We had first met on 17th of March 1995. I was working in Mumbai. He was in Gwalior.
We started talking and just couldn’t stop. We got along like a house on 🔥
Twenty three years later, we are still together 😊
We don’t have to talk anymore to know what the other is thinking.
We have become adept at mind reading . 😊❤️...
#ethnicwear #marriedalongtime #grateful #family #husbandwifeteam

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Sree Devi
· October 31, 2017
Hi Preethi, what I love about your writing is some way or the other, your novels makes me feel nostalgic and connect deeply in me. The characters , events or even the places where they are based out o...f. It's lovely to read something from places we know. You know what, Pondicherry was never the same to me after reading your book. Lots of memories of your books revisited my thoughts when I went there. Thanks for giving us all wonderful experiences through your writing. See More
Sreekar Kamath
· January 14, 2018
Read A Hundred little flames with great interest and was highly attracted towards the style of writing.The characterisation is fantastic.Inter personal relationships between father and son,between gra...nd father and grand son and true love arising between two individuals,whether male or female is wonderfuly depicted in the novel.Even the places like poongavanam,thekkemadom etc stand out and will remain in the readers mind for ever along with other characters.A hundred little flames has ignited a 1000 little flames in mind.I wished to have a grand son like Ayan.I wanted to spend time in thekkemadom,along with Veluchettan and would like to enjoy his tea,coffee and mouthwatering delicacies,bondas,murukku etc I wanted to spend my vacation in pondichery and I am sure I will enquire for Syamala and look for "Hideout" there.Preethi has created a fantastic piece of art in this novel,the places and characters will remain for ever in our mind.I see a good scope for filming this story which I am sure will be a runaway hit if handled by good directors.Wish preeti all the very best.Those who are not in a habit of reading,this book will be a change and, will inculcate a like for reading,sure.Once again hats off to Preeti. See More
Heemangi Chinchalkar
· October 28, 2017
She is simply awesome with her writing....every book of her is carrying altogether a different story. I read four of her novels till date
1....It happens for a reason
2....Life is what U have it...
3....Its all in the planet
4....Tea for Two and a Piece of cake( which showed a different definition of LOVE)
Out of which (1) n (4) are my favorite....looking forward for some more in d list of my favourite.....Keep it up
All d best for ur new release
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Suraj Kumar
· October 16, 2017
All books of Preeti maam are superb.My favourite books are Life is What You Make it and The One You cannot have will always standout to be among the best.

No fantasy stories involved.They are absolu...tely realistic and practical to which ours and the forthcoming generations will definitely relate to.

The way the feelings,perspectives of every character is shown is just terrific.

Looking forward for the next book.
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Prachi Trehan
· December 9, 2017
Just finished reading 'A Hundred Little Flames'. Oh my god! It felt wonderful to read about the time when the terms like 'true love' and 'true friendship' existed.
Reading about 'Thekke Madom' remind...ed me of my grandfather's ancestral home and of the days that I spent there during my childhood.
The best thing about your writing is that I can relate to every single word that I read. This one was an amazing novel as well as all the others that you have written (Yes! I have read all of them).
Keep writing, Mam!
You insipre thousands of souls. :-)
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Abel Ashwin
· November 19, 2017
I have really no words to say.
Just an amazing and heart breaking tale which took me to another world.
And I have never read a book like this....
Infact I was like a zombie for last three days, carrying this book and reading it whenever and wherever I could get time for instance, in elevator and while walking. I was in urge to know what has happen to Gopal and Rohini, and I was going crazy as I turn each pages.
Do u believe it or not, I read the climax in the car parking.
All these because, this story was such a remarkably Spellbounding one.
Invariably, this has become one of the best books in my little library.
Preeti, I dont know how to appreciate u
Thanks a lot.
#a hundred little flames.
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Shree Mundhra
· October 8, 2017
No wonder you are a bestseller author. Your all books have something out of the box story and really inspiring. By reading them, I start to think about many things. Well it happens with me with all th...e books but yeah.. You get the picture. First book of your I had read was "My secret wishlist". I attracted towards it because of the title and cover but I must say it didn't disappoint me a bit. It is one of my favorite book to till date. All the best for your future ma'am. ������ See More
Smitha Ab
· November 28, 2017
Preethi, I have read all your books and I must admit that all ur books are amazing. I just finished reading “A hundred little flames “ as I am typing in, what a story it is.... No wonder why u r a bes...t seller, this story is so touching. I almost cried when I read Gopal Shankar died ���. I was badly hoping for both Gopal n Rohini to be met and spoken to each other.

A big thanks for your write up Madam �

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Nandini Dudhal
· September 7, 2017
I've read "Life is what you make it" and "Tea for two and a piece of cake" both happened to be a treat for an avid reader like me. :) The story goes out in such perfect flow that you are not only hook...ed to it but also feel eager to unleash more of it as soon as you can at the same time aren't really happy that it's almost ending. But lesser do you know that the end is just gonna be a perfect beginning to be molded by your imagination!! See More
Subha Rajan
· March 2, 2018
Dear Preeti
I love your book. It describes a mature love story with a class... Seriously makes us relook on our present scenario wherein with all the comforts and technology we have a broken relations...hip.
Kudos to you.
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Nandagopal Kannan
· September 30, 2017
I have to express my thanks to #PreetiShenoy as it were her books that kindled the reader in me. Thank you, for I wouldn't have known the pleasure of reading if it weren't for your books. Thank you, f...or penning works as intense as "Life is what you make of it", that's a book which left an unmatched impact on me. See More
Tejaswi Vajinepalli
· October 2, 2017
Awesome author, greater than life once anyone have read her novels, it feels like she is a knowledgeable person, mesmerizing characterisation, and the flow of emotions and expression is simply, out of box narration with real life characters which makes Preeti ji very close to reader's heart. It's definite that she lived for many lives in this life..!! U will be remembered until the extinction of Earth ji.! See More
Anirudha DasGupta
· August 14, 2017
Just finished reading "Life is what U make it". What a great book Preeti ji ! so beautifully U have conveyed & protrayed human relationship & about the highs & lows one goes through in d journey of li...fe..
I don't think anything could have been closer to reality. Takes me down memory lane to our teen age days of late eighties /early nineties ; d era of land line phones ,letters ,strict Indian parents .Also about d dreams ,enthusism & anxiety of moving from a smaller town to a big metro..& how priorities /relevence of things changes with the passage of time.Thanks again
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Astha Malik
· February 23, 2018
Amazing personality.. I am in love with you and your writing. Dream to be like you.. No motivations are their except you...
Sunaina Sachdeva
· July 31, 2017
I read all your books but my favourite is Life is what you make it . I would really want that movie should be made on this story so that the stigma attached to mental illness be clear and that it can... be treated like any other bodily disease . See More
Ashok Sharma
· November 6, 2017
I liked her live programme 5 days, 5 emotions very much. .All the best to her. Please do come to Trivandrum , the God's own country.
Sruthi Venugopal Nair
· November 8, 2017
I am totally short of words as I don't know how to explain how much her books means to me. Stressed? Just sit back, take one of her books and you will move to a world where you forget yourself and wou...ld become a part of the book. One of my favourite authors. See More
Manjot Bhinder
· December 12, 2017
She is one of the best Indian authors I’ve ever came across . She is simply amazing . I’ve read almost 5 novels of her as every novel of hers carrying a different story whether it’s love , friendship.... Keep writing � � See More
Singh Shital
· November 21, 2017
I cnt express my happiness when i get ewr books in my hand i have like entire collection of book in which ewr books r my bestest treasures. Pls do keep on writing more nd more luv ew�
Ganesh Sampreeth
· November 19, 2017
The Art of writing is not something everyone knows.
Preeti knows how to grab a reader's attention and keep them immersed in her story till the very end.
In love with her stories. Love you Preeti Ma'am!! �