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Vicki Spachner Blythin
· May 10, 2014
This was my fifth and final (boohoo) visit to The Follies and probably the most impressive! The "ladies" costumes were beyond description in their beauty. This is a Palm Springs institution and I can...'t believe it's going away!!!! The ladies doing "Proud Mary" aka Tina style was a hoot; all the dance numbers precision perfect; Riff is hysterical and I enjoyed every moment; even when I thought the unicyclist (but he really had full control) was going to fly off the stage into my lap! He was amazing when u see what else/all he does! Seeing Darlene Love up close and personal after the recent film and seeing her several times with The Blossom backing up Tom Jones was just incredible!

Riff...we are going to mourn the passing of the follies! (and Mary)!!!
Are you sure you won't change your mind? :-) ♥
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Barbara Kay
· April 20, 2014
The Palm Springs Follies have brought an amazing group of performers to Southern California every year. It has been an enormous pleasure to have been able to see the wonderful shows that have been pr...oduced each and every year by the incredible cast and crew. Palm Springs will never be the same (at least for us). Thank you for bringing your magic to us. We will miss you!! See More
Jan Muse
· March 31, 2014
The Follies show was fabulous. It's such a landmark associated with Palm Springs. Rather than close I think the city of Palm Springs should dive in to keep it going. Such a draw for your city and the ...big crowd this show attracts should put mucho $$$$$ in the city coffer don't you think? A real shame to let it go. See More
Jay Arrott
· January 23, 2017
I used to go see, hear, and thoroughly enjoy TFPSF several times with a senior group from the San Fernando Valley in SoCal and then sadly attended my last performance of TFPSF just after my 64th in April 2014. Every performance was magical and very patriotic for us veterans and those who had never served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Thank you, Riff and Mary, from the bottom of my heart for providing all of us who sttended the performances unique experiences over 23 years! If you plan an annual reunion of TFPSF, please let us know. We miss you and your unique creation, "The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies"! See More
Susan Markovitz Barber
· May 4, 2014
What a wonderful time for my family! My son Andrew had the most incredible experience. As one of the youngest members in the Audience he was chosen to participate in the show because he had good knee...s and a strong back. Little did he know he would be dancing on stage in a pink tutu and doing acrobatics! Just hilarious !!! Thank you Palm Springs Follies! A show for all ages, not only seniors!! Go while you still can!!!! See More
JimMel McInerney
· May 5, 2014
We just saw our last performance with Darlene Love. What a wonderful show. The productions are superb and what an amazingly talented group of performers. We have have friends that come in to visi...t and attend with us regularly. The Follies is a great show and we are sad to see it go and will miss going very much. See More
Ernestine N Dennis SantaLucia
· April 5, 2014
The Follies are truly inspirational.
We've seen the show again this year 2014. They surpass all expectations with quality entertainment. Friends have told us that Las Vegas shows they've seen don'...t compare to this superior entertainment at the Follies. Sorry to see the show end. We just discovered this treasure in 2013. Dennis & Ernestine Santa Lucia, Murrieta, CA See More
Margie Wickham
· April 13, 2014
We love the Follies! From the dancers to the MC, it is well worth the money and time to get there before they are gone! Each show we have seen is full of splendor and laughs. The salute to our mili...tary is touching and a great way to honor those who are risking all for America. Thank you all for such great entertainment! See More
Carole L Deakin Owen
· November 4, 2013
A visit to the Follies is always a high point in any of our many trips to the Coachella Valley. First class entertainment, fabulous costumes and the acerbic humor of Riff Markowitz makes for a great night.
Salim Alama
· March 25, 2014
We have been attending for years now - always fantastic! Last Friday, 3/21, we attended the Last Hurrah - the show was wonderful and Darlene Love made it over the top. We will miss the follies so much... - we have wonderful memories! See More
Suzanne Perkins Suppelsa
· April 12, 2014
I loved the Follies! Amazing talent! Riff is so clever and entertaining! This is a fine American show! To see Darlene Love was a supeb treat! Thank You all! The whole team is top notch - bot professi...onal and helpful. We so appreciate your efforts. See More
ClubHopper RestaurantStopper
October 22, 2011
We would like to announce that H.A.D.D. is coming to Palm Springs. Hospitality Against Drunk Driving. We would like every Restaurant, Club and Hotel to join. There is no charge to join. Palm Springs a...nd a portion of Cathedral City just $10 per night per person plus gratuity will get you around all night. Call for more details 760-449-7928. Please help spread the word. See More
Robert Grady
· November 27, 2013
So glad I finally caught the show.. What a hard working professional talented experienced cast... The best time in a theatre for a long time.. So sad it's closing there must be,a,way to keep it viabl...e... Will be a loss to the town.. See More
Lynnda Bates
· January 26, 2014
Great place to entertain visiting guests! We can always count of the Follies to put on a spectacular show and they haven't disappointed us yet - okay, well maybe we were disappointed to hear this is ...their last season. :( but you can bet we'll be there again before their doors close forever. See More
Renee Servello
· October 25, 2013
RUN, don't walk to Palm Springs to see the last season of the Follies. You will leave the theater feeling wonderful. These folks are the hardest working in show business. We have attended for 20 and will be there in Feb, 2014 to wish them all a very HAPPY RETIREMENT. have you kept the pace up for so long?! It's been 20 yrs. of pure joy! R.
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Andrew J Oltman
· May 4, 2017
We were in attendance for the final show, it was fabulous!!!
Brianne Ingraham
· October 16, 2015
One of the best live shows, ever. The theatre is a beautiful, historical venue. The cast was exceptional. How sad that it's over.
Francisco Juarez
December 7, 2011
If you would like a fun filled afternoon or evening, The palm Springs Follies is the place to be. Unbelievable, you'll be talking about the show and the MC, The Boss man Riff Markowitz for days.
Cheril Vendetti
· February 3, 2015
I think they should have kept it running. If I knew I would have helped to support it and figure out ways to raise the money. I think it's a shame that they gave up. It was a wonderful show.
Evelyn Stevens-White
· May 26, 2014
We have seen the Follies many times. The dancers and guest performers were
first class. Now the memories remain. In the future we hope the Follies will
reform and again provide unbeatable entertain...ment. Thank you Riff for pulling this
fine show together.
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