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Gavin Bella Neill
· March 9, 2018
Great staff, friendly drag queens, cheap drinks. Completely party. 👍👠💅💗
Jaedon David Acroyd
· August 23, 2014
Used to be my favourite place to go after visiting a couple of bars on a night. Not any more. Completely ruined my pride weekend by refusing entry because I was 'wobbling' and was apparently too drunk... to enter. Considering that I do not drink as I suffer from severe kidney stones (exacerbated by alcohol intake), I was completely taken a back by the bouncers comments. I tried to explain that in fact, I had simply tripped on the leg of the barrier but was told that as the other bouncer had made his 'judgment' myself and my friends would not be allowed to enter. I wasn't rude, I didn't cause a fuss; I simply tried to explain the situation. I find this kind of discrimination without actually taking the time to listen to what potential clientelle have to say to be completely distasteful. The bouncer in question was aggressive and extremely rude to myself and my friends, simply because I objected to his flat out refusal to listen to reason, or even to converse in a mature, intellectual level. I realise that nothing I say will make any difference as I have come to understand that regular customers really don't matter all that much, and can be spoken to in any manner. Any other business would fail if customers were treated with such disdain; it's a shame that the same doesn't apply to bars and clubs. See More
Sara-Lee Simpson
· December 10, 2014
Had a good night until they wouldn't give my coat back! Told us to wait until the end of the night to get it back. We waited but then they wouldn't let us back in the club to get the coat. They told u...s to come back the next day to get it, they'll be open at midday. I went back and they're shut and getting no answer when I call them. The bouncers and staff were so rude and swearing at people outside. There was no need for that sort of language. Fuming because i dont even live in Manchester and I'm here for work. Im now travelling back to London in December, it's freezing and I have no coat. See More
Siobhan Greenhalgh
· November 4, 2014
The place is amazing but the bouncers really spoil it. They grabbed me and threw me out for no reason and caused a bruise on my arm also wouldn't give me my coat back. Eventually persuaded them and £5... and my cigs were missing from my pocket! They also grabbed my friend from behind by the neck. The bouncers are too rough. I will never visit again! See More
Christian Falkenstern
· July 8, 2015
The draft lager tasted viniger-ish, I let the staff know, got a replacement but not before the supervisor gave me a mouthful. The replacement tasted like shit too, so ended up having to pay for a bott...le. No customer service at all. Doubt they clean the lines, definitely bottles only if you come here. See More
Michael Shepherd
· January 7, 2015
Was a good night until they wouldn't give me my jacket back. Aggressive and rude bar staff. 'Manager' is absolutely disgraceful with a mouth like a public toilet. Bouncers are useless and make false ...accusations. Thrown out for asking for my own property back. Wtf?. Never again. Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy! See More
Ian Pollitt
· March 9, 2014
You can get a round of jaeger bombs for under a tenner whilst dancing to 'Spice Up Your Life' whist being groped by a drag queen then get lucky on the dance floor and have a snog. Drinks are cheap and... so am I! Fun fun fun! See More
Morgan Dorian Trias
· August 26, 2016
let's see, hosting a racist group for pride, splashing about pictures of putin in drag makeup, because you know, being trans, femme or whatever is humiliating, right? oh, and... wait, mocking trump a picture of him making out with putin, because hey, being gay is gross, right? All in all I think that adds up to 1 star. See More
Ayshah Malik
· August 19, 2015
Chavy door and bar staff rude as,they'd b happy to take ur money to get in,but then not serve u alchol when ur perfectly fine.not going again due to pure rudeness
Stuart Pheonix Smith
· April 4, 2014
Had a right laugh on the 1st of April during the day. The lad (don't know his name but he had a stretcher in his ear) behind the bar made me and my cousin welcome and got us very drunk will be going in again
Frank Lee
· August 26, 2016
This place is trash for hosting the highly offensive Queens of Pop. Completely disgusting, and the responses from Poptastic have been pathetic - justifying racism and transphobia with half baked, over...used, archaic arguments. Avoid avoid avoid. See More
John Desmond Hamilton
· March 27, 2016
For me it's the longest running Gay Night in Manchester and I am pleased to be celebrating our 20th Birthday Tuesday April 5th..that's why I have give it 5 Stars!
Hannah Payne
· November 13, 2014
Condescending, power hungry, arrogant, idiot of a bouncer. Never returning to this vile place after being spoken to in such a rude manner. Avoid at all costs!
Candice Armah
· August 27, 2016
Every time I've been here it's been a mistake. The fact that they are willing to host an infamously racist, transphobic and sexist act and are actively defending this decision should say enough about ...Poptastic. Do yourself a favour and find another night out or donate the money you would spend to a local LGBT organisation. See More
Subira Wahogo
· August 26, 2016
Disgrace that you are hosting bigoted Queens of pop and defending your decision to do so with some properly bullshit excuses. Sort it out.
Dirk Hemmings
· August 26, 2016
Promoting transphobia, racism and sexism as some bizarre kind of 'equality' is absolutely disgusting and furthers that many 'LGBTQ' venues only really serve cis white gay men
Robbin Banks
· March 8, 2017
Absolutly POPTASTIC very friendly staff, cheap drinks and a great atmosphere, would 100% recommending it
Josh Lawes
· August 26, 2016
Hosting racist performers and then defending it with a really shitty copy-pasted response is not ok, this is not complicated shit. Sort it out.
Aaron Wilson
· October 19, 2013
A great club night! All welcome! very popular with the students! in cheap drinks! Its the only club to be seen on a Tuesday night!
05 February 2013 Gay Marriage Vote
Pop In (formerly View) is undergoing an amazing transformation in preparation for this weekend. Come join the Poptastic team from 11PM on Saturday for our 21st birthday celebration and our biggest party yet! Have you got your tickets yet?: 3 Bars 2 Floors CO2 Cannons Laser Show Return of the Shagtag Drag Runway Double Up for £1
Pop In is undergoing an amazing transformation in preparation for the weekend. Are you as excited for Poptastic's 21st as we are? Come join the full Poptastic team from 11PM on Saturday for our biggest party ever featuring; Robbin Banks, Glitter Boy, Potato and Jesus. Music from; - Penny Crayon - Gypsy Darling - DJ Paul Nash


Join us from 11PM at the heart of Canal Street as we party across two floors of entertainment. On the main floor DJ Dan delivers the ultimate in pop and chart anthems. Down in the alternative room, Si Parker and the Poptastic queens will be causing anarchy until late.

If that wasn't enough we have free entry until midnight and £1 drinks ALL NIGHT!

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March 21

Our photos from last night are now live, go get tagging!

Poptastic - Official added 139 new photos to the album: Poptastic: Homecoming // Bar Pop // 20.03.18 — with Lindsey Sanderson and 2 others.