Blast from the past, by special request. Enjoy!

Big thanks to all at Dreamation this year. Hope you all enjoyed the games and we are looking forward to bringing you some great events for DexCon!

We have spaces open in tonight’s game! Come on down to Plaza C


Devil’s Due begins soon in Plaza C; we have quite a few (13) open spaces if you love Steampunk/Gaslight era and you love Cthulhu!


Preregistration for Dreamation is open! For PST Productions Cthulhu Live games: Devil’s Due on Friday is code L032 and The Farewell Tour on Saturday is L066; email those codes in your list to: to preregister for the games! Then email MissEmilyCaroline @ Gmail .com to request characters for each game. Please specify in your requests to Emily which games you’re in for and:
1. Alignment
2. Mythos/Mundane involvements
3. Preferred Character Gender/Presentatio...n/Pronouns.

Characters will start going out tomorrow night! We look forward to playing with you!

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Dreamation 2018 - Event #2:

“The Farewell Tour”

For Immediate Release; Village Voice, March 1996 Edition: ...
Goth-Punk band ‘Wasted Fade & The History’ will be ending their Farewell Tour this month at the Limelight in NYC, the same venue where they were discovered 10 years ago. Lead Singer Kros Hitchards has stated the desire to branch out into a solo career and signed a contract with Epic late last year; a move which shattered the counter-culture hearts of their fans. Artistic differences and public problems with substance abuse have plagued ‘Wasted Fade’ in their last three major tours, but the Farewell Tour so far has been reviewed as their finest hour; almost a return to their early sound. Rumor has it that Drummer Skarl has sent out special invites to other NYC Scene bands and performance artists to be featured at this Grande Finale, and their promo postcards tout that the event will feature gore-punk band ‘No More Circus’ as their opening act, so be sure to bring raincoats or plastic ponchos if you plan on mobbing the stage area!

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Game 1 - A Thing Came To Birch Street

Game 2 - Majestic


June 14th, 1947, in Roswell, New Mexico an incident was reported that would become the fodder for conspiracy theorists for ages. No one truly knows what happened that night in the shifting sands of the desert, that was until now. Majestic is the story of the discovery of the truth that night and the formation of one of the most clandestine organizations in history. Join us to discover the truth that is out there.

Game 3 - Good For What Ails You

Welcome to the Goatswood Sanatorium, a place of rest and relaxation where we have the cure for what ails you. Our expert staff is willing to make any sacrifice to ensure your care.

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PST Productions 2018 Schedule:

Dreamation 2018
- 2 Cthulhu Live Events


DexCon 21
- 3 Cthulhu Live Events

GenCon 2018
- 3 Cthulhu Live Events

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Dreamation 2018 - Event #1

"The Devil's Due"
Victorian Gaslight Event


For the members of the Sacro Ordine Silva, their lives have been blessed. With their fortune and standings in the public eye they have contributed to the betterment of humanity. They have built hospitals, saved orphans, and constructed parks. However, each generation the order must hold a meeting to select a new leadership and a grand keeper of secrets. For the price of their success lies hidden in a dark pact with the devil himself and it is time the devil has his due.

“The Devil’s Due” is a Cthulhu Live by Gaslight event that takes place in the Late Victorian period. Players will take up the roles of members of the Sacro Ordine Silva and their first born adult children. Costumes are encouraged. Characters will be sent out prior to the event to registered attendees. 18+ only due to adult themes. For advanced characters contact us at

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Happy holidays to all. Be sure to check out our 2018 schedule of cons posting soon, including a special return.

End of an Era. The Terror Werks storage unit is packed up into our U-Haul: "The Clever Girl," to make its way home to Jersey. Many thanks to Tall Kat for coming out to help; and to all our former Monsters and Marines for many years of awesome games

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If anyone is in the greater Columbus Ohio area and wants to get their workout on, we'll be loading up our old storage unit and would love to have you swing by for some moving fun. Just shoot me a text.

Being in Indy once again makes me wonder if the stars are right to return gencon for some sanity shattering shenanigans.

Federation Officers and Klingons attempt to figure out an ancient artifact found by Mining contractors; hilarity and madness ensue.

We have checked into the convention! There is still five hours to get a character background before the game tonight; please email! We're excited to be back in Indy!

Nov 24, 2017 - Nov 26, 2017Starbase IndyIndianapolis, IN
499 people interested

Got inspired by the Cthulhu-Trek event at DexCon. have another Episode in the works. Not a sequel, but another ongoing adventure to boldly go insane where no one has gone insane before.

Now should I write it for Dreamation or DexCon?

Thank you to all our wonderful players for making our games so rewarding to run. Please take a minute to fill out the LARP survey for DEXCON 20 if you played in 'You Bet Your Life,' 'Dear Old Miskatonic,' and/or 'Flies in Amber.' We're already brewing ideas for DREAMATION and can't wait to play with you all again!!!

DEXCON 20 is in the bag. Thank you LARP Runners for coming out and giving us wonderful games. Thank you LARPers for coming out to our games.

If you know anyone... who is not in our community, please invite them in.

Finally, please fill out our survey if you attended LARPS at DEXCON this year. Your feedback helps the convention staff and the runners to make a better experience for you. (PS> I fixed the survey so you don't have to scroll through 10 LARPs to end the survey )

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This survey is a brief survey just to give some basic feedback to the LARP Runners who have created your games. We would like to know your experience and share the feedback with the LARP Runners. The survey has 3 main sections. The first is about LARP organization at the Convention. The second is to...

A big thanks to all the players that participated in this year's offerings at DexCon. A huge thanks to Emily, Nate and Matt for bringing the games to fruition. Looking forward to Dreamation which will mark our 20th year running Cthulhu Live events at conventions.