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  • Artist and Proprietor of Bear Creek2009 to present
  • Research TechnicianMay 2000 to February 2008Tucson, Arizona
    Analytical Genetics Laboratory: qPCR; quantitative and qualitative, Surgical Research; tissue culture, Confocal Microscope, UAC; laboratory animal husbandry
  • Cytogenetic TechnicianSeptember 1988 to April 1997Charlotte, North Carolina
    Clinical Genetics; Parke Cytogenetic Laboratory; Darkroom, Photomicroscopy, Karyotyping, Tissue culture (8yrs)
    Microbiology; Lab Assistant (1yr)
  • Class of 2008Behavioral SciencesWholistic Health (spelled correctly)Disenfranchised GriefTucson, Arizona
  • Class of 1997PhotographyPhotography on FacebookCharlotte, North Carolina
    aka UCLA (University of Charlotte on "Lisabeth Ave)
  • Class of 1985Medical Laboratory TechnicianJacksonville, North Carolina
About Mischa
  • Destiny lies in your own hands. Dream your dreams then live them. It will keep you young at heart and mentally ageless.

    I ride my own Harley, NO, you may NOT ride it!

    physically strong, as are some of my opinions, cynically sympathetic.

    Efficient, not lazy. I attempt to do things right the first time so I don't have to redo them.

    NO WHINING!!! If ya don't like the way things are done, get out and do it your own damn self!
Favorite Quotes
  • Men should consider a Fat Tattooed Woman;
    He'll have Shade in the Summer,
    Warmth in the Winter,
    And Moving Pictures All Year Long