Hey everyone that follows this page, poetribe are moving through phases and would love to keep playing together and experimenting but haven't had that opportunity in a very long time but are focusing on individual pursuits so please continue to support and follow our journeys in becoming artists who are still learning and growing always.

There have been many barriers to doing the work we wanted to do and maintaining the relationships we made and strengthened during the last 5years and maybe we can be able to talk about it publicly but in the meantime please continue to follow Lorna and Eric as they keep kicking their own goals
Thank you

just sharing some thoughts

Lorna Munro


Your genesis
Was baseless


Place less

Australian redneck racists
Get back on your convict slave ships
Go home
We don't need you no more
Lets face it.....

I've been dreaming of a land before time
I've been needing a lil place I can call mine

I've been fading
Sinking into my cemented boots
I'm out of line
How do I change it ?
Where can I feel weightless ?
And fly

Over rated
Cage less
Break even all that you made us.....
The balance was there to save us
Are we so complacent to beg for a revolution,
But never wanna make any changes ?

Tweaking our views from our mirrors
Checking blind spots
Did you miss the plot?
It was stolen...
What wealth has your mind got?
When your head remains in the gutter

A crime spot

Where their masters
Keep them lines locked
Punching in time sheets
A record of all the jobs
They never got....

That week

I found it hard to speak

Thinking of TJ, David, Elijah, Miss Dhu and Patrick
Still I dream on
Because this life is nothing that I wanna rely on
No shoulder to cry on
But a sista with a voice
That make ya wanna shine on

Call on

The strength of my blood
My ancestors learned to swim
While the rest of the 'evolving' word
Escaped the flood
Give all my time and live in love
My legs refuse to get tired of
Standing ground
So I watch the clouds above


Still no justice for David Gundy.

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Posted by Ancestress

This is about something I have watched play out in many similar situations (not just poetry) over too many years. While it’s not about one specific person it talk about a few things I’ve seen specific people do and things that I’ve experienced.
Appropriation happens in many different fields tho. And it sucks. So....

Anyways just thought I’d chuck something up..

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Look out for these deadly young fullas

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Posted by NITV
NITV was live.

Get to know Australia's next favourite music group Indigenoise as they go live now!

We control the narrative otherwise it's just continuing colonialism.

First Nations arts continues to grow with new initiatives across the sector.

If u don't know Ancestress what are you doing with your life

With strong voices and contemporary ideas, First Nations women are leading the Australian art scene into the future.

As promised here is a piece from 2013 ---The Butterfly---

The Butterfly (chrysalis) is a piece that we created in 2013. 2013 for Poetribe was full of grief and loss but also new beginnings as it was the year we started experimenting with poetry and violin an

Thank you for following our page and being patient while we pursue our individual creative paths.
After much growth and realisation we are having a yarn about the future of Poetribe and scheming as per usual.
While hanging out today we found some oldies but goodies and wanted to share.
So keep an eye out we will be posting links to our new Soundcloud account.
Yay! ...
Poetribe are Black!!

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Red Room Poetry

Eric Avery reads 'A Passage of Time'. Commissioned for New Shoots, Eric shared this poem at the Sydney Writers' Festival launch event at the The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney.

Poetribe shared a post.
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Posted by Lala Bayles
Lala Bayles is with Binni Bee and 14 others.

Hey everybody!
I have just been confirmed as 1 of 12 Indigenous models to go to São Paulo, Brazil and walk the catwalk of fashion week 2017, problem is no 💰 so ...I'm asking everyone for help! Im challenging you all to donate $10 to this amazing project. Myself, Terri Creative Services & Management and the Circles Project are working so hard to get us there. Help us challenge the perceptions that others hold. When we represent we represent ancient bloodlines with the strength and beauty of our people. We walk with pride help us make our mark on the international stage!

C-mon you mob I love supporting projects and individuals that I am lucky enough to be exposed to on a daily basis. Anyone who knows me will know that I come from big black families connected to many communities and if it wasn't for the support of my mob I wouldn't have the drive to do what I do This is a once in a life time opportunity that we can't miss out on. Please help get us to São Paulo, Brazil for FASHION WEEK 2017!! Repost, like and share my little fundraising video that was filmed on my phone in my Aunties laundry. Find our gofundme page and donate what you can.
Biggest Thank you to those who have contributed, watched, shared - BIG LOVE to you all!!!!! THE CIRCLES TEAM 💚

Director - Lorna Munro @yilinhi88
CO/DOP - Memarloo Newry @_jaylashae
MU&W - Lili Brimble-Bayles @lil.ballerr
#indigenousmodel #flytiddahgirlonabudget
#blackgirlneedtogo #typicalmodel #modelonabudget #brazil #fashionweek #ineedtendollars #donate #SãoPaulo #cantevenact #whatsthisthen #share #comment #like #showyoursupport #support #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlfly #tiddastakeBrazil #

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Go brother Eric!

APRA AMCOS has today announced the winners of the 2017 APRA Professional Development Awards, with an astounding 66% of the victors made up of female artists.  Some of Australia's current buzz acts…

Happy Birthday Lorna Munro - A very important voice of our times!

"אתיופים מאוחדים בע"מ" ביוטיוב וגם בפייסבוק -

Back after baby raising hiatus, Lorna will be performing along with an all black girl line up, celebrating black womanhood, girlhood, feme forward thinking, being seeing, believing and doing, power, magic and resilience.

Join us at the Red Rattler, Sunday 26th of March
Kween Kibone
Candy Bowers...
Sista Zai Zanda

Make sure you get in early for the show+ workshop deal with Mahogany Brown.


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Was good to perform for the first time in a year as Poetribe!! Get the message out there - voices heard...

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Radio Skid Row 88.9FM

Thank you to everyone who came down & listened to Radio Skid Row Presents: Poetry in Commotion. The live broadcast event was a success with amazing performances... by Lorna Munro] Poetribe] Sham E-Ali Nayeem] Zeadala] Gabrielle Jones] Cash Thepirates2k13] DOBBY] Jake Izzy] Kaptial E BYSA - Blacktown Youth Services Association] . Shout out to Addison Road Community Centre] UrchinBooks Shop] Reverse Garbage] for your support. Island Boys] food. A special thank you our crew members Anna Schinella Huna, Binta The Big Smoke] Local Flows SYD] Chard Core] Saisiv Lyrics] Black Symbol Show] Blazing Roots and Culture] Wiseman Ali] Douglas Belton] StreetLine] The Golden Lady Adam Toonfeld Hobo Gro]. Powered by Sounds Revolution System. To many to mention Thank you all and keep it locked

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our piece 'Cell' was inspired by Henrietta Lacks and the ongoing experimentation of our bodies.
RESPECT to the family and my sister girl Nene Ali for sharing.

Relatives of Henrietta Lacks gain control over HeLa cell use and research.

Poetribe's Lorna has been busy as well with various projects including "Only Built for Koori Linx" by Provocalz and a huge collective of black artists, probably the best collaborative black CD you will find. Click on the link, check it out for yourself.....

Stay tuned for more Poetribe Madness in the new year!

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