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Amy Romer
· March 19, 2018
I've been with Portfoliobox for 6 years now and have had a positive experience throughout. Even when there have been issues, Portfoliobox have always responded quickly and gone above and beyond. I lov...e how simple it is to use and the templates are flexible enough for my needs. Thanks Portfoliobox! See More
Bren Ortiz
· October 24, 2017
Just lies. I shared my link and recommended the site to other friends to increase my limits of pictures and they give me nothing. They reward me nothing. The only thing they did was send me an email s...aying that the person who registered (recommended by me), used an email or IP address that was already registered. And that's not true at all. Really bad, you guys from Portfolio box. See More
Suppakiat Arwroongreong
· February 27, 2018
Hi!! SorryI upgrade to PRO for month then I'm owner Link portfoliosgun or email kakashi2549@hotmail Now i delete account and I cannot login because EMAIL NOT FOUND already but I not want continues pa...y for expired then now already pay auto already then no email check me for comtinue or cancel. I want money return and cancel card out of service please . Thank you See More
Sarang Naik
· January 18, 2018
Simple, clean and professional. Easy to setup and make changes. Just what I wanted from a portfolio site. This is the best portfolio builder I've found in this price range.
Rachelle Tolbert
· February 5, 2018
I put in a lot of work into building my portfolio through this service only to find my portfolio doesn't load for anyone due to security issues/SSL certificate problems.
Yolanda Yvette
· May 15, 2017
I upgraded to the PRO plan for a year and wanted to cancel the automatic renewal since I was going to be switching careers and no longer needed this service. I was sent an email about automatic renewa...l and when I asked about cancelling it, I heard nothing. I received an email a week later with my receipt for purchasing another year and immediately emailed them, asking them to cancel it and refund the charges. Again, I heard nothing. I tried to reach out to them via their chat box and heard, you guessed it, nothing. Not pleased at all and will more than likely have to cancel the card that I have on file since I'm no longer in need of their PRO services and they don't seem to want to give me a refund for something I will not be using. See More
Danielius Eidiejus
· September 12, 2017
Modern designs, intuitive and simple UI, great customer service. More than enough for free. They even gifted me more space just because "I'm doing well"
Victoria Scudamore
· February 10, 2018
Always great service.I have been very happy with Portfolio box.
Kirvic L. Aguilera
· October 24, 2017
It's an amazing way to show your work to others with very advanced tools and great designs.
Will Weeks
· October 16, 2017
This is the most simple and elegant solution I've found for showcasing my services yet :) I'm a very happy customer.
Jérémie Mazenq
· January 18, 2018
Simple and elegant solution to build beautiful portfolio website.
Shiho Ottomo
· February 18, 2017
I don't have time for my own portfolio as I'm always working on someone else's design! Portfoliobox has all the functionalities I need, easy to update and very stylish with responsive design. The cust...omer support is always prompt, very professional and helpful. And it's very reasonable too! I would totally recommend to my friends. See More
Josh Goodwin
· February 11, 2017
Absolutely amazing product. Having my original website hacked and destroyed, I came across portfoliobox. It's helped me restore a similar (if not better) website for m y work. It's really nice and easy to use, the only thing I really need is to be able to upload photos via iPad. It won't let me add images. - rest assures, there is an app which you can now use. Problem solved. See More
Adrian Ulander
· November 6, 2017
Awesome service(s) that I've been using for roughly seven years now.
Niklas Lindblad
· May 12, 2017
Amazing! Why haven't I switched to this before? This is so much better than everything I've ever tested before! Easy to use, fast as lightning, and a support that actually answers! I builded my site i...n just 2 hours, including nearly 500 hundred pictures, and it became so much better than my old wp-site.
Thank you for this product!
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Nicole Oxendine
· April 17, 2017
The PRO version was not worth the money. BEWARE of switching from the free version to the PRO because there is apparently no switching back & they will take your site down completely (not just shut d...own the PRO aspects) if you choose to discontinue the PRO plan. See More
Mia Fallby
· January 19, 2017
I must say the support you provide is excellent, quick and understandable even for someone with less technical skills. Not to mention the user friendly tool and your nice templates, makes my homepage ...look great! ;-) As long as this continues I'll keep recommendering Portfoliobox to both friends and customers! =) See More
Rebecca Coltorti
· September 5, 2016
Beautiful and clean options to set up your portfolio, easy to use and the customer service is really effective. It has so many tools to customize your pages and the result is professional.

I truly re...commend it to everyone! See More
Toma Moisii
· March 10, 2017
I can see that there is no interest on your side to deal with the issue raised via Customer Support, therefore I have no other options but to publicly expose my issue and let the others know how Portf...olioBox is treating pro users, followed by all necessary legal steps, in conformation with EU legislation.

First of all, my year-long subscription to Portfoliobox will expire on 11th of March 2017. However, I received an email notification on the 6th of March in which I was informed that my site has been suspended due to unsuccessful renewal of the subscription. So let me get this straight...I decide to pay for 365 days subscription but you guys shut down my page almost a week earlier?!?!

Clearly we do not follow the same calendar...I'm currently using the Gregorian calendar, I strongly recommend you guys to check it would be amazed to find out that it has 365 days/year (sometimes 366), not 360.

Leaving the sarcasm aside...the action that you took by shutting down my site earlier than the expiration date COSTS ME MONEY & affects my image!!!!!! I already missed a deal with a client yesterday evening due to the fact that the site was not reachable. The guy called me to tell me that the link is not working....I was looking like a fool in front of him and I believe I should thank you guys for that!!! I wonder how many clients I will continue to lose in these 5 days period ('til 11th of March).

Yes, you do have some of the lowest prices when it comes to hosting...but that doesn't give you the right in any way to shut down my site earlier than stipulated. Very professional.

Second of all, for the past week I received constant sms notifications from the bank. Everyday you guys tried to pull out the amount needed for the subscription. That is a very aggressive way to make revenue. Yes, I do understand that the subscription is automatically made...but seriously, if you noticed after the first attempt that the transfer did not go through, the decent thing to do was to contact me and ask me if there is any problem. The bank account from which I previously payed for the subscription is no longer available, I notified you before about the fact that there's a bug that doesn't trigger the "change card" button. Yes, I received a link that redirected me to the card payment details page, but that doesn't mean that the issue was solved. Again, very professional. You guys are in a hurry to cash in, but you don't make sure that all the payment functions are working properly. This + the fact that you took the liberty to shut down my site earlier makes me feel ripped off and fooled.

Furthermore, under section 11. Payments and Renewals of the General Terms, it is clearly stated that Portfoliobox will notify and charge the user 30 days prior of the expiration date. It is nowhere stated that Portfoliobox will cease to provide its services earlier than the expiration date.
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Ryan DiPretoro Kluttz
· May 16, 2017
I love Portfolio Box! My site is super easy to edit and also came with an email address! It's very affordable and customer service answers my questions faster than anything I've ever experienced, day or night!
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