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Lauren Jaye
· November 2, 2017
Do not consider banking with Premier Members CU. They are incompetent. There is not another way to put it. Their online servicing is from roughly 1990 -- there is no way to pay bills online, there is way to make same-day payments, there is no way to log in and see how much your upcoming payment is, there is no way to set up alerts for due dates or past due payments. Statements are frequently incorrect, i.e. it does not even reflect how much is due each month! Their bankers have nearly no knowledge about their products or services and are very very unfriendly in addition. I cannot recommend strongly enough that you do not consider Premier Members CU for ANY type of mortgage or loan. Literally any other credit union or bank would be a better choice. See More
William Dalton
· January 9, 2018
I would not recommend this place to anyone. They only care about themselves and not there customers. Very rude people and totally unwilling to work with you or even look into refinancing your auro loa...n. This credit union does NOT are about its customers at all o ly how they can benefit for your misfortune. If you are looking for places to get any type of loan please look elsewhere. I believe this place is a joke and in my opinion needs to be investigated or shut down. I will never use them angain and i would not recommend them toanyone. See More
Jean Morrell
· December 16, 2017
They don't bother to call back and they are taking advantage of senior citizens. They don't care how many times you tell them that the account is active, they insist on taking $5 month out. I have ta...lked to these people in June, July, Oct and November. I have asked for call backs. I have been a member since 1980 and they don't care. Don't trust them or use them...they will cheat you See More
Max Sutherburg
· February 17, 2018
I’ve been a customer of BVCU 17 years through good times and bad..... Since the "merger" or as I call it the "hostile take-over" of Boulder Valley Credit Union, I could not be unhappier. I might has w...ell just have walked in off the street. Simple things like getting a return phone call, just don’t happen. Want to pull some cash off a debit card to make a payment on time: 10 bucks! My other credit Unions charge $3. Everything is a hassle now with Premier. The polar opposite of the old Boulder Valley Credit Union that they swallowed and digested...... See More
Tom James
· November 22, 2017
I opened up an account with them years ago for $5 just to use their change machine. Just drove an hour out of my way to use it, to find they closed my account, stole my $5 and wouldn't cash my change.... It was kinda whatever but they guy was rude about it. See More
Keith E. Sears
· September 19, 2017
I have been with this bank for years never defaulted on a payment well over 800 a month. And was told recently they would not even finance 10 dollars with me. Are you serious...... and I have excellen...t credit. I would not recommend this bank to anyone. Horrible representatives. As a matter of fact I am paying off a loan early now so they will collect less interest. See More
Scott Briggs
· June 5, 2017
Horrific customer service is what you get at Premier Members Credit union. I sent a secure message to them and never received a reply to my actual question, just a bunch of back and forth trying to ge...t an answer, then, the idiot that I was dealing with forwarded my information to Autotrek auto broker without my consent.

Thanks for giving my contact information to a third party you jerks. I have zero trust in a business that does that to its customers. I wonder what other personal information you're willing to divulge that I trusted you with, will you sell my social security number to make a buck?
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Jodi Lynn
· March 30, 2018
I cannot wait to close my account here. Nothing but headaches from this “financial institution.” What a joke.
Alec D Bustos
· May 13, 2016
This bank is has good rates yeah, they merged with Boulder yeah. It is absolutely ridiculous that you have to wait 7-9 in the morning on the day your checks post. Other Credit Unions and banks that's... in your account accessible as soon as midnight - 2am. Called to asked why my funds are not available on payday, the phone rep tells me because their is only one person that has to click on a button on every account so people's check post. I think it is ridiculously unfair that any customer has to wait that long for their check. On the phone you hear their phone commercial say, " we always want to improve, let us know how we can do better" who are you suppose to tell? Because any one that phone isn't going to care and pass on that customer complaint to someone who matters. This isn't right. You guys need to improve on that. As soon as my loans are finished I'm closing my account and staying with only one credit union. Public Service Credit Union. They care for everyone. Wish Premier was more like them. See More
Julienne Goldfine
· August 19, 2016
I have an auto loan with you #575374 and have been treated atrociously by your customer services department. I am simply trying to find out the amount of the pay-off that was sent to my prior lender,... First Niagara. First Niagara is telling me they received only $11,123.97 whereas your account represents that I owe you $12,684.00. “Bridget” (I believe her name was) asked my name, address, account number, social security number, date of birth and the car make and model. I gave her all this information. She then asked me the insurance company. I told her Hanover. She said that was not the information she had and so refused to help me or transfer me to a supervisor. I later called back and spoke to an alleged supervisor, Shana. Shana did not ask for any account verification whatsoever. She was, however, completely incapable of answering my simple question, insisting that Premier Members had not funded anything but rather it was Autoloan. She was totally unable to grasp the ideas that in order for there to be a debt between myself and Premier Members, Premier Members would have had to fund either First Niagara direct or Autoloan for them to pay off First Niagara.

Please provide documentary evidence of any transaction by which you allege I owe you $12,684 or any other sum otherwise I shall be forced to conclude I owe you nothing and that the account is a scam. Judging by the lack of knowledge and professionalism of the “customer service” department, I think this scenario is more than likely.
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Bill Robinson
· July 29, 2017
The most unfriendly, unhelpful, unwilling bank I've ever been associated with. My experience: turned down for a car loan (another bank approved it), turned down for a credit card (got an unsecured one... from another bank), unwilling to perform functions over the phone for me when I was disabled. Just plain unwilling to help with rebuilding my credit or with anything, frankly. Just a terrible system all the way around. See More
Douglas E Harrison
· December 5, 2016
This is the worst example of a credit union. Don't risk it it's not worth it. They won't care about you in the least bit. I tried multiple times to correct issues. No luck. They acted as though they d...idn't give a damn. Told me to go elsewhere essentially. Save yourself the frustration and go elsewhere. You will be glad you did. I've been with other credit unions all my life and never been treated like before. It's shocking they are in business. Probably on stolen funds from members. See More
Wade Cameron
· January 29, 2017
We have been with Boulder valley, and treated with care, premier stepped in and all as gone down hill. What we thought was a permanent bank solution for us, is now being searched out for a new experie...nce. What once was a great place is nothing more then a disaster.
Thanks for lying to my wife and kids about releasing my pay check, to end up having to use the credit card for our daughters birthday party. Thanks for being so classy!
This place is a scam!
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Kelsey Gransee
· May 12, 2017
To tell someone they can't transfer money in their account around as many times as they want is the biggest crock of shit. I transfer from my savings, checking and credit card all the time but can onl...y do so, so many times a month especially online without your help is crap! What does me transferring money around in my account have to do with you? See More
Carina Kinsley
· June 18, 2015
I was one of the members that was absorbed by premier members, and especially with this latest merger I feel that this company has gone down hill and fast. I have moved out of state and before I left ...I reached out to member services asking how difficult it would be to live in another state and bank with them. They assured me that I would be well taken care of multiple times. It has now been a year and a half and the trials and tribulations have been extensive. From wait times usually ranging from 15-40 minutes minimum and not one single person manager or otherwise calling me back, to people not fulling exposing the loopholes you have to jump through to have your mail sent to the correct address. Overall a declining company and they are losing not only me as a member but my entire family. See More
Dan Schmatz
· September 8, 2016
So far no good, my mortgage guy referred me to Premier for a Heloc and they dropped the ball completely. At best they failed to communicate with me and based on the information I have they flat out li...ed to me and I have the email documents to prove it. They have till 4pm tomorrow to make it right. I will follow up on this review. See More
Emily Wintenburg Parke
· April 11, 2017
Overall, I've been happy with PMCU over the last 4 years that I've used them for my car loan. However, the last few months have been very frustrating. I've had automatic payments set up for 4 years, b...ut in February when the last payment was supposed to come out of my account, it did not. I had plenty of funds to cover the payment, but some kind of error was occurring. I called PMCU and told them that the payment didn't go through. They told me they weren't sure why the payment didn't go through but to just wait until March to see if it went through. Well, the March payment day came and went and the payment didn't go through. Because my life is busy, I forgot to call until a week or so after the payment was due (which is why I had automatic payments set up in the first place...I knew I'd forget to pay). I called and told them once again the payment fell through. They said they could take the final payment over the phone and I would receive my title in 2-5 weeks. They did inform me there was a $10 convenience fee for paying over the phone, which I willing paid. I was happy to know I'd paid my car off and was excited to get my title. That was until I got a statement in the mail today that stated I owed a late fee for paying my final payment late. I was beyond frustrated! I called PMCU once again and explained the entire situation. I told them that I didn't think I should pay the late fee, but they said there wasn't a way they could remove the fee. Okay, I get that I did pay the bill late, but that was only after I tried to pay it since February. If nothing else, the last customer service rep should have at least told me I owed the late fee the last time I called. Because now, I not only owe a late fee, but ANOTHER $10 convenience fee! I could have mailed in a check, but I really need my title so I went ahead and paid the late fee and convenience fee. I made sure to write down my confirmation number in case they say I still owe money. I don't trust them at this point...This has been very irritating and not the way I wanted to finalize my car payments. See More
Julia McCabe
· August 24, 2017
Seriously need to improve the attitude of the "customer service" representatives. I so miss the friendly service of Boulder Valley Credit Union. It is heartbreaking to see what you have done to our ...neighborhood CU. I'm tired of it all. I applied today for an account at Elevations, expect me to move soon. See More
Rebecca Young
· June 9, 2017
Since the merger with Boulder Valley Credit Union everything has gotten worse. My former CU has dissolved into a monolith of nightmareish burecracy where 18 year old high school graduates answer phone...s and delve into your personal bank history. No longer are there the personal interactions, or knowing anyone by their first name. Bank tellers have no problem in asking you personal questions to verify your account in front of a group of strangers. Convinence has also left. Those of us with long histories with BVCU are left out in the cold. For a long time unable to even deposit a check at a premier location without it being held for days. I just now received my chip-embedded card years after I received one from Elevations. The PMCU system is archaic and impersonal. Go to Elevations. See More
Sydney Bergen
· April 7, 2016
I love banking locally and feel that PMCU has provided me with great care and service in my banking needs! The customer service is not only friendly, but efficient, and I love all that they stand for our community.

I highly recommend Premier Members!
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Kendra Smith Alba
· January 30, 2016
The worst service I have EVER used! It never fails, I go to take care of something on time....and something is wrong on their end. Meaning I now have to stop what I'm doing to try and fix it....again.... The only place I can pay one bill is 45 mins away. I can't just drive home to get something they already have. If you aren't a member yet with this credit union,DONT DO IT! See More
James Mongold
· June 6, 2017
It's faster to type out what this bank does right than it is to type out the VOLUMES AND VOLUMES AND VOLUMES of things that they mangle and get wrong. And also, their workers provide terrible customer... service and are 100% incompetent.
If you choose to bank here - good luck
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Karen Malone Knight
· December 12, 2014
Best banking experience! I chose a Credit Union as they are more secure than some of the major I know my money is secure. I love that they still offer a Holiday Club so you can save a lit...tle or a lot throughout the year to help take some of the stress out of the season. Even though I've relocated to another state, I still do my banking at BVCU, they're that good! Keep up the great work! See More
Emily Swanson
· May 9, 2016
I don't think I could be more disgusted with the service I received today. Nothing has ever gone as planned with your company. I wouldn't recommend using you to my worst enemy.
Emily Lewis
· July 14, 2017
I have had to get help recently in managing a memorial fund and found the staff very helpful and always friendly.
Mike Veeder
· July 2, 2016
Worst service from a bank/CU ever. Always. Never more than two tellers at the Airport Rd location. 10-15 minute wait at the drive-up is the norm. Take your business anywhere else. Trust me.
Pablo Ramirez Luna
· December 5, 2016
I hate the service they offer. All I want to do is make a payment and be on time. Now they charge 10 bucks to process over phone. Online payment option is a disaster. They have to deposite change and have to deposite it back to confirm account before you can actually make the payment. What a bunch of lame bullshit. I hate your service with a passion. See More
Ronald Oringer
· July 23, 2015
Do not put your money in this credit union, they are dishonest and insincere, in there dealing with you. They will use double speak to bust fees, and confuse there customers. Call center people are and bullying. Really use any other credit union in the area. Stay away from this poorly run joke. See More
Daniel Esquer
· July 13, 2017
Kay is the bomb! She is my personal banker and I love this place.
Debbie Livingood
· December 31, 2015
When my son passed away in May, they were very sincere and accomodating to my needs and even sent me condolence in the mail. Never have had any problems with them at all
Mike Crowe
· December 16, 2014
When it comes to banking there are so few real choices, that can be trusted and have demonstrated their commitment many times over. We have our mortgage, personal lines, credit cards, and auto loans ...with BVCU. Professional, pleasant, and genuinely interested in our financial well being. See More
William Garrison
· February 18, 2017
I really miss BVCU. Small, friendly, I really felt like a member. My sympathies go out to the staff of BVCU who now work for a corporate entity with no soul.
Rich Benjamin
· May 8, 2017
The people at the 84th and federal branch suck. The people in longmont also suck. The loans are a joke. If you want to pay off early they still charge you the intrest.....
Clayton B Hurst
· May 17, 2016
Please return the overdraft back to the way it was where it took out whole amounts or at least let the member decide which option they want. I really miss bvcu.
Haley Garyet
· December 19, 2014
I've had an account here since 4th grade, which is now over 20 years ago, and I've always encountered helpful, personal customer service. The mobile deposit feature on the new app is really convenient.
Sarah Lawrence
· May 3, 2017
This place has the best customer service and best hours too. I love them!!
James Steadman
· April 6, 2017
They are a terrible bank and will not work with younger people on vehicle or truck loans.
Renee Perez Johnson
· April 7, 2017
I'm not satisfied at all with this credit union. I have a loan there and they want to charge me to make a payment over the phone.
Chandler Elmore
· May 2, 2016
A local credit union based in Boulder, Colorado that seeks to put member service first and foremost. Every employee truly has the members best interest at heart.
Joe Acheé
· June 3, 2015
Terrible credit union. Horrible customer service. Nothing can ever go smoothly with them. Not to mention they are completely ripping me off. They can just come a repo the fucking car for all I care.