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Alex Craig
· November 10, 2015
There service is decent, nothing great, but worth more then 2 stars. My review is basically to inform those running smaller businesses to avoid. We went into a 3 year contract and about 1/2 way thro...ugh, there rates of about $900 a month or so were just to much and we were able to find another company do the same exact thing for $300 a month. I had to make some sort of cuts, otherwise stand to lay off someone. Now granted, I did go into a contract, but felt my offer of $3,000 to break the contract was fair. They disagreed. That was what we could afford. Also, we had a 3rd party service of cloud storage with them and when we returned their firewall, without even giving us the option to transfer over to us and start paying direct, they shut it down. About 20,000 files we lost access, causing us to lose customers. So not only could I not afford their service any more, they really stuck it to me by cutting out our cloud storage. This is probably a good service for a higher income company, but for a 5 person company, if times get tough, they will make it tougher on you for sure. See More
Creston Keith Blanchard
· August 22, 2014
Great community minded company! We love working with your team!
Bill Fargotstein
November 1, 2011
I’m an Account Executive with ProTech Systems Group, Inc.

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Understanding Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
What If I Get Hit with Ransomware?
Dear Mentor

Our Director of Security Services, Brian Baird, discusses the prevalence of phishing attacks and what it takes to alter a company's culture in this recent article from Channelnomics.

Customer gaps in instilling security in daily culture is leaving the channel continuously tangled in phishing lines,Security,Solution Provider,Research,Managed Service Provider (MSP) ,KnowBe4,phishing,email,Managed security services,training
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Hackers strike all types of organizations. The City of Atlanta notified residents that several sites were down due to a Ransomware attack.

FBI called in as some city services are interrupted, employees told to turn off PCs.

Hackers are utilizing a new method to gain your credentials. It's called conversation hijacking.

CHAs undermine user awareness prevention measures and put the user--and, by extension, their entire organization--in a very precarious position.
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Tax day is coming soon. Here's how you can protect your business from phishing scams during this time of year.

A current rash of phishing attacks involves obtaining W-2 forms. Here are some ways IT pros can help prevent data loss and make users aware of the threats.

Tax day is coming soon. Here's how you can protect your business from phishing scams during this time of year.

A current rash of phishing attacks involves obtaining W-2 forms. Here are some ways IT pros can help prevent data loss and make users aware of the threats.

You're likely to encounter at least one of these Cyber Attacks this year. ProTech can help improve your security so you don't have to worry.

Cybercrime isn’t going away, but you can do a lot to prepare for attacks by understanding new technologies criminals are employing to steal your data and money while destroying reputations along the way.

Now's the time to brag - move from the resume stack to the interview with these tips.

During an accounting job search it is important to understand that hiring managers are like buyers researching a product. Evaluating resumes is the research phase. They gather as much relevant information as possible to determine who to call for an interview. When seeking a new accounting position ,...
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#ProTechCares is at Maxine Smith STEAM Academy for the Greater Memphis IT Council career fair. #TechJobs

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Considering a move to the cloud? Make sure you're properly prepared with a strong strategy.

When navigating to the cloud, it's important to know your options and the various considerations. ProTech is familiar with cloud environments and can help define the perfect strategy for your business.

Great tips from TechRepublic on easy cyber security practices that you can personally implement.

Here are some no-excuses tips that will protect your business devices from malware and data breaches.

The average ransomware attack infects 16 workstations, 5 servers and 22 users according to KnowBe4. Contact ProTech to embrace a holistic approach to information security:

Dreading going into work tomorrow? Check out our recent job listings to find your next opportunity!

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Mobile ransomware is the latest evolution of malware and cyber criminals. It is expected to be a billion dollar industry this year alone.

Exploiting mobile devices is expected to become a billion-dollar industry for criminals. What do you advise clients to do now to shore up mobile defenses?

Details of the Equifax hack are still coming to light. Another 2.4 million affected Americans have recently been discovered.

Credit-rating company Equifax reveals more people were hit in a massive data breach than previously thought.

This latest tax scam is efficient and different than anything we've seen before. Don't fall victim; the IRS warns, they will never call you!

There are lots of tax scams out there, but this is the only one that pays you first.

We love this cyber security checklist! It has all the basics that we suggest to clients.

With last year reporting the highest level of cyberattacks yet, this year is a year of prevention. Companies are taking the time to understand how to keep their customer information safe from a cyberthreat and putting in place solid measures that can thwart any attack to their data. As a business ow...|By The Next Web