The countdown is set, the fuse is lit. The next edition of Pragyan, NIT Trichy is on its way. As the grandest techno-managerial fest of its season approaches, many surprises lie in waiting. Stay tuned to know more. #Pragyan #LetsCelebrateTechnology #ComingSoon
75 Days to go
Pragyan 2018 - Come Aboard the Hype Train
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Yashvanth LY
· July 21, 2017
amazing event ...The TAG of ISO certified organisation next to London olympics and Manchester United itself is the testimony to the fame of the fest. Also its the first student run organization in the... world..... one must definitely attend the fest completely and can definitely feel the spirit of it... trust me. Its one of the best fests to attend in the world to get the essence of in and out technology.
C'mon everybody. LET'S CELEBRATE TECHNOLOGY....... "PRAGYAN" Rocks!!!!
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Narasimhan Varadarajan
· July 21, 2017
Good in all aspects.
They should try to reach out more and speak loudly of their achievements to the people in and around.
For example, if someone could put in a short scintillating mind capturin...g points in a video /lecture(for example;Dr Kishore Jayaraman's), i feel i will stand invited to watchfully.

Thank you for the invitation. Do 'Expand' to further glory.
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Dhuwaaragesh Sivaraman
· October 17, 2016
It's got some cool stuff and u do get some knowledge out of that place, but there is definitely room for improvement!
Vignesh Piramanayagam
· November 30, 2015
A fest that really does 'Celebrate Technology', had a great time last year (2015) watching guest lectures of Marshall Strabala and Paul Halpern. Crossfire too was brilliant, featuring the likes of Sum...anth C Raman. Hoping for some really big names and a good time this year too! See More
Ashwin Narayan
· October 17, 2016
I've been part of Pragyan both as a participant and as an event organizer. The quality is inconsistent but it's getting better over the years. There's a good variety of events for everyone and I think... it does a good job of getting people excited about Technology. :) See More
Vignesh CV
· February 24, 2016
Pragyan is a techno-management Organisation which strives to bring the best for all tech and knowledge enthusiasts.Each year of Pragyan sets new levels in all areas. This is one of the best techfests of India.
Harshal Shah
· March 4, 2017
Been exhibiting Neurosky Mindwave Mobile along with Puzzlebox Orbit - Brain controlled Helicopter and a Brain controlled Car.. It's an awesome experience.. Can't believe today is the last day of the fest..
Ajay Immanuel
· November 29, 2015
A bridge between knowledge you have about technology and its practical application. Pragyan, Takes you a step closer to your dreams by celebrating technology with you. :)
Akilan T M
· May 21, 2016
With the slogan of Let's Celebrate Technology, Pragyan organisation strives to bridge the gap between man and technology through activities year around. With 50+ technical events, 10+ workshops, Guest... lectures, Exhibits, Panel discussion, Infotainment shows and gaming events, Pragyan is a one stop destination to celebrate and experience technology! See More
Monish Vasu
· October 19, 2016
This is where I started my career.... It moulds you , motivates you of the best thing that will stay forever in my life _/\_ ...let's celebrate the technology
Hemanand Ramasamy
· February 11, 2017
Never been able to stick around during one of the Pragyans though the events do get me excited technically..
Gsdv Prasad
· November 29, 2015
Pragyan is a great platform for technical as well as management enthusiasts. I personally learnt many things from Pragyan.
It truly says " Let's Celebrate Technology" :)
Arun Kumar
· December 3, 2015
PRAGYAN is techno-management fest of NIT trichy ,where you can prove your technical skills that u have ,you gain lots and lots of knowledge ,enjoy and understand lot more visions of various people ,t...hrough various events,guest lectures,infotainment ,exhibitions ..etc and win lots of cash prizes too!! See More
Anil Kumar Arava
· November 29, 2015
An excellent platform for one either to exhibit talents or to explore new things.I am learning many things through pragyan and come join us if u want to.
Ankit Agarwal
· February 10, 2017
Happy to see where Pragyan has come today.....feel very proud to be one of the founding members of Pragyan.....
Shiva Teja Nemala
· October 18, 2016
Never missed this awesome fest for four years!! Totally worth it if u r interested in the stuff around in clg during pragyan!! Superb times! �
Sriram Raghavan
· January 25, 2016
Always excited, proud, honoured, humbled, thrilled and exhilarated to be associated with an ISO 9001 and 20121 certified institution that makes learning integrated within all its facets!
Samuel Annapareddy
· December 1, 2015
If u want to show ur technical skills (or) to win cash prizes (or) to gain some knowledge (or) to have some entertainment (or) to see some good guest lectures,then u should know about pragyan definitely .
Rachel Grace Charles
· August 13, 2016
Because many of my students are in this, Deepak Netom, Nivetha, Sandhya Santhanam etc. .... so I like this
Kaushal Subramanian
· October 18, 2016
5 stars for their events that start on time and since I know how difficult that is.

In only 10 more days, the perception of reality is going to be elevated to a whole new dimension. An augmented experience awaits.

This video was made in association with Pixelbug NIT Trichy

#Pragyan #TheNextDimension ...

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‎"There is no chance for the welfare of the world unless the condition of woman is improved."
Inspired by this, Pragyan, NIT Trichy organised Aval, an event aimed at creating awareness about menstrual hygiene among women in rural areas. Held on 11th at Vazhavandhan Kottai Village, Thuvakudi, the event saw women being educated on the importance of using sanitary napkins and also included distribution of napkins.

The initiative would not have been possible without the support ...and aid of SCOPE Foundation and Phoenix Pads.

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One of the most ambitious efforts in planetary space exploration, the Cassini-Huygens mission is a testament to what can be accomplished when we dream bigger. This dream is coming soon. Find out more at 6:00 PM, 20th February.

#Space #Cassini

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Getting up and close with rockets would have been a childhood dream of many.

Pragyan, NIT Trichy makes everyone’s dream come true as we present the ISRO Rockets and Propulsions models.

Experience the brilliance of ISRO scientists first hand at Pragyan 2018.

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Pragyan, NIT Trichy presents to you a prolific and intellectual community blog activist as a panelist for the much awaited Crossfire.
Ms Manasa Venkataraman, a research associate at the Takshashila Institution and a frequent contributor to thREAD - the Hindu blog, is an avid activist working on issues related to constitutional and international law.

Amidst immensely powerful ideations and delegations, Pragyan Crossfire is sure to awaken the lateral dimension of thought with t...he second speaker on board.

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"One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever.” Pragyan, NIT Trichy aims to bring about this lasting effect of a deep conversation. Read on about the concept of a Human Library before you witness the largest Human Library conducted by a student-run organisation at Pragyan 2018, in association with Human Library Hyderabad.
#Society #Social #Conversation #Life...

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Where people share their experiences for who they are

If the words ‘Design’ and ‘Architecture’ gets your blood rushing, then we just have the right event for you! Calling all budding designers, architects and everyone in between, this is your chance to grab cash prizes worth INR 20000. Hit the sweet spot between aesthetics, functionality and feasibility with your design as Pragyan, NIT Trichy presents Aakar, an architectural design event that tests your technical prowess and engineering expertise!

Follow this link to register for the event:

#Pragyan #TheNextDimension #Events #Concreate #Aakar #LetsCelebrateTechnology

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Do you keep track of every inflection point of the market? Are you a powerhouse of knowledge for every brand under the sun? Then, its time to get biz-y!

Bringing to you, Pragyan 18’s Biz-quiz, a part of the Grey Cells cluster. Get ready to showcase your business quotient in this race to the buzzer to achieve glory and cash prizes worth INR 12000.
For more details visit:

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He has hypnotised crowds into the next dimension with his manipulations of the buugeng. He has defied gravity with his juggling skills. Shao the Manipulator from Poland, is the next artist in the star-studded Infotainment line-up for Pragyan 2018.
This show is proudly brought to you in association with our principal partner Derby Jeans Community and our entertainment partners HBO India and WB India!
#Pragyan #TheNextDimension #LetsCelebrateTechnology #Infotainment #Manipulator

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Brace yourselves, for, this Pragyan, every technocrat in the line-up of speakers is set to leave you with a sharper mind and lasting memories. Pragyan 2018 is proud to unveil the sixth speaker of its Guest Lecture Series, Ajay V. Bhatt.

Having been a computer architect for 28 years and being the co-inventor of the USB, he has certainly revolutionised the digital world as we know it.

#Pragyan #LetsCelebrateTechnology #TheNextDimension #GuestLecture...
#USB #ComputerArchitecture

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Pragyan is delighted to present the next set of workshops, in association with the luminaries of the tech industry. With extensive hand-on sessions and take-away kits, the most accessible gateway to the cutting-edge awaits you. Prepare to be engulfed by the Next Dimension!
Learn more at

#Workshops #ApplicationDevelopment #IIoT #C2000 #FightingVehicle #DieselLocomotives #Radar #Antenna #Blockchain #Petrochemicals #ProcessDesign #IndustrialAutomat...ion #DSLR #FilmMaking #FinancialPlanning #CyberSecurity

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Pragyan, NIT Trichy
Nonprofit Organization

To all the Sherlock and Hercule Poirot fans out there, the time has finally come to put your detective skills to test. At Pragyan’s crimebusters, crack well-hidden clues and try your hand at forensic analysis. Two entertaining, eliminative rounds and a final with a mock trial in front of a special judge will satisfy all your detective cravings.

Get ready to amaze everyone with your sharp observation and inferential skills and grab cash prizes worth INR 20000 as your reward....

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Pragyan added yet another feather to its cap with another successful chapter of the Square One outreach at the College of Engineering, Trivandrum - which saw the participation from all over for three events and the Ethical Hacking workshop. Here are some moments that capture in essence the remarkable success of Square One Trivandrum - for those who missed them all, and those wanting to recreate them once again!
#Pragyan #TheNextDimension #LetsCelebrateTechnology #SquareOne #Trivandrum

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This March, get ready to experience a tech fest like no other. Prepare to immerse yourself in a wide array of workshops, guest lectures and events that are guaranteed to boost your grey cells.

To ensure an even better and more wholesome experience, we are offering accommodation within our campus so that participants can be within proximity of all the important happenings.
Registrations for accommodation are now open.
Register today at


Accommodation is offered on a first come first serve basis.

#Hospitality #Accommodation

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If you are someone with massive memory powers, it’s time to show your magical abilities. Pragyan presents the Memory Challenge, an exhilarating event that will surely test your abilities of retention. Remember as much as you can in order, from audio snippets to a deck of cards, for you might walk away from this frenzy with a cash prizes worth INR 10,000
Register at

#Pragyan #Events #GreyCells #MemoryChallenge #LetsCelebrateTechnology #TheNextDimension

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