Why #KMPipeline expansion makes sense environmentally and why many indigenous support it…/why-a-pragmatic-environmen…/

I am a pragmatic environmentalist. I have worked in the environmental field for over twenty-five years. My area of professional expertise is the investigation and remediation of former industrial a…

Don’t ruin it among friends !

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Baby steps that will mire the #MetroVan region in congestion for decades are celebrated as a huge victory…/translink-to-announce-funding-for… Where’s the #UBC subway? Where’s the new #MasseyTunnel ? Where’s a fast rail link to north shore ? Where are congestion fees to vastly reduce car use? Where’s the reduced civil servants salaries & benefits with out of control municipal operating costs? Where are fast ferries like we see in Sydney between various shore points in English Bay and Burrard Inlet?

Baby steps that will do little, if any, in a congested region that expect another 1M people the next 30 years.

Transit riders will see two per cent hike in fares and increased parking fees as TransLink looks to cover a gap in regional funding

More unintended consequences of the poorly thought through “speculation” tax .. for example from Nanaimo which is one of 5 regions included in this tax ( the others being Victoria, MetroVancouver, Fraser Valley and Kelown incl W-Kelowna)

“Suddenly, the development market is freezing up,” Findlater said in an interview. “The banks are not loaning and some developers are being caught in this already. I’m aware of that. Other developers who haven’t built are just putting it all on hold and just waiting for the air to clear.”…/b-c-city-wants-exemption-from-pro…

Communities across British Columbia are speaking out against the province’s proposed speculation tax on real estate, saying the levy could damage their economies. The Regional District of Nanaimo j…

Court winds up majority owned Vancouver West strata in a sensible and expected decision well above assessed value…/judge-rules-vancouver-west-end-co…

A judge has ruled that the sale of a Vancouver West End assembly can proceed despite two holdout owners who believed the sale price was too low and that they were not kept informed during the sale …

As expected, the 2% “speculation” tax rears its ugly head in designated areas, such as West Kelowna. Many unintended consequences with huge negative tax, business, equity and employment implications well beyond the actual tax collected.…/backlash-to-speculation-tax-grows…

The municipality of West Kelowna has joined a growing backlash to the B.C. government’s real estate speculation tax with a demand that it be left out of that tax measure.West Kelowna’s …

Good to see some sane people are still left in Canada with honest opinions ..

He’s not pussyfooting around. He’s not pulling his punches.But then again he’s former Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall.After talking to a sold-out lunchtime business crowd in Calgar…

More #ABGreenShoots Energy sector capacity utilization on the rise again…/the-owl-energy-sector-capacity-utiliza…

The industrial capacity utilization rate is the ratio of an industry's actual output to its estimated potential output. A lower rate suggests more machines and equipment are sitting idle whereas a higher rate indicates less spare capacity in the system.

Economists are well-known for their esoteric and academic terminology. One of the wonkier terms is a popular indicator called the “capacity utilization rate.” Despite what the name suggests, the indicator is remarkably simple.

Me: What's the wifi password?

Barman: You need to buy a drink first.

Me: Okay, I'll have a coke.


Barman: Is Pepsi okay?

Me: Sure. How much is that?

Barman: $5

Me: There you go. So what's the wifi password?

Barman: You need to buy a drink first. No spaces, all lowercase.

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Ocean spills fear misguided .. some facts here…/is-the-trans-mountain-pipeline-re…

Opponents say it’s not just a pipeline, it’s an unprecedented destroyer of worlds that must be stopped at all costs

#SanFrancisco also struggling with high house prices - very similar to #Vancouver. And we think even more taxes will solve it ?…

People are leaving San Francisco in droves because of the insane housing market.

The new BC speculation tax is not well thought through yet. It’s not really a speculation tax. It’s another vacant or non-resident tax.

Many MANY unintended consequences. It will reduce supply immediately in some areas and will affect other businesses living off tourists with second homes. It will shift $s to ag land and will drive up those values dramatically. It will shift $s to cities just outside the boundaries of say Kelowna or Victoria, say Lake District, Sooke or Sydne...y.

In addition it is very easy to circumvent, actually. Since rentals are exempt, why not rent the second home to a family member or friend for a nominal amount, say $100? For foreigners it is very easy to set up a B.C. Corp and pay the non-income tax paying occupants ( say a spouse or a university attending kids ) a nominal income, say $20,000 a year with little income tax. Now it is occupied by a Canadian resident. Or one retired Alberta spouse will declare the golf course condo as the primary residence, pay almost no income tax but now use B.C. healthcare. Huge, unintended consequences, with far less tax money collected as envisioned.

As such, the far FAR better approach would have been to do what US states like WA or TX are doing: eliminate BC provincial income taxes and charge every property more, say 1%, regardless of ownership. Easy to enforce. No cheating. A massive job boom. Renters would have more money in their jeans. It would monetize BC’s golden goose, residential real estate, far far better, more evenly and more just. It would actually create an incentive to work more and not just invest in under-taxed real estate.…/vaughn-palmer-readers-stunned-by-…

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VICTORIA — When the New Democrats launched their tax on real estate speculation last month, Premier John Horgan was adamant about not treating British Columbians as speculators in their …

The Government of Alberta could be losing up to $6.60 on every barrel of Heavy Oil exported to the U.S. equating to annual losses of $7.2 billion in government revenues. New data from
Albertans have reason to feel optimistic about the economy in early 2018. Oil prices have firmed up, the labour market continues to improve and, now, personal bankruptcies are on the decline.

‪With ever more rules to get a mortgage & slightly rising rates we will see more #renters indeed. Add rising immigration, #GenY moving around, long approval cycles, high urban land costs & high building costs rentals will be in higher demand, as retail goes more & more online!‬…/riocan-to-leverage-its-…

The mixed-use communities have the potential for more than 20,000 residences in six major Canadian markets

Don’t buy series A mutual funds through a discount brokerage or self directed online account - and get charged 1.5-2.5% fee for advice you don’t even get !…/regulato…/article38195683/

Adviser commissions are still charged on many mutual funds despite 2017 report that found them unwarranted

Albertans, non BC income tax paying residents and home owners of homes over $3M will be milked to build affordable housing in BC. Affordability will remain weak in BC’s biggest urban areas but NDP voters cheer the socialists’ tax grab…/

BC Budget 2018 was billed to have major investments in housing, and did not disappoint. Indeed, the surprise of the Budget was just how far the BC government went on the demand side through new tax measures to make the property tax system much more progressive, and to discourage out-of-province inve