Binh and Josh got found a few more for the list!

Tuesday Night Pre-Storm Session

The sharks are snapping! Ben not only gets his first Sevengill Shark to get his life-list up to 498 species, but also got a Soupfin to make for a great night. Be sure to follow the link and read up on his adventure!

Little soupfin and big sevengill
Fishing has been nuts the past few days and here are some of the catches to prove it. 7 in the last few days with many more lost. Be sure to check out the forums and read up on all the action going on right now as well as Los Angeles waking up the Sevengill's!

Even the OC has been getting in on the action!

The OC Finally Has Something to Report..... (Composite/Late Report)

After months of having the "Quiet Reel" syndrome, Binh finally gets on the board for 2018 with this puppy Sevengill!

First Shark of 2018!

-The only fish that counts toward the ultimate winner is Myliobatis californica… aka the Bat Ray. All other species will only count as individual bragging rights.

-Widest wingspan measured over the top of the Ray (Taut Tape) with corresponding pictures. No loose or flat laying tape on the entire body and wings.


-CPR only (no gaffs or landing tools that cause direct injury to the fish)

- The main area for each county will be picked by the Team Captain and any satellite groups must make sure they post their results by the given time of 11:59pm on March 11th, 2017

-Shore Fishing Only from the Surf or Bay by means of casted baits.

-You can fish in any county you’d like, but the fish you catch will be recorded for the county you caught the fish in. If you are from LA fishing in SD, the bat will count for SD.

-Start time for the event is very dependent on when you want to get out and fish. The opening gun will sound at 6:00am on the day of the tournament and will end at 11:59 that night. This is just the window of time that the tournament will count for any bat rays. This will allow people who work or have prior engagements to get out and participate in the event in a generous time window.

-Photos must be posted by no later than 11:59pm Saturday, March 11th. Any Photos posted later than that time will be disqualified from their entry. (So be VERY time conscience)

-This is a picture/honor system, please no fudging or cheating. A few years ago, the winner won by a half an inch. This made for a great photo finish and great trash talking.

-Everyone is required to have a good time!

To sign up, please respond to this thread with your first name and Team County you will be fishing for. This is a free event and no prizes are given out. It is strictly a chest thumping tournament that allows the winning county bragging rights for a year!

The details on location will be supplied by the team Captains as noted when we get closer to the event.

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Sat 6:00 AM PDTThe California County You Are Fishing In

Things are picking up!
Here Josh shows off one of the two surf sharks he caught on Saturday Night. Follow the link to read up on his adventure!

Double Trouble 2/10/18

It looks like Sasquatch wasn't satisfied with letting his buddy catch the first Sevengill Shark of the year!

Why Be Greedy? 2/3/18

It's been a while since the grinners have shown up on the local beaches, but finally a sign of life!
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Beer and Fishing

In 1942 Walt Disney produced one of the most advanced primers on fishing. It included tips on moon phases, casting technique, and lure selection.


At least there are some sort of "monsters" being caught from the shore!

Personal Best Red Ear (1/20)

It looks like one of the P-Souls had a very white Christmas!

The Tax Man , up close & personal

Have a very Merry Christmas Eve and Christmas everyone! Be safe, and enjoy the holiday week with friends and family. May you also catch one more surf shark before 2017 comes to a close.

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Shark experts say Mary Lee, a great white, could now be 20 feet long and weigh at least 4,000 pounds.

It's no monster by any means, but at least it is a sign of life out there in the surf!

Might Get 2 Asterisks For This One 12/5/17