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June Ahern Author
· January 5, 2017
Amazon Review: Tips on Psychic Readings -By Carol Cassada on February 22, 2016- Psychic June Ahern gives readers tips on how to get a proper psychic reading in ...her book, "The Timeless Counselor." In the book, Ahern goes into detail about everything a person needs to know before getting a psychic reading. Ahern discusses the various fortune telling methods, how to find a psychic, and what to expect when you get a reading. She uses her experience as a psychic to help others get the best psychic reading they deserve.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. I’ve always been interested in psychics and I was eager to read The Timeless Counselor. I’d never head of June Ahern before I read the book, but after reading about her I’m interested in learning more about her. What I loved most about the book is how she opens your eyes up to the world of psychics. Ahern debunks the myths about psychics and sheds light on what goes on at a reading, and why it’s important that people do their research before going to a psychic.

Many people think that it’s easy to get a psychic reading; you just visit a psychic and get a glimpse into your future. But thanks to Ahern, she debunks that theory and points out there’s much more to psychic readings. The important piece of advice she gives readers is that they play an important part in making their future predictions come true. Sure, the psychic sees the future, but unless the customer does something to help, then the prediction isn’t going to come to fruition. One example Ahern gives in the book is how she told a client they’d advance in their career, yet when the opportunity arose they didn’t do anything about it. Months later when they client came back they were upset with her prediction, but when Ahern questioned them about any job offers they realized they passed up their opportunity.

What I liked most about Ahern’s book is how she emphasized the importance of research before going to a psychic. She explains how to find a psychic, and why it’s important to call ahead and ask questions before making an appointment. To help readers in their quest for a psychic reading, Ahern offers a list of questions to ask the psychic about their procedures. Ahern also offers readers resources on how to find psychics and delves into the different types of fortune telling used by psychics; everything from ESP to tarot cards to Runes.
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Spells, prayers, incantations, affirmations.Protect your energy especially when ghost hunting or spirit communication.…/do-you-want-protection…

A blog about psychic mediums, parapsychology, paranormal activities and pagans, and witches. Includes novels and non-fiction books by June Ahern.

San Francisco's historical Great Star Theatre in Chinatown is very haunted. One ghost visited the producer of The Haunted Bay AFTER the investigation. It will be part of the Ghost Tour 10/8 & 10/22/17.Part of The Haunted Bay Tour 10/8 & 10/22 includes this haunted place.

Something unexpected happened after one of our investigations.

We are energy, attracting and deflecting. Opened up darkness I needed to deflect.

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The Spirits continue to be known. Latest Amazon review for How to Talk With Spirits. 5 Stars: 'Wisdom with the breath of the ages' ByCCon September 25, 2017 Format: Paperback
"We went to June Ahern's book event (highly recommend attending or arranging one) and promptly bought this book. Both she and the book are rich with humor, insights, inspiration and ground intangible topics with a sense of clarity and wisdom with the breath of the ages."

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Timeless Counselor: a good read for those wishing a reading & a guide for those giving a psychic reading. 5 star review on Amazon said: "...this one is by far the best ever written.
I have read many books on this topic, but this one is by far the best ever written. The information is clear and concise and truly helps to guide you in this important work."

Ghost Tour Walk/ where history meets spirits of the past. Have a drink where Carol Doda put this strip joint on the map worldwide, much more. I'm part of the tour on 10/22 in San Francisco.

Visit places where we've found ghosts!

Ghost Tour of the Barbary Coast, San Francisco Oct 8 & 22. Will More details later.

Beyond the grave healing, encouragement & advice can happen.…/spirits-messages-for-h…

A blog about psychic mediums, parapsychology, paranormal activities and pagans, and witches. Includes novels and non-fiction books by June Ahern.

5 star Review on Amazon for How To Talk With Spirits: A Marvelous Journey
BySuzie Blairon August 26, 2017.
This is the book that really answers your questions. Skillfully written with much insight, the author takes the reader through a marvelous journey about the spirit world. Anecdotes about her own experiences add to the richness of this informative book. Highly recommended.

How to Talk With Spirit book: Ghost stories, lovely spirit visits. Readers continue to find answers. A few below.

not all psychic readers are mediums.Not all mediums are psychic readers. How to find the reader that best suits your needs in my book, "The Timeless Counselor" Free ebook on Smashwords until 7/31/17. It's also at ebook only $1.99. And SO much valuable info about readings and readers +… june ahern

Play touches the heart and spirit of those who want to be remembered in GhostPlays.…/san-francisco-ghost-pl…

A blog about psychic mediums, parapsychology, paranormal activities and pagans, and witches. Includes novels and non-fiction books by June Ahern.
A blog about psychic mediums, parapsychology, paranormal activities and pagans, and witches. Includes novels and non-fiction books by June Ahern.

San Francisco Ghost Plays Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture: For ticket info & plays description see Tickets- $30, CASH ONLY, general admission sold day of play one hour prior to curtain at the Magic Theatre. Perfomances: Fri 7/28, 8 p.m. Sat 7/29 & Sun 7/30 2 p.m. Guest Speakers after performances: 7/29 June Ahern, author and psychic/medium (her book How to Talk With Spirits will be for sale); 7/30 Cynthia Yee, Founder of Chinatown Ghost Tours; Opening night reception on 7/28.

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