The long haired calico girl has a short tale! She's extra special. She may even have some American Bobtail in her, or Manx.
Heres your sneak peek at the kittens! Our staff takes time out of their busy schedules to spend time with them. Children included! These guys will be super desensitized by the time they find homes. So lets share them and find the perfect family for them. 😍
Sneak peek at the second batch! These little guys are only 4 weeks. More information will be posted as soon as they get closer to be weaned.
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Danielle Petruska
· September 6, 2017
This was the absolute worst vet we had ever been to. We had our dog spayed here through the benches adoption program. When I went to pick up my dog, the lady was very rude and made comments that I mus...t put her in obedience training- we already have done puppy classes and are still working on things. Then they didn't give me any pain medication for her, nor did they tell us we would have to have her sutures removed. As for the incision and sutures, they were poorly done and way too tight. As soon as we got home in the cities, we took her to our vet right away. They agreed the sutures were way to tight and had to give us pain medication and anti-inflammatory medication. This just happened yesterday, and she may have to go under again to redo the sutures. Though benches has been awesome and will refund us for the extra vet costs, I would not ever recommend Premier Vet clinic. Stay away and go to the other vets in Mankato! See More
Pam Bird
· October 2, 2017
I absolutely love this clinic and will make the drive just to see Dr. Swedin. Our poodle was diagnosed with lymes disease by a different vet and due to waiting to do treatment until there was a stron...ger positive result she was having complications. Under Dr. Swedin's care she has gotten much relief and is back to her self! Thank you Premier Veterinary and Dr Swedin. ❤️🐩 See More
Laurie Cederstrom Matson
· June 23, 2015
We had our Chihuahua Mia to the Waseca Clinic several times in her last 2 months of her life. She had End Stage Heart Failure and a Deep Skin infection called a Pyoderma. Dr. Rundquist wanted to Vacc...inate her in her horrible condition!! I could not believe it!!! When her breathing became just about impossible, I called very early on a Monday Morning Jan 2nd 2015 and wanted to rush her in because she was suffering so much and was told there was no Vet there!!! so we had to rush her to the other Clinic in Town to have her Euthanized. Premier never sent a sympathy Card or acknowledged their sympathy regarding Mia at all. It irritated me that for My Mia's last Vet Visit we had to bring her to a strange clinic we had never been to before, but the other clinic was very kind and let us spend as much time with her afterwards as we wanted, we had a private Cremation done and they sent us a nice sympathy Card. The Waseca Location needs a second Vet or an on call one for when Dr. Rundquist has a Dr. Appointment. It is very poorly staffed so due to all of the above I give Premier Vet Center, Waseca, a one star rating. See More
Dena Marie
· April 7, 2015
Love the people here. They care about you and your furry family members. They even call you to check up on your furbabies after surgery to see how they are doing. Keep up the great job all of you!
Nina Finnell
· January 10, 2014
What can I say? I love to go to Premier Vet, it is like seeing family. Dr Nancy has the best attitude and very knowledgeable with the care of my cats. Both of my cats get stellar care since I have b...een bringing them to Dr Nancy and Dr Jim. I am very satisfied and we will continue to be there every year. See More
Rachel Gee
· October 3, 2013
Best care for animals that I have ever seen! Friendly, caring, and compassionate staff and doctors!!!!!! Dr. Greenwald has an incredible talent with animals and her bed side manor towards my pets an...d myself puts me at ease. I know my animals are in the best hands when they are at Premier! That feeling is not something you can put a price tag on... See More
Cassie Reasor
· January 9, 2014
I was a customer of Premier Veterinary Center for several years. I've taken many dogs there with satisfactory results. However the last visit resulted in a hug bill. It was double what I was charged i...n the past. When I complained the Vet would not even come out and talk to me about it. I was forced to pay a HUGE inflated bill. I would NOT recommend the Premier Veterinary Center unless you like to throw money away. See More
Carrie Stedman Pettit
· February 27, 2015
The care and compassion from the staff there is outstanding. They make you feel very welcome and your always greeted by a friendly smile ! Thank you to the Mankato staff !!
Tim Forbrook
· March 20, 2017
They have always taken very good care of my pup. I defenity am going back.
Dean Bambi Wuebker
· January 29, 2014
Thank you for the great care you gave Gimli today! The staff is so informative and caring..
We love the Premier Vet Team!
Shanon Schrader
· March 14, 2016
***DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET OR ANY PET TO PREMIER VETERINARY CENTER – Not Mankato or Waseca*** we took our 14 year old Buddy in for a teeth cleaning. He needed an extraction, which meant being put under ...with anesthesia. My husband picked up Buddy later that day and things seemed normal. The next day Buddy was acting weird. He was uncomfortable, not eating, not drinking, and very lethargic. After reading Buddy’s discharge paper there were instructions stating, “call if the following symptoms occur”. In a panic I called the after hours line and spoke with the vet who said make sure he drinks water (which I said he wasn’t). Then the vet proceeded to tell me, I could bring Buddy into vet clinic early next morning, and maybe he needed more meds. I TRUSTED THE VET and never should have. I knew in my heart something wasn’t right and I didn’t follow my gut. All evening the same symptoms occurred and he didn’t get better. I checked on him 4:30AM, still lethargic. At 6:30AM checked on him again. Buddy had urinated on himself, he couldn’t walk, no movement, but this time labored breathing, HE WAS DYING, and he did, HE DIED. Buddy died of aggressive heart failure and had we taken him to the clinic that evening he could have lived. Now my fur baby is gone.

A few things to note:
When my spouse picked up Buddy the invoice for service surprised him. The Vet charged 850.00 for teeth cleaning and extraction. After looking into this we found out from several reliable sources this was a complete rip off. So now I have a dead fur baby and was ripped off!

The morning Buddy was rushed to the clinic (not Premier), minutes before death, the vet said and I quote “This is very rare and something that would have never happened here”.

Also, I wasn’t made aware of the risks with putting an adult cat under anesthesia. Had I known or been informed I would have brought Buddy home.

The morning Buddy died we called Premier and advised he had passed on. We didn't receive an apology from the vet, not a call back, nothing. My husband spent the next three weeks trying to call vet for some type of compensation for cremation and being over billed. Finally the vet called back and said "we're not in the business of giving refunds".

Please, I’m begging anyone who loves his or her animals DO NOT TAKE THEM TO PREMIER VETERINARY CENTER IN MANKATO OR WASECA. This establishment should be under investigation for poor practice, not only due to my experience, but from several others too. I’m new to the area and had I known better my fur baby would still be here today.
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Everyone managed to find great paths on their new adventure in life. We are excited to be apart of such an amazing story. We wish them luck, and happy lives.

Two months after he was found abandoned inside a hot and filthy home, a golden Labrador named Bandit is training to become a service dog.
Premier Veterinary Center is with Taylor Knuth and 2 others.

Premier Vet Center has a staff favorite in impound right now! Her name is Jenny and she just weened 8 beautiful puppies, who are also looking for family's to adopt them. She has the most amazing temperament and would love for you to come check her out. Adoption fee is an amazing $149! It includes her Spay procedure, Distemper, Rabies, and a round of Deworming. She would do great in any home and the staff would love to see her free from a kennel. Stop on in or give us a call at 507-345-3887.

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Posted by Dogs365

Walking is not only good for your dog, buts its good for you to. Lets make walking your dog a simple step in your daily lives.

Bad leash walking behavior can not only be annoying—it can also be dangerous. Follow these tips to stop your dog from pulling on the leash.

Meet Kanuk! He is a male neutered Siberia Husky. He was surrendered to us because he was an escape artist! But with enough excersice and love, he is a well behaved boy. He is potty trained, and does fairly well on the leash. He is available for adoption and wants a loving home so desperately. Come check him out and even take him for a walk!

Kanuk is dog friendly, but is not cat friendly. Suggest for an active family, with no cats.

Image may contain: dog, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: outdoor and nature
Image may contain: grass, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: grass, dog, outdoor and nature

--CLAIMED-- Female Aussie and/or bordercollie mix with collar and Rabies tag. Tag lead to a dead end for being 10 years out of date. No microchip found. Orange collar. Location found was unknown. Waseca resident housed the dog prior to bringing I to impound on 5/5/17. If this is your dog please contact waseca facility impound at 507-835-7100.

Image may contain: dog and outdoor

Intact male German short hair found with orange collar with no tags or micro chip. Found on 100 block E Elm street waseca. Impounded on 5/17/17 If this is your dog, please contact waseca facility impound at 507-835-7100.

Image may contain: dog

--CLAIMED (both)--Female Pitbull an intact male Blue heeler found together. No tags or micro chip on either dogs. Blue heeler has an orange collar while the Pitbull has a brown collar (individual who found them may have placed collars on them for transport). Impound date was 5/24/17. Picked up on the 400 block on 7th Ave SE waseca. If these or one of them is your dog please contact our waseca facility impound at 507-835-7100.

Image may contain: dog
No automatic alt text available.

If you feel there may be something wrong with your feline friend. Using this litter could help decide if its behavioral or medical.

It keeps tab on your cat's health by changing colors. Sign up below to learn more!

PrettyLitter is odorless and scentless. When in contact with urine, it traps the odor and then eliminates the moisture. With PrettyLitter, you'll never smell your cat's dirty business again.

Its always less stressful for the dog, if you can do this process at home. We are always there to assist you, but knowing how to do it your self may benefit your special pet.

Learn how to clip dog nails and use dog nail clippers safely.

Nail trimming in dogs, called a pedicure, can be done simply if you know how.

We love all family pets that come in. And you as an owner can make our job easier which in turn makes things a lot easier for not only you but your pet. Please read this and try to prepare for your appointment just as you would for your child. Having a smooth exam is more important then you may realize. And making sure you respect there will be other family pets there with different personalities and behavior's.

For the sake of your dog (and yourself), the next time you visit your vet’s office, avoid making these common mistakes.

A trip to the vet’s office can be tense, especially if your pup is sick or hurt, so why add any more stress to the situation?

-- ADOPTED -- Senior female Maltese found in Eagle lake walking the concetta trail alone. Was impounded last night here at Premier located in Mankato. No collar, tags, or micro chip found. She is dirty and scared. If this little girl is yours please contact us to brake her out of jail. 507-345-3887

Image may contain: dog
Image may contain: dog

-- ADOPTED -- Say hello to Tiddle. She is female domestic medium hair. Or in simple terms Shes a gorgeous little black panther looking for a nice perch to snooze on. She was surrendered and also found as a stray. She loves to talk, and is extremely affectionate. Her spay and vaccinations will be done prior to adoption. If your interested in adopting her call or drop in for a visit with her. Your bound to fall in love with her.

Image may contain: cat and indoor
Image may contain: cat
Image may contain: cat
Image may contain: cat

-ADOPTED- Say hello to Mack. He is an intact American bulldog/Pitbull mix. He was surrendered to our clinic and is now in search of a home of his own. He is very shy when meeting new people. Doesn't appear to have dog aggression. Can be tested for cat aggression upon request. Has not messed in his kennel sense being surrendered. He is very quiet. He has not barked more then once while staying with us. It is suggested that he go to a home that has respectful/older children. If you would like to adopt Mack, give us a call or stop in and meet him. Sterilization and vaccinations will be done prior to adoption.

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On Saturday a very special impound was adopted! They named him Charlie.

If your looking for a special friend to add to your family, give us a call and see what we have available. Our adoption prices are aimed towards finding these poor animals homes. So please don't think you won't be able to afford the price. Charlie here was neutered, vaccinated, had his back dew claws removed, and 2 caps done on some broken teeth. All this plus the adoption fee came to a grand total of $2...50.00..

Kitten season and run away dog season is coming up fast. Lets not let them sit in impound and look through bars. Come claim your pet or adopt one that was left! It may change your life for the better.

Premier Vet Staff

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