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Yue Jing Ho
· August 15, 2017
This place is deserving of 5 stars, great shop. But a good pizza joint (anywhere in the world) in my opinion should be judged based on how well the most basic d...ish is done - Margherita.
I find that it is an insult to such a beautiful and simple dish that it is not served with fresh (but dried) basil. It just doesn't cut it. I would even gladly pay RM5 more (and come back over and over again) if you took the effort to dress a few leaves of fresh basil, how hard can that be? (Just knock on your neighbour's door mate, they grow heaps of fresh basil in the garden, literally right behind your shop)

It is a shame that you use great quality ingredients (flour, cheese, tomato) yet you are willing to forgo fresh herbs. Honestly, your efforts are wasted.

Until this place starts to use fresh basil I will not recommend people to try it (Margherita) and definitely wouldn't return.
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Jane Brinkers
· July 30, 2017
This is my second time back here in July. Each time I find the food is fantastic. My husband and I have been in KL for many years and this is by far the best Pi...zzas we have ever had in KL.
The portion sizes I felt where generous and the pizza's themselves very tasty and you can tell they are using fresh and expensive produce to achieve this. The Truffle pizza is a stand out favourite for me. The prices are also really reasonable when you compare them to other pizza places in the Bangsar area.

Being the best place in KL for Pizza it is really really important to book during busy times (for dinner and also during the weekend)

Really wonderful hidden gem of a place in KL - will be back again soon!!
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Chua Chong Hwee
· June 30, 2017
Did I find a meal out relaxing, or did I leave annoyed? Unfortunately, my experience this evening was the latter. We (4 pax) were seated on the upper deck. We w...anted to order a bottle of wine in the middle of the dinner (at 7:30pm), but the nostril piercing "time-keeper waitress" kept looking at her watch, hinting that we should leave the place on time.
I've read through other patrons' comment too, and now I understand that I'm not alone.
I will never return unless your haughty staff improve the service level, be more courteous, and not acting snobbish.
You should know how bad that would be for your business after you've treated badly one customer after another. Not only you'll lose that customer, but a good amount of valuable potential customers as well.
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Dorothy Tan 陈沛筠
· April 23, 2017
I really love my wines and was surprised to find a great match of wine and Pizza in Proof. A very special sourdough bread as crust for the pizza, something I ha...ven't tasted in Malaysia elsewhere so far. The wood fire method of cooking was very unique and the we were recommended a good wine to match or food. Service was top notch although a small establishment with limited space and many customers. Definitely visiting again soon to satisfy my pizza hunger pangs! See More
Erica Kua
· May 19, 2017
Wine and pizza was great. But the customer service is a little bit disappointed. When we still having our wine and foods, the waiter asked us to pay the bill at... 8pm, quite spoilt the mood. Okay never mind it's not the main point. The main point is, after few minutes the waiter came again and asked us to leave or shift to downstairs the bar there if we still wanna continue to stay here. Okay 1st of all, there was many empty tables over there, if let say there are many people are waiting to have a sit, okay we can leave at sharp. But that day was not. So what's the point you want us to leave or move down? I think if you have a good solution to solve this issue, we will come again. Thank you. See More
Jessie Low
· June 22, 2017
Worst customer service I've ever experience! If you're not bothered about your patrons then don't open a restaurant. Thought want to give it a try with your "fa...mous pizza" , when walked in thru to the restaurant, a girl staff told us we don't even have a table to serve you! I told her i can wait for my turn at outside. Then she repeated we have no table to serve you !
I will never ever come back again !
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Jeff Ong
· March 30, 2017
For the price point of the pizzas, the quality of the pizzas have much to be desired. Tough crust, quality of the toppings and cheese were found wanting. I can ...get pizzas of much superior quality for the same price at many other Italian restaurants.

However, I like the ambiance of the place and the customer service was fairly good with its chic concept.
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Thomas Edwards
· March 11, 2017
Not bad, good pizza, but the Chef seems to be a bit pretentious. Asked for black pepper as the salad needed it as it wasn't seasoned to my preference. Was tol...d that the chef didn't allow black pepper to be served, same thing with chilli flakes and was told they would only serve chilli oil, maybe I don't want to add extra oil...If it was perfect then maybe they could get away with it, but it wasn't. Rather arrogant to assume everybody wants it's the chefs the end it's a decent pizza place, but it's still a pizza place. I've never come across that attitude in some of the best restaurants in the world and to come across it here was a surprise. Pizza was good, toppings wise the carne could of done with less, was nice but soggy in the middle because of too much topping. My wife had the spicy pizza with pumpkin which she enjoyed, but the chilli paste overwhelmed the flavor of the pumpkin. See More
Christopher Chuah
· May 27, 2017
Great food. Great ambience. Very disappointing service. If you mess up our orders, please dont argue with us in your favour. RM6 should be borne by you for the ...mistake and would be great if you weren't confrontational, especially when you continued to mess up the bill again. Could have been such a great experience. See More
Molly Yap
· March 23, 2017
Food is good though limited of choice. But one thing I would like to comment about is the customer service. Staffs didnt seem friendly nor courteous. My friend ...and I have yet to finish but the staffs wanted to clean our plates even when we still have food on it.. not sure if they had eye sight problem or they were trying to chase use to leave asap. The waitress came to us at 8pm sharp saying that our reservation is until 8pm only, allowing close to none flexibility. Not to mention that we weren't being informed about the 'reservation hours'. May seriously reconsider if i would wanna revisit. See More
Kimberly Liew
· August 5, 2017
The black truffle pizza was really good though I felt that the crust was a little bit too thick. The Carne pizza was nothing to shout about. Think ur service staff need to smile a little bit more and be more attentive.
Alicia Ng
· May 10, 2017
One of the worst customer service I've ever experienced given the price I'm paying. If you're not bothered about your patrons then don't open a restaurant. Because good food is not just about the food, it's also about the experience.
Yiing Huey
· July 23, 2017
Food was slightly above average. Service was nothing but LOUSY. All three service staff were LOUSY. Shockingly LOUSY.

Booked for the 8pm sesh and arrived at 7....50pm. Was told by Lady Staff 1 that they're decking up the table and table will be ready in 5 minutes.

We were fine to wait cuz we were early. 8.05pm, table wasn't ready, no one came to attend to us and guests who came even later were seated down.

Since they have such a rigid booking system, we were expecting to get our table when we were told that table will be ready in 5 mins and more importantly, it's time and moreover guests who came later got their table. No acknowledgement at all. All service staff just walked pass us as if we're transparent.

Went to ask Lady Staff 1 and she said they will deck up the table and we were asked to wait again. Waited for another 10mins and staffs were just being ignorant.

They only started decking the table when I had to walk over to them at the counter to do so. Lady Staff 1 and a guy staff showed face when I walked over to ask them about my table. Excuse me?! It's quarter pass 8 �

They rather serve guests who're seated rather than clearing the table for us who're standing. Like seriously?!

Finally Lady Staff 2 offered us a seat while waiting for our table to be decked up. Seriously, they took some time to clear the table and when asked again, Lady Staff 1 just pointed at our table and said that it will be ready soon with an annoyed look. Come on, we don't owe you a living. If u're understaffed or not happy with your job, just quit.

We finished our meal swiftly cuz it wasnt a pleasant encounter during the beginning. Even contemplated to ask for the 10% service charge to be excluded from the bill cuz there's literally no service. We were being served but there's no service per se.

Done with the meal and the guy staff walked pass us and he didn't bother to thank us. Simple manners, service staff. It's time to do revision on basic customer service. THANK YOU.
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Karishma Vyas
· April 21, 2017
I've been wanting to try this place for a while so last night I took a friend. I called several times from about 6pm to make a reservation but no one answered. ...We went at about 8pm (friday night) to try our luck. Two people were standing in the doorway ahead of us so we just stood in line. 5 minutes...10 minutes...15 minutes.. - no one acknowledged our existence. By this time the line had grown to 8 people, all of us standing in the doorway of the restaurant while the woman who was serving just pushed past us several times. No smile, no 'hello, would you like a table? It will be a while'. Nothing. At least two tables left in the time that we were standing there, but we had no clue what was going on. Were they reserved already? Would we be seated soon? I get it, its busy. But at least acknowledge paying customers standing in your doorway instead of ignoring them and occasionally looking at them as if they are an annoyance. After about 20 minutes we gave up and went next door to Kaiju which we've been to several times. As soon as we walked in a waiter dashed over with a waiting list to get down our names and numbers. They were full too and told us it could be up to an hour wait, so we decided to go somewhere. But the entire interaction took 5 mins, was perfectly friendly and professional. Exactly what's you'd expect from a restaurant. No idea what the food is like at Proof, but it certainly can't be worth being treated like crap. See More
Kate Goh
· July 9, 2017
The taste of authentic pizza!The pizza are soo awesome I'm so addicted with them. Worth trying and am sure to come again with my friends! For the bad comments, ...I think because of the shortage of crews and this restaurant is hot well you can't just occupy the precious seats for the sake of your own enjoyment and asked the crew to ignore the reservation done by other customers right? ..chillax guys! See More
Swanee Teh YS
· February 22, 2017
The ultimate judge of a great pizza is when you wake up and think of it first before you remember anything else of the night before. Happily stuffed at Proof Pi...zza, we brought home the three remaining pieces of pizzas. As it was being warmed up, the inviting smell of wood and bread and herbs soon wafted across the kitchen, drawing the little ones to ask for THEIR pizzas.

Wolfed down in minutes by the kids and hubby (such is the story of the altruistic mummy), I am left but with a secret plan of slipping into Proof Pizza soon to get my next fix. That truffle pizza accompanied with a glass of chilled St. Claire's Sauvignon Blanc is BLISS. Even the lamb pizza topped with a generous serve of prosciutto / parma ham (?) is haunting.

Salivating as I write this.
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Nick Au
· May 30, 2017
I think I am being rather generous with 2 star review. There was one redeeming moment but the rest was not that great.

The place is rather new to most of us, ...hence I've decided to jump the bandwagon to give it a try. Came by on 29/5/17 around 8.30pm and walked in thru the front door. There were two tables occupied on the ground floor, saw a lady in a 3 pax table waiving at the waiter, he came to me instead and sat me down. Lady was still waving as the waiter asked me of I'd be fine with the bar counter and I was. Had a tap on my shoulder and lo and behold my friends were on their date night and said hello. All this time, lady was still waving, so I gave the lady's hand a break and decided to point it out to the waiter that someone's asking for service. Off he went and I took a seat. Looked around for a minute or two, wait staffs zipping by and no one came to give me a menu. Then I realised, it's on the countertop leaning against the wall. I guess it's a casual joint so I've perused thru the menu.

Took another look around and no one came by to take my order or start me off with a drink or even explain what's the menu about. I mean I'm dying to be sold the place but zilch. I decided to take matters in my own hands and waves to one of the waiter who is quite tall. He sees me, and rushes over so I'm all settled to make an order but he zips past and picks the house phone. Odd I thought he did see me. Once he's done I tried to tell him I'd like to place an order, he zips past me again to the door to assist a 2 pax to their table. There was another waiter already assisting the 2 pax with their enquiry. I waved at the waiter once again and again was ignored whilst he was watching the enquiries being handled by his colleague.

I literally had to stare him in the eye as he walks past by and ask if I could place an order. To which he finally obliged. Ordered a pizza and root beer. The root beer came by, it was flat. I asked to change the root beer because it came poured out into a glass (didn't know it was cans), the waitress tells me "It's flat? But we just pour it out from the can.". And no offers of changing it or suggestong something else. By the way, I think your suppliers are giving you a bad supply of root beer, it's so flat even when I whisk my straw around to show the waitress, there wasn't any bubbles.

The food came, now onto the pizza. By Malaysian standard it is much better than a lot of places I've been to. Which is good but man, the dough is chewy and toothsome. The crust bottom tastes of burnt charcoal. The dough has no flavour whatsoever. It could have been a piece of cardboard and may have just worked the same. The toppings good though. Generous with cheese, chorizo and tomatoes. The tomatoes are also sliced thick and I can tastes the freshness. That's good.

So where's the redeeming quality? Remember my friends that's on their date night? Well they ordered a truffle pizza, and wanted to share a slice so I said sure. Whilst they were cutting a slice for me, I was awkwardly holding onto to a side plate. One of the waiter saw it and came to help to pass the plate. Good for you.

There was another incident whereby they wanted to ask me if I wanted to move from the bar to one of the smaller tables. It was a good intention, but the phrasing was not quite delicate. Waitress came to me and ask "Do you mind moving to the small table?" Again English may not be her main language, and it should have been "Sir, would you fee more comfortable sitting over there at the table?". Either way nice intention, but got to work on those phrasing. If this place charged less and in a less affluent neighbourhood, I'd probably give this part a miss mention. Good or bad, I leave it to the management to decide how to improve.

The rest of the night went out without further incidents. I'm being detailed so everyone can have a clear precise understanding of what to expect.

Would I come back? Yes if they tone down the amount of topping and focus on making a better dough, sure!
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Jeninder Kaur Gill
· June 19, 2017
The pizzas are different, delicious, generous with toppings. You can tell that the ingredients are the finest - just like the wines!! That was totally unexpected. Lovely.
Becky Winn
· February 1, 2017
Margherita pizza with no basil? First time I experience this. Very plain tomato base. It's not the best pizza in town. Now we are still hungry and we need to go for better pizza.
May Peng Chan
· June 3, 2017
I loved the pizza..and that says a lot as I am not a pizza fan. Would have loved it more if the crust was thinner.

Check out our latest menu, which now features some new pizzas loaded with amazing flavours under the non cheese-based Ciccio Pizza section!

No automatic alt text available.

With @APW Bangsar's latest partnership with @grabmy, you can now grab a fuss-free ride for pizza at Proof with an awesome RM5.00 off of your ride to and fro APW Bangsar! Just use the code "GRABAPW" 👌🏼 #apwbangsar #proofpizza #proofapw #grabmalaysia

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Our wall of wines are calling out to you and to me! I don't know about you, but I'm going to get myself that bottle with a side of pizza tonight. Have a great weekend folks! 🍷🍕 #TGIF #wine #pizza #proofpizza #proofpizzawine #proofpizzaandwine #proofbangsar #proofapw #apwbangsar

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According to good ol' Google Translate, "Ciccio" means "chubby" - but fear not - "Ciccio" in our urban kitchen slang means a non cheese-based pizza! While our newbie pizza, the Garden Veggie Ciccio, is chubby with delicious ingredients (sweet potato, aubergine, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, herb pesto, balsamic reduction and mayonnaise), we intend for it to be a less guilty, almost dairy-free version of a satisfying carb-fix. #gochubbyorgohome #cicciopizza #musttry #proofpizza #proofpizzawine #proofpizzaandwine #proofbangsar #proofapw #apwbangsar

Image may contain: food

A hidden gem on our menu, the Diavola topped chock-a-block with house blend tomato sauce, mozzarella, chorizo, red onions and chilli flakes. Opt for the non-cheese version to get a real kick of the spicy, savoury flavours! #proofpizza #proofpizzawine #proofpizzaandwine #proofapw #proofbangsar #apwbangsar

Image may contain: food

Our ever popular Umbrian Black Truffle Pizza just got even better! You can now luxe up your gourmet pizza experience by opting for the freshly shaved Black Summer Truffles atop your pizza! The aroma and flavours are a dream.. 😋 #proofpizza #proofpizzawine #proofpizzaandwine #proofbangsar #proofapw #apwbangsar

Image may contain: food
Image may contain: food

Craving a 🍕slice for lunch?? Starting tomorrow, Proof will be open for Lunch from Tuesday to Sunday, 12.15pm-3.00pm! See you then! #proofpizza #proofpizzawine #proofpizzaandwine #proofbangsar #proofapw #apwbangsar

Image may contain: fire, food and indoor

That moment when you realise your pizza is on fleek! The weekend beckons, and that spells 'cheat-day(s)' to us - come indulge in our meatiest pizza yet: the Carne. Topped generously with imported Italian ingredients of house blend tomato sauce, pancetta coppata, salami, minced lamb, mozzarella, pecorino romano and cherry tomatoes. #proofpizza #proofpizzawine #proofpizzaandwine #proofbangsar #proofapw #apwbangsar

Image may contain: food

Hi folks, please be informed that Proof is closed for lunch today (Thursday 13th July) as there are some electricity issues to sort out. Apologies for any inconvenience caused!

Happy Hump Day! And since you made it this far down the working week, treat yourself to pizza! Here we have the ever popular Luganega Pork Sausage Pizza (with cauliflower, egg, yogurt and feta cheese) and Spicy Calabrian Pizza (with nduja spicy spread, mozzarella, pumpkin and cherry tomatoes). #humpday #humpdaypizza #thatsaid #youneednoreasonforpizza #proofpizza #proofpizzawine #proofpizzaandwine #proofapw #proofbangsar #apwbangsar

Image may contain: food

We also do takeaway pizzas! Gain some major brownie points with your buddies by contributing some pizzas at your next potluck party - extra points if you can keep your hands off them till you arrive! #takeapeekinside #takeway #proofpizza #proofpizzawine #proofapw #proofpizzaandwine #proofbangsar #apwbangsar

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Image may contain: food and indoor

We are gearing up for a busy week ahead! Proof's operating hours are:
Monday closed.
Tuesday 6.00pm-10.30pm.
Wednesday-Sunday 12.15pm-3.00pm, 6.00pm-10.30pm. We have two sittings for dinner: 6.00-8.00pm and 8/8.30pm onwards. Reservations are recommended as we are a small little Non-Halal pizza place! 😊 #proofpizza #proofpizzawine #proofpizzaandwine #proofapw #proofbangsar #apwbangsar

Image may contain: table and indoor
Proof Pizza + Wine added a new photo.
June 1

That's not a curry puff! It's our Calzone, a hot pocket full of goodness (salami, ricotta, mozzarella and pesto to be exact) originating from Naples, Italy. A dark horse if there was one, this tasty, savoury fold-over pizza is baked in our firewood ovens till the crust is golden brown. #proofpizza #proofpizzaandwine #proofpizzawine #proofbangsar #proofapw #apwbangsar

Image may contain: food
Proof Pizza + Wine added a new photo.
May 29

This beautiful mess is our sweet spin on the classic pizza! New on Proof's menu, this dessert pizza is topped with baked green apples, marshmallows, chocolate sauce and almond flakes. Level up by adding a scoop or two of artisanal ice cream to end your meal on the sweetest note! #proofpizza #proofpizzawine #proofpizzaandwine #proofapw #proofbangsar #apwbangsar

Image may contain: food
Proof Pizza + Wine added a new photo.
May 24

Dare we say, pizza and wine are one of the best pairs made in gastronomical heaven? It is! And we are happy to be of service. Not only do we have wines by the glass and bottle, we also offer wine carafes (half bottles at 375ml), which is fun and great for exploring new regions and different types of wines. Priced reasonably with no high restaurant mark ups, come on over and choose a wine to pair with your pizza of choice! #proofpizza #proofpizzaapw #proofpizzawine #proofpizzaandwine #proofbangsar #proofapw #apwbangsar

Image may contain: drink and indoor