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Veeknaya Veena
· February 6, 2018
These 5 start I dedicated to the excellent customer service and professionalism by one of the staff Ms.Eileen at City Square JB branch of Seen. Ms.Eileen who have been professional, helpful , friendl...y and knowledgeable about what they selling. I collect my spect yesterday and its perfect as they promised and I'm really happy with their service. See More
Chin Ng
· August 19, 2017
This 5 star is dedicated to Ivy Wong from Seen, One Utama branch. I would like to thank Seen for having her! I will say her professionalism is freaking on point! What I'm overly satisfied and blown aw...ay by was during and after the eye exam, and after I got my specs. She's really good! My eyes never felt so great and relax in 16 years of my life until 20/8/2017! And her giving me knowledges on my eyes and lens was great! Excellent service, wonderful to talk to, amazing dexterity, I will definitely say she really knows what she's doing. I'm an overly satisfied and happy customer of Ivy Wong, and the 1.4k was freaking worth it! She is now marked as my #1 optometrist to go to! See More
Eugene Wong
· August 10, 2017
Something is wrong with the quality of the product they sell. I bought a Masunaga frame from their Sunway branch and within a month it broke at one end of the bridge while I was cleaning it. Managed get a new pair replaced after making a huge fuss. Now 1.5 years later, it broke again at the bridge of the glasses while I was cleaning with water. I've been wearing glasses for more than 20 years and I've never broken a single pair of glasses, and have definitely not encountered any glasses that break in the middle while cleaning it. Even though it's a "high end" shop with expensive brands, the product quality is really poor. See More
Hasan Athirah
· September 29, 2017
I am the one who ask you to fix my spectacle in nu sentral. If you can't just say sorry. No need to say kalau patah i tak nak tanggung.
WeiEe Tam
· May 27, 2017
No doubt more terrible experience with this eyewear store Pro Eyes-SEEN Avenue K!
Got a expensive pair of lens recommended by their staff, then nightmare begins. Within a year has sent back warranty f...or the 4th times due to defects like incorrect focal point and protection coating cracks. Worst part is on the last visit they have broken my TAGHeuer frame which made the side rubber came off. They blamed it on the supplier but did not admit own fault not checking quality of supplier's work. At the same time did not compensate on my loss which they claimed customer to bear our own risks when purchase and get their services. Forced to absorb own loss. Now again lens coating crack after few months of previous warranty. Imagine the trouble and hassle keep follow up and collect the fixed lens, and day to day trouble no glasses to wear..
Really disappointed with the product and services ironically they are the high end eyewear company. Have no idea what happened to this company, suppliers and product they use. Will not come back to this store and definitely not recommended to anyone!
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Ilhaam A. Ali
· November 16, 2017
These 5 stars are dedicated to the excellent customer care and professionalism by the staff at Suria KLCC branch of Seen, in particular Mr Jacky and Mr Zain who have been professional, helpful, and kn...owledgeable about what they sell. See More
Maria Kuhn
· March 29, 2016
One of the worst experiences to get a pair of good lenses for my glasses and contact lenses.

Firstly it took them more a month to get my contact lenses - I received a trial pair after that one month... only - and had to continue to wait. At the end I received them - I think I waited a total of 6 weeks or more. Just to compare: I recently purchased the same kind of contact lenses in a different store and received it in 5 DAYS. And this shop is in Labuan, not a big city compared to a store in KL.
The worst is coming though ... after 7 months of owning my new lenses for my glasses, they started to have cracks on them. So I went back and asked what's that: they told me that the protection layer of my lenses is crackling. So I asked them to fix it because the lenses aren't even a year old and it wasn't cheap let me tell you that. The shop then declined my request of replacement and accused me that it is my fault of the cracked protection layer - because I was outside in the sun too often. I am sorry but this is a joke, I spent a normal amount of time outside - have been living in hot and sunny countries for the past 8 years and never ever had my lenses of my glasses cracked of some sort of protection layer.
So, this is my story with SEEN Avenue K ... I do NOT recommend this shop at all. Go elsewhere to get your glasses and/or contact lenses. Poor service, for me waste of money for a good pair of lenses and waste of time.
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Ray Lim
· March 7, 2016
i have bought Katsu KAT14002 with the super lens and cost me RM930.00 nearly 1K per specs but the lens work very smooth and i am very happy on that. However specs screw always got problem and i may ne...ed to go to the shop more than 2-3 times to fix it this problem. Until now still haven't settle it.... See More
Moon Choong
· January 23, 2015
One of the worst experience trying to get a pair of good glasses IN MY LIFE!!!

I've been wearing glasses for 20 years and I do know what differentiates good and bad glasses, recently I've gotten a of prescription glasses from ProEyes studio Time Square and it is where my nightmare begins...

I bought an Ic! Berlin, Nikon Lens (same brand of glasses and lens with same power that I'm currently using) on 3rd Jan 2015 and it is ready by 8th. I collected it on 10th during my day off and left. However I immediately notice that the lens is too loose once I reached home due to the lens is slightly smaller than the frame, besides, I noticed that the right temple of the frame is seriously deformed.

It is being returned to the shop on 11th and I've shown the existing pair of glasses with good lens cutting and adjustment that I'm currently wearing as example (from ProEyes studio 1utama a year ago). The quality is so good that it still looks like day one, this is the main reason I'm getting another pair of glasses with same brand from ProEyes. When I returned the glasses, the storekeepers admitted that the lenses are loose but didn't offer to rectify the issue until the very end when I asked and did lots of bad adjustments trying to rectify it.

The glasses was left to have the lens replaced for another week until it is ready to be collected on 20th Jan. When I went over to collect it again, the lenses are tight but the cutting is still bad due to large gap. I didn't mind too much about that until that night I noticed that the lens being replaced is significantly larger that the other side, hence it is no longer loose, the right temple is still seriously deformed.

Due to the unique structure of an Ic! Berlin frame, the locker near the lens is obviously de-shaped, this is because the lens is too big for the frame!!! How can no one from the lenses factory to the store keepers who deal with frame and lenses EVERYDAY notice it before delivering a defected goods to customer for the second time???

Most importantly when they replaced the right lens, they didn't take my pupillary distance measurements and causes me to suffer from eye sore and headache for two days.

I've spent lots of money on two pair of glasses and three set of Nikon lenses in ProEyes studio. This is my third pair, and might be the last pair due to the deteriorating quality of products. Please provide full refund to me as I do not want to visit your store for the 6th time for the same pair of defect glasses.
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Stella Kt
· January 12, 2018
Bad service for mytown manager!
Ashlin Fong
· June 21, 2016
WORST after sales service!

Bought a pair of Dior sunglasses from Seen Optical 1 Utama in Feb 2015. After a few months, the lens on one side started to fade. Brought it back to the shop and the store ...manager gave the most ridiculous excuses:

- "we have never had such a problem from our customer before"
- "people nowadays change sunglasses after 6 mths"

After that, they reluctantly agreed to get it fixed. It took close to 3 months before they called to say the repair is done and to collect the sunglasses.

Was shocked when I saw the item. It was such a shoddy repair job that despite the lens replaced, it was so ill fitted that part of the lens was curved out of the frame and the raw edge of the lens could be seen. The shop manager said "that's not an issue & it looks ok" when I pointed out the flaws. He instead said "if you want to be so FUSSY, then we can send it back to the supplier to fix again. But have to wait another 3 months".

Paid good money for the item, only to get a defected product, lousy after sales service and to be called fussy? I insisted for it to be repaired properly.

After yet another 3 months, the shop called to collect the "repaired" sunglasses. This time it was worse as i could see the glue in the slot of the frame where the lens should sit! The lens was so badly fitted and when i pointed out the flaws, the shop manager said "there's nothing wrong with it and it cannot be seen from the front so it is fine".

The shop manager continued to push the blame to their suppliers quoting Luxottica for the bad repairs "as they are a big company and do not bother with complaints". The shop manager said there's nothing that can be done unless i want to be fussy and send it back again.

I am terribly disappointed with Seen Optical in 1 Utama and their horrible after sales service and ethics. I’ve been a loyal customer for more than 7 years and have bought several pairs of specs, sunglasses, contact lens from them back when they were known as ProEyes Studio and never had a problem until now.

Shame on you for such poor service. Your products are not cheap and your shifting blame on others is appalling.

Never been so disappointed in service and would NOT recommend Seen Optical unless you like being insulted and wasting money.

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Aniza Rahayu Zulkifli
· June 26, 2016
Very poor customer service at Setia City Mall. They said its NOT THEIR PROBLEM that my Staffan Preutz is broken at the joint when previously got it fixed a few times!
Greg McHugh
· March 1, 2015
My wife and I experienced exceptional customer service from Ling, Orange and the team at the Sunway Pyramid store. Very friendly and patient as we took time to settle on the frames and lenses we want...ed. Thank you! See More
Yusoff Iskandar
· August 9, 2014
The staffs at the avenue K store are so warm and friendly, felt so at ease as a customer trying out different styles..great range of brands too and attractive discounts!! Worth a trip
Ho Pui Tiong
· March 30, 2017
Cheating people...................................
Vincent Yeoh
· November 21, 2014
Enjoyed with the staff here, good service for sure. Will visit again! :)
Sunny Choi
· January 2, 2015
Good Optical shop for new comers
Fikry Samuri
· October 19, 2013
They always have the best price
Abdul Mu'iz Lee Moo Eez Narudin
· September 16, 2014
Proeyes Times Square is my official eyes studio ^_^
Nsy Ng Shin Yee
· July 26, 2016
Poor Customer Service!!