Princess Battles

Princess Battles is now available on Steam!

What's new in the Steam edition:
•Steam achievements (including 6 completely new ones)
•Steam trading cards...
•extra stories unlock after certain endings
•updated graphics
•a new unlockable minigame
•some new NPCs
•minor bug fixes and improvements
•A mac version is now available
•(a German version of the game will be available soon)
* Note: the promo video still features the old graphics.

If you have previously purchased the non-Steam version of Princess Battles from our website, please email support at nekomuragames .com with your receipt / order information and we will send you a Steam key.

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If you've ever wondered what happens after *spoiler*, *spoiler*, *spoiler* or *spoiler*, the Steam edition has you covered!

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Ignatius gets some extra time in the Steam version.

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The Steam edition will be out sometime next month and will include Steam features like achievements and trading cards, but also more stories, updated graphics, the German translation, and some other tweaks.

We will be posting more updates soon!

Princess Battles has been Greenlit and will be released on Steam soon. We intend to add some additional content to the Steam version. So, here's a question: what additional content would you like to see in Princess Battles?

Princess Battles updated their cover photo.
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The princess Battles website is currently undergoing a reconstruction. Sorry for the inconvenience! You can still buy the game at or download the demo from…/princess-battles-demo-ins…

If you would prefer to order by telephone, please contact BMT Micro with the product details at: US-Canada (Toll Free): 800-414-4268 International: 910-792-9100 You can also visit our Ordering Options page for other ordering options or contact us directly at

A question for everyone who played princess Battles:
What was your favorite ending?

If you like Princess Battles, you can link to the official site using these banners:
Thank you for your support!

Princess Battles, a card battle / romance game.

Princess Battles now has a free demo!
You can download it from the main page: (the link is right under the video)

A game with romance and card battles.

A Walkthrough and FAQ for Princess Battles are now available here:…/75-princess-battles-walkthroug…

Otome Games in English - GxB Romance Games for Girls.

Princess Battles is out! You can buy the game from the official website:

A game with romance and card battles.

The final version of Princess Battles is now available for those who preordered! (Everybody else can buy it next week).

It contains new CGS, Free Play mode that unlocks after you beat the game and a new help system. If you preordered, all you need to do to play the latest version is re-download from the link in the original confirmation email and re-install.

Note: the game still contains a few typos since we're waiting for the final edit.

Princess battles pre-orders will be closing this Wednesday. So if you want to catch the pre-order discount and the special wallpapers, now would be a good time! The final version will be released towards the end of the month.

Princess Battles, a card battle / romance game.
We are putting the final touches on Princess Battles. The in-game gallery was enlarged with 4 new CGs! One of them is a new, special ending. The game now also has a proper in-game help system. No more...