No child deserves to be martyred like this.…/gop-congressman-insists-parents…/

Republican Rep. Raul Labrador is the only top candidate for Idaho governor who believes the state should keep its controversial “faith healing” protections. Parents who deny medical care to their children cannot be charged under the state’s current religious exemption, even if the children die...
According to documents, the incident was not reported to police until East's current principal, John Youngquist, shared the allegations with a school resource officer.
Olympic gold medalist McKayla Maroney on Tuesday criticized USA Gymnastics, the U.S. Olympic Committee and Michigan State University in her first public comments since coming forward with allegations that she was sexually abused by Larry Nassar.

Pure propaganda trying to triangulate parishioners against victims. Sick…/worshippers-donations-pay-for-buf…/

To compensate sex abuse victims, Bishop Malone said the diocese will rely on insurance coverage, investment reserves and the possible sale o

Felder disastrous for kids in own community Fights education and Child Victims Act. Shameful #childusa. #SOLreform. #yaffed…/im-a-hasidic-father-and-my-community…/

Is the Talmudic wisdom we teach enough to allow paupers to create bread from the ink of ancient texts?

April Is Child Abuse Prevention and Sexual Assault Awareness Month


There is no better way to prevent child sex assault than by empowering the victims through access to justice. That means eliminating the statute of limitations for every victim.


Help CHILD USA continue to track the SOLs, educate the public, and lead the way to child sex abuse SOL reform by making a donation during the month of April.

You can make a difference

#childusa #coreyfeldman #SOLreform

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A constructive contribution to the inevitable discussion about sex misconduct today.…/listen-solution-sex-abuse-hara…

The list keeps growing of powerful men accused of sexual abuse, assault, or harassment. In historical order, just to name the headliners, Bill...

Facts matter. This is a war on predators. Pastors will regret choosing a predator over kids and women.

Despite allegations of sexual misconduct against Senate candidate Roy Moore, many pastors in Alabama and other states in the Southeast are sticking...

Justice needs to catch up to disclosures.

At the crux of Powers-Barnhard’s suit is the claim that the AAU still allows Butler to coach volleyball at AAU events.

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Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely

There’s been a lot said about Roy Moore, the Christian, gun-toting hothead of Alabama who recently won the US Senate primary and was accused of...

Moore is the rotting core of the self-righteous who value power over the vulnerable every time. Despicable.

One woman said that just before or after her 18th birthday she and Moore, then 30, went on a date that ended with him giving her what she called a...

This victim shaming is despicable.

An 18-year-old Brooklyn man repeatedly raped a pre-teen member of his extended family, police sources said.

A vote for Moore is a deal with the devil for R’s. Ask the bishops how that plays out.

The Republican Party is split about whether Alabama's GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore should stay or go following accusations by four women who said he pursued romantic or sexual relationships with them when they were teenagers and he was in his 30s. The immediate future of their party rides on that…

So prosecutors thought it weird but didn’t turn him in? That’s on them.

"We wondered why someone his age would hang out at high school football games and the mall," former Deputy District Attorney Teresa Jones told CNN