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Yogesh Upadhyay
· February 27, 2018
After a long time I have had this fantastic pizza. In Malaysia it's the first.

I am actually surprised at the ratings and I also skimmed through a few reviews. As voracious one can be but to put tog...ether a pizza with this finesse is not easy. This is a serious pizza place.

I will keep coming here....job well done Proof team.
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Jeff Walmsley
· October 24, 2017
We had a lovely dinner at Proof Pizza last night. We were a party of four and ordered four of the smaller 8 inch pizza's. I am always looking for a great pizza and have tried many places in KL over th...e years. I have to say that the pizza at Proof Pizza was as good as I have had anywhere in the world and in my opinion the best in Kuala Lumpur. The ingredients were all amazing and it's obvious that they have not cut any corners!. Particularly noteworthy was the dough/crust - gorgeous and slightly chewy. I will definitely be back often!.

Please all should be aware that they have two seating's each night - I believe from 6-8pm and again from 8pm to 10pm. Not a problem at all but just be sure you arrive in time and finish in the two hour window. There place is smallish and packed so I can appreciate the idea of two seating's per evening. I have seen some posts where people aren't too happy about this but I don't think that's very fair as their policy is clear. You will love their pizza!! two thumbs up! Just come (and leave) on time!
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Zal Arji
· December 30, 2017
The pizza 🍕 was great but the customer service really sucks big time here.

This is my experience .. We had dinner booked at 6.00pm session .. I came in with my friends .. And asked to be seated at 5....48pm .. But the operation manager, a lady, was rude enough to ask me to wait outside only to be seated at 6.00pm .. And she wasn’t even looking at me when she shoved me away .. How rude was that .. Then when I came back at 5.58pm .. She was not very forthcoming to invite us in until she saw my other foreign friends @ Americans .. And I would say this is a borderline racism .. Honestly, do we still get this kind of double standards when it come to customer service for a local Malaysian (I am a steak skinned Malay guy) vs a foreign Caucasians .. And they could have made some money from my Americans friends from serving them with pre dinner drinks.
But I must say the pizza 🍕was good but with that kind of service we won’t be coming back again.
The waiters are friendly enough though but when your operation manage behaves like a ‘biatch’ it’s hard to survive further.
But then again if you rely of foreigners as your customer base by giving double standard service .. Then they might be able to survive a bit longer .. But for how long I wonder.
I definitely won’t be coming back and will not recommend this place to my friends and my foreign friends.
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Nick Freyer
· March 2, 2018
The dough is devine and toppings equally so - the truffle, four cheese and margarita were each wonderful. Seeing the double wood fired ovens in full swing reinforce the wonderful experience.
Lee Siew Fang
· February 28, 2018
I must say the pizza was great. But it was the first time, tonight, that I have been to a restaurant; and half way through the dinner, when I wanted to use the washroom, was told there was no water he...nce the washroom is closed to everyone. When I complained, the staff said it was APW’s issue. To me, it is very simple. Proof Pizza MUST provide basic amenities to their patrons, dont push the blame to APW, that’s not acceptable. How can you allow your patrons to sit through a dinner without being able to use the washroom ? No matter how good your pizzas are, I think it would be the first and the last time I will be at your place.
I would suggest in future that anyone who books the place for dinner, should also ask if the washrooms can be used that day.
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Jess Sum
· September 18, 2017
Customer service is one of the big thing in service line. So if you are expecting to be a highly rated restaurant why not train them to have a smile on face, at least?

Food was overall fairly good. ...But we encounter there is one tiny steel thread in the pizza. We guessed that might be the washing sponge thingy. Told the waiter and he just smile and answer "oh is it"?

We can call up the authority to check on your restaurant handling in terms of hygiene and the process of food but we did not. I hope you can have a spot check on everything before something bad happen. Ambiance was good because of the decor. One time off and no next time.
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Steven Khoo
· November 24, 2017
Not my piece of Pizza, oven was not sufficiently hot when it was baked. The centre was soaked...crust was poor....fortunately the flavour was ok. Could have done better for a pizzeria....a specialist shop.
Tsze Tsze Chin
· November 17, 2017
The pizzas we had, especially the Umbrian Truffle, is UHMAYZING! Great pizza crust and generous toppings! Was a little hard to catch the wait staff’s attention and it is a little pricey but the taste ...and food quality is excellent. See More
TzeAnn Lim
· December 29, 2017
Lousy customer service & will not own up to their own mistakes when we had solid evidence.

We FB messaged Proof for a table with a request of the "wine cupboard" behind the table as it is a party an...d they agreed to it (if not, we would have chosen another restaurant).

Came in 15 mins earlier to organise the seating arrangements only to find out that the table is behind a wine painting and instead spent the next 20 mins hoping that they'll change, however excuses such as, "Ma’am, I worked in F&B for 10 years, I know better than you", were brought up and that the message we sent had a typo as it stated "wine cardboard" which the manager who worked in F&B for 10 years pointed out.

However, how does a "wine cardboard" = "wine painting" & Proof did not clarify the message before allocating us the table with the "wine cardboard" behind?

We asked the manager if he will admit that it is their fault and he said, "NO, we will not". We then asked if he will compensate, which he said "NO" as well.

Unfortunately, we had to eat there as we could not change venue last minute as we had 16 guests. The food was not exceptional (esp for the price).
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Roberto Guerra
· September 30, 2017
I went there to try the Pizza and I was quite disappointed. All 12 pizza we ordered were burnt on the crust, taste so so + the tables outside are very very small and uncomfortable and bill arrived bef...ore we could even finish eating ( basically they asked us to leave the tables) . Prices are reasonable, service is good. See More
Wen Kim
· February 28, 2018
I can't wait to see what's next on the menu!! The pizza is sooooo good.. and keep up with the great service!
Cynthia Lim
· December 30, 2017
Requested on a specific seat arrangement for a birthday dinner and was promised by the restaurant however was shocked to be given a total different arrangement instead. Rearrangement of tables and an ...apology would suffice however management justtttt REFUSED to do so and responded with "I have 10 years of experience in this industry" implying that he knows much better than us customers. ?????????
WORST customer service and management EVER. Oh wells, You and your ego won't take you far anyways.
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Cynthia Anne Chew
· September 14, 2017
Everything was good, but . . . I have high expectation for their truffle pizza. It was too dry and to be honest it doesn't taste very truffle-ty..
And there is a surcharge for some truffle shavings o...n top, which can buy you another pizza. Ah well ... See More
Jean Lim
· December 29, 2017
Received the worst experience worldwide in this very place. Horrible management. Very rude, very inflexible, and all (management and boss) have an inability to simply apologise. We did not receive wha...t was promised. When we arrived, the MANAGEMENT spent 20 solid minutes ARGUING with us, we only put a stop to it as my guest arrived.

I ordered three smoked beef pizzas to receive pizza with only three small slices of beef each as well. No value for money here.
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Suzanne Lazaroo
· September 28, 2017
I made the lunchtime discovery that pizza can be so much more than the sum of its parts today - and was tempted to come back for dinner. Loved the pizzas and adored the pear and mesclun salad. You'll seeing me again quite soon. See More
Yue Jing Ho
· August 15, 2017
This place is deserving of 5 stars, great shop. But a good pizza joint (anywhere in the world) in my opinion should be judged based on how well the most basic dish is done - Margherita.
I find that i...t is an insult to such a beautiful and simple dish that it is not served with fresh (but dried) basil. It just doesn't cut it. I would even gladly pay RM5 more (and come back over and over again) if you took the effort to dress a few leaves of fresh basil, how hard can that be? (Just knock on your neighbour's door mate, they grow heaps of fresh basil in the garden, literally right behind your shop)

It is a shame that you use great quality ingredients (flour, cheese, tomato) yet you are willing to forgo fresh herbs. Honestly, your efforts are wasted.

Until this place starts to use fresh basil I will not recommend people to try it (Margherita) and definitely wouldn't return.
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Kendrick Cheong
· December 30, 2017
Great place to be at if you’d wanna be treated like dirt with their horrible customer service. Ignorant management with 0, ZERO service attitude. Esp the Chinese dude with the specs, KUDOS to you for ...ruining your patrons experience. Here’s a thumbs up for you � See More
Jane Brinkers
· July 30, 2017
This is my second time back here in July. Each time I find the food is fantastic. My husband and I have been in KL for many years and this is by far the best Pizzas we have ever had in KL.
The porti...on sizes I felt where generous and the pizza's themselves very tasty and you can tell they are using fresh and expensive produce to achieve this. The Truffle pizza is a stand out favourite for me. The prices are also really reasonable when you compare them to other pizza places in the Bangsar area.

Being the best place in KL for Pizza it is really really important to book during busy times (for dinner and also during the weekend)

Really wonderful hidden gem of a place in KL - will be back again soon!!
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Lemon Kar
· September 2, 2017
First off,the truffle pizza is simply UH-MAHZING. It truly is the highlight of this restaurant but the other pizzas are also gosh darn delicious, definitely the BEST pizza in KL. The ambience is beaut...iful and the service was great! I was a bit hesitant to come here because of the mixed reviews (mostly abt the service), but I was pleasantly surprised as the staff was polite and very helpful. Definitely recommend this place for the pizza lovers out there, also try the dessert wine if you like something sweet with your meal :) See More
Chua Chong Hwee
· June 30, 2017
Did I find a meal out relaxing, or did I leave annoyed? Unfortunately, my experience this evening was the latter. We (4 pax) were seated on the upper deck. We wanted to order a bottle of wine in the m...iddle of the dinner (at 7:30pm), but the nostril piercing "time-keeper waitress" kept looking at her watch, hinting that we should leave the place on time.
I've read through other patrons' comment too, and now I understand that I'm not alone.
I will never return unless your haughty staff improve the service level, be more courteous, and not acting snobbish.
You should know how bad that would be for your business after you've treated badly one customer after another. Not only you'll lose that customer, but a good amount of valuable potential customers as well.
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