Anyone want to guess the true Human Lifespan? (Answer to come)

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Did you hear? Sugar Lobbyists in the 60s hired Harvard Scientists to downplay the role of sugar in heart disease. The NYT says these biased reports continue to shape dietary recommendations today.…/how-the-sugar-industry-shifted-bla…

Newly discovered documents show that the sugar industry paid scientists in the 1960s to shape the debate around heart disease, sugar and fat.

It can't be dessert! It has vegetables in it.

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Nest and Glow

Raw Carrot Cake Truffles with Vanilla Bean Icing (Vegan)

FULL RECIPE -…/carrot-cake-truffles-vanilla-b…

What does eating real food look like? It can be Vegetarian, Low-Carb, Low-Fat, Paleo or a modified version of the DASH diet (which relies on packaged foods a little too much). Which diet feels best on you?

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Did you know? Nearly half of U.S. adults have 1 or more chronic diseases that could be prevented, with real food, healthy lifestyle and physical activity -- 2015 Scientific Report for Americans.

Want to change the numbers above? Come join our group, it's free!

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A Gluten Detector ... worth researching for those with Celiac.

Making eating out way easier

Lots of information ... but no need to fit it all in. Find the most compelling topic for you!

Love Inspirational Documentaries? Join us as we unite to uncover the health secrets holding you back from living the life of your dreams. 11 days, 4 mind-blowing documentaries, 4 global health and wellness experts. Nov 20 - 30, 2015

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Back to Day 1 of the Complaint-Free World challenge ...

Made it to Day 3, of the Complaint-Free World challenge from Will Bowen.
Learn more from this inspiring and funny video below.

Will Bowen is a catalyst for personal transformation. He has been featured on "Oprah," NBC's "Today Show," ABC's "World News Tonight," CBS "Sunday Morning," ...

New guide to reduce your toxic load! Regarding no 1 on the list, How to Avoid BPA: There is a list of companies that do not use this when lining canned products. Trader Joe's is one.

Scientists are only beginning to investigate how certain chemicals may interact to contribute to cancer development. But given that we live in a sea of chemicals, it makes sense to begin reducing exposures to ones we know are bad actors.

Do you want to live in a Complaint-Free World?

I have just joined the 21-Day Complaint Free challenge created by Will Bowen. Every time I complain, gossip or criticize, I have to move a purple bracelet (pictured below) to the other wrist and start back at Day 1. I am told it could take 4 to 6 months to reach 21 days of not complaining. Here's the link:

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Perdue chicken factory farmer reaches breaking point and shows consumers what so-called 'natural' and 'humanely raised' chicken really is.

I have been eating sweet potatoes in the morning with egg-kale fritatta. Delish and comforting.

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The Eden Prescription

Sweet Potato Inhibits Colon & Lung Cancer: A protein isolated from sweet potatoes was shown in this study to slow the growth of colon cancer cells by 65% in, and when given to mice it slowed their colon cancer growth by 58%. Remarkably, the extract also inhibited lung tumors by 50% in the same mice. Other lab research has shown that sweet potato also potently inhibits leukemia, lymphoma and liver cancer cells. And in studies on humans, eating this super vegetable (alone or with other foods) has been associated with reducing the risk of kidney cancer by 56%, and gallbladder cancer by 67%, and breast cancer by 30% (when eaten three times weekly). Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of antioxidants like beta-carotene, vitamin C and manganese. Not only do they have a low glycemic index, but they’ve even been shown in a clinical trial to help reduce blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity in adults with type II diabetes! It may even help with weight loss: a new study has just shown that sweet potato actually reduces appetite and food intake (in mice)! So this holiday season try some new sweet potato recipes! They’re great in pie, oven-roasted with herbs and olive oil, boiled and mashed, baked, as stew or as fries. And alkalizing diet fans take note: sweet potatoes have 160% the alkalizing power of pure lemon juice!
#SweetPotato #ColonCancer #LungCancer #Diabetes

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MAE Farm and I will be sharing healthy, kid-friendly snacks between 2pm and 5pm, Tue September 23.

Help your children avoid hidden sugar and processed food!

Stop by and see us. It's free!

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A gift from Heart Math Institute

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HeartMath Institute

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Helen Keller once wrote, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor even touched, but just felt in the heart.” Her words have always rung true for me but have grown in meaning as I’ve been become more aware of and interested in the scientific research emerging about he