Another app in my series on handwriting apps for the #ApplePencil . I took a look at @NotabilityApp . Great app to organize your loose notes, PDFs, and even audio recordings. #iPad #iPadPro #Productivity

I review another popular competitor in the list of note-taking apps for the iPad. It can do note taking, audio recordings, and more. But can it con...

Just updated my discussion on how to choose the right tools for #todo and #gtd over at #productivity


My third in-depth review in a series of #ApplePencil apps for the #iPad: GoodNotes 4 can search handwritten notebooks using #OCR #Productivity #iPadPro #Apps

When moving to paperless, one goal is to have indexable documents. In GoodNotes, handwriting detection is implicit, creating searchable notebooks.

MLO 5 for Windows came to public beta. I've been in closed beta for a couple of month. MLO 4 is already a great app, and with the new major release it gets even better.

I wrote a review on the current version: . It'll get updated when MLO 5 Final hits the shelves.

Good news: MyLifeOrganized 5 public beta is out!
Explore the new features and long-awaited redesign that make MLO even more effective and convenient in usage.... Details in blog:…/mylifeorganized-5-new-ui-…
Feel free to share your thoughts on the MLO5 features, your feedback is always welcome!

The MyLifeOrganized team
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Today we are sincerely pleased to be introducing the long-awaited redesign and feature update of our main flagman — MLO task organizer for ...

My second review in a series of #ApplePencil apps for the #iPad: in @Flexcil you can annotate PDFs and notebooks at once using an overlay UI. #Productivity #iPadPro #Apps

Another application in the stream of note-taking apps, but it comes with something novel. Flexcil allows for working on multiple documents with an ...

I took an in-depth look at the #iPad note-taking app @Noteshelf 2. Great #ApplePencil app with lots of features: Multiple brush styles, auto-publish to Evernote, etc. #Productivity #iPadPro

There are plenty handwriting tools for the iPad and the Apple Pencil. Today, we take a look at Noteshelf 2, can it compete or find its niche?

For people new to the #iPad ecosystem. I wrote a comparison of my favorite five #ApplePencil apps for productivity: Handwritten notes, annotating PDFs, etc. #Productivity

The Apple Pencil opens the door to digital annotation and handwritten notes. We will look at five options for different use cases in productivity.

Got a new #iPad 9.7? I wrote an overview of recommended productivity- and work-related apps for the iPad. #productivity

The iPad is a great tool for entertainment and playing games. But can the iPad excel for productivity purposes and as a work companion?

When planning your schedules, keep in mind the importance of sleep. For your body, and for your productivity. #LifeHacks #Productivity #Entrepreneur

A crucial factor is sleep. If not well rested, working will feel hard. Try to improve your productivity by having a good sleeping hygiene.

Do you struggle with the amount of e-mail you get? Setting up manual custom rules can help, but is rather cumbersome. We look into the service SaneBox which does machine learned e-mail rules. #Productivity #LifeHacks #Entrepreneur is reviewing SaneBox, a service which automates email rules. To minimize disturbance, it moves unimportant emails into other folders.

Automate your workflows and skip unnecessary repeating steps. Then, you'll have more juice left for the real work. #GTD #Productivity #LifeHacks

A variety of productivity apps cause noise. People get busier with handling their workflows than handling their work. How to avoid this? Automation.

There are dozens of sources where information comes into your life: E-mails, Colleagues, Tickets, News streams. Bundle them into a central inbox to avoid losing track of things. #GTD #GettingThingsDone #Productivity

Minimizing the number of inboxes to keep track of the important things. With keeping inboxes tidy, we can reduce stress and avoid tasks slipping through.

Task management gets weird and messy if there is no clean structure. Think about which tasks to add, which projects they belong to and how to organize them. #GTD #GettingThingsDone #Productivity

After creating the habit of using task lists, it is hard to get a good structure. Where to start when setting up tasks, sub-tasks, and projects?

Many people feel the need to overdo work. However, food, sports, sleep, and a good work-life balance are as equal important to productivity as tools. #GTD #GettingThingsDone #Productivity

Many people like to work. However, food, sports, sleep, and a work-life balance. All these things are as equal important to productivity as tools.

Profit from using task management to organize and remember long-term commitments like rare maintenance tasks and other things which are often forgotten. #GTD #GettingThingsDone #Productivity #LifeHacks

Sometimes, there are tasks which are rare or only relevant in the long term, but still important – even in daily life outside of work. For example, home maintenance: Spring cleaning, washing curtains…

Things 3 is the third iteration of the popular task management app. With a new interface and redesigned workflow, can it hold up to its high expectations? #Productivity #GTD #GettingThingsDone

Things 3 is the third iteration of the popular task management app. With a new interface and redesigned workflow, can it hold up to its high expectations?

The Inbox folder in task management apps should be a central pillar of your daily workflows. Capture everything important going through your head! #GettingThingsDone #Productivity #GTD

When working with a task management, one will quickly notice a folder called “Inbox.” What is it for? Why not enter tasks into the right projects directly?

We checked out an underdog in task management apps: GTDNext. Fully focusing on GTD workflows with a portable web-interface. Check out our in-depth review. #GTD #GettingThingsDone #ProductivityTips #Productivity

GTDNext is one of the niche apps for task management. As the name already suggests, it is tailored to Getting Things Done – but can it keep its promises?