We MIGHT have been out being awesome today ;) Video to come later! #practicekindness #pk
Our first night out doing some random grocery buying! We touched some people :) Donate to the cause if you can and we'll keep sharing videos!
Check this! PK everyday!!
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Sunnie Gregory Longwell
· November 14, 2017
I found your YouTube channel at an integral part of my life when my depression and anxiety were all encompassing. I was questioning daily the world that I had chosen to bring my daughter and son into.... So much violence and such a lack of humanity. No empathy or kindness to our fellow man, woman and child. But then I came across your videos and a seed was planted. A seed of hope, faith and love. Three things that have been missing from my life for a very long time. So I say this to you. A group of strangers that has forever changed my view on this world and touched my heart at its very core. Thank you for restoring a part of me that I had feared was lost forever. See More
Aldrian Jake Adolfo
· November 30, 2017
I'm not rich but when I see what you do to other people it inspires me to do good things, little or big help just for the good of a person, all possible and nothing is impossible. Can I have your shir...ts? I wish I had t-shirts like yours because black is my favorite color and it's my birthday today, December 1 here in my country and I wish that I also do good things to other people today in my birthday but I don't have enough money to do that. But still I will pray for you guys, Because I'm one of the fans here in the Philippines. Hope you have more people to help. god bless you all and stay safe. Merry Christmas. You guys are amazing and I hope you guys are go here in my country, Philippines and I watched all your videos in youtube. It inspired me every time I watch your videos. God bless you all. Love you.
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Muniar Rahman
· December 25, 2017
I'm a regular viewer of your youtube channel. I just love what you do. keep it up, you guys are awesome. love from Bangladesh. ♥
Tammy Vosburgh
· December 22, 2017
I found this at the lowest part of my have given me faith in humanity .Thank you PK for the endless hours of inspiration!
Jeremy Dean Petersen
· November 22, 2017
I love randomly coming across things like this. Restores my faith in humanity...
David Powell
· November 26, 2017
Are we getting more PK videos this year? I love love love watching these.
MeganLeigh Maguire
· December 12, 2017
You guys are amazing and I really look forward to your videos. ♥
Anthony Shane
· November 23, 2017
These people are example we should all follow and set for our own kids good work.
Rogelio Ayala Jr.
· November 16, 2017
Love what you all do for the people around the city
Muhammad Shabbir
· December 26, 2017
Nice I Appreciate Good Work ���

Shabbir Mehdi
Cindy Hosking
· August 11, 2017
If we all said this once a day, everyday, the world would be a better place

This is a MUST SHARE and it doesn't matter what language it's in. Grab a tissue.

FOSTERHJEMSKAMPANJE: Barne-, ungdoms- og familiedirektoratets nye reklamefilm har rørt hjerter over hele verden. Filmen ble først sluppet for å inspirere fle...

Thank you Macy's for your support this season. #practicekindness

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