My mushrooming buddy. #minimycologist #falseturkeytail
Good clean fun.
Elijah and his papa try their first ripe pawpaw! It was a magical and sticky experience.

I'm dying to do what Eddy Garcia does with my gardens and swimming pool! Amazing, right Matt Powers?

Episode 1 features Eddy Garcia of Living Earth Systems and his brilliant solutions to our environmental crisis. Learn about worms that eat styrofoam, elegant backyard…

Unidentified bracket fungus. Anyone recognize this.

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Rainscaping is any combination of plantings, water features, catch basins, permeable pavement and other activities that manage stormwater as close as possible to where it falls, rather than moving it someplace else. In addition to rain gardens and bioswales, a diverse landscape that includes trees,....
Soil health determines plant health, animal health, human health, ecosystem health, and even the health of the economy - we can’t say this enough! Unfortunately, most of our farming practices damage the health of the…

Check out our latest post and learn more about permaculture zones!

Many permaculture enthusiasts choose to design their garden and property based on a zone system. The premise of this system is to layout your property in as
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@greshendo getting his mycelial inoculation on at @carversvillefarmfoundation

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Inoculating shiitake mushroom logs at @carversvillefarmfoundation with @greshendo.
#sporulate #runmyceliumrun

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Great article, terrible headline.

I was enthralled to read the entire article, because it nearly completely describes my work, the work of my friends, and so m...any people I have come across in the last number of years.

I have traveled the countryside and I can categorically affirm (as I often do) there are two types of people involved in food, who to the unconscious person are engaged in the same activity (hence my statement about this terrible headline).

More technology or more ecology?

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Humanity has 30 years to find out.


Raptors, including the whistling kite, are intentionally spreading grass fires in northern Australia, a research paper argues. The reason: to flush out prey and feast

"The more complex and diverse communities become, the fewer the fluctuations in numbers within populations of species, and the more stable the communities tend to be. As the number of species increases, so does the web of interdependencies among them..."

- from Holistic Management: A Commonsense Revolution to Restore Our Environment, by Allan Savory and Jody Butterfield

I'm thoroughly enjoying the latest edition of this book, and eager to incorporate its insights.

Holistic Management, Third Edition A Commonsense Revolution to Restore Our Environment552 pages6 x 9One 12-page color insert, 67 photos, 40 illustrationsAllan Savory with Jody Butterfield Hardcover$80.00ISBN: 9781610917421Pub Date: November 2016Add to Cart Paperback$35.00ISBN: 9781610917438Pub Da...

The warm sunny weather this January week provides a great opportunity to get winter pruning done! Just be sure to research how and when your particular plants should be pruned.

Microbes and root systems create a cozy ecosystem amid the icy earth.

The National Young Farmers Coalition just released a new guidebook to help #youngfarmers across the country understand and access #FSALoans!

A new guidebook to help farmers and ranchers navigate the complex opportunities of FSA loans.