Whether you're creating bar charts, using Spry VR, or just leaving Spry running while you read the news, we think you deserve to be rewarded.

Hands-on guy discovers that there is an old mine on family property and decides to reopen it over the course of several videos. Interesting watching and there are plenty of other videos on his channel about ways to extract ore and good practical tips on how to flush 100kg of mercury down your toilet.
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Spry is having a birthday today, it turns 1.4! It's not a celebration without cake so here are some examples of our new Custom Solid Colour Sets (Source AND Destination), for the full notes

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Precision Mining added a new photo to the album: 1930s Spry.
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Precision Mining added a new photo to the album: 1930s Spry.
May 29, 2016

Spry can do anything, you must try it!

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It's easy when browsing the internet to stick only to the languages you understand but sometimes you find hidden gems if you explore a little! This blog has several fantastic sets of photos of various mines around Russia and has some great mining eye candy.

It's an exciting year for new technology with Google's AI beating the world's best Go player and Rift and Vive VR headsets being delivered world-wide. With inspiration from both let's look at our brand new product launching today!

All users with a License Agreement (including trials!) now have access to FREE self-paced Spry training designed to cover all of the basics and get new users up and running or existing users caught up with the latest features. It includes training data, assessment and an estimated 14-29 hours of effort depending on the existing skills and knowledge to finish the 5 introductory courses. You can use your own data for most courses if you wish and they also include publicly shareable certificates of completion! If you haven't already been registered contact us to get started.

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A free service for Precision Mining customers to learn Spry at their own pace.

Inventory Constraint Brief Overview

Spry Overview (Calculated Fields)

An overview of Calculated Fields and Data Pivot Tables introduced in the first Spry 1.3 Version. Apologies for the voice-over I've got a bit of a cold!

A big thanks from Precision Mining to our Beta users! Your support over the last two years getting us to this point is thoroughly appreciated!

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~150,000 years ago: We learn to control fire
July 20, 1969: We land on the moon
January 21, 2016: We create Spry 1.3
It cannot be denied that these events are in chronological order

Looking for us? We're at the Hotel Orient/Johnny Ringo's for a few hours from 4, come and join us!

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