how to convert your HTML pages to
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an HTML type language that is optimized for mobile using. Google puts more and more SEO value on AMP pages. For example,

How to access phpMyAdmin from cPanel

You want to manually edit something in your MySQL tables? (for example to edit something in the WordPress configuration) Then, cPanel can help you via the

Use the #cPanel interface to block IPs or IP ranges. Check out our article at…/can-block-ip-addresses-cpanel-i…/

There are many occasions when you may need to block IPs. Maybe there is a bad bot or just an IP trying to get access to your WordPress admin area. cPanel a