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So you're building a #HIPAA-compliant app...

Check out our new eBook to learn all about HIPAA, BAAs, and considerations for choosing the right vendors and technologies for building the app:…/eb…/building-a-hipaa-compliant-app/

Choosing a HIPAA-compliant infrastructure? Check out our new eBook on everything you need to know about developing and scaling a HIPAA-compliant app.

How to build a chatbot with IBM Watson Conversation and ChatEngine, empowering an intelligent bot in the messaging feed:…/c…/ibm-watson-conversation-chatbot/

img {padding-bottom:20px; padding-top:20px;} Chatbot adoption is growing. With improvements in natural language processing and AI tools, chatbot

How to build the functionality that allows users to upload and send files in a chat app with ChatEngine and Uploadcare:…/javascri…/file-image-upload-plugin/

In this tutorial, we'll add file upload and image upload functionality to our ChatEngine chat application using the uploadcare plugin. This allows users to upload any file type directly in chat, whether it be a .png, .doc, or .zip, and send the file to any number of other connected users.

You've heard of Raspberry Pi, but what's the difference between all the boards?

We compare your options here:

A look at the pros and cons of Raspberry Pi boards, comparing the Raspberry Pi 3 vs the Zero/Zero W vs the 1/2.

Which game engine is right for your game?

We broke down Unity vs Corona vs GameMaker vs Unreal Engine:…/comparing-game-engines-unity-unre…/

Comparing the major game engines: Unity vs Unreal Engine vs Corona SDK vs GameMaker Studio, including the benefits and cons of each.

How to build a voice-controlled Alexa-powered game that lets you explore the depths of the Milky Way:

Elite Dangerous Ship Assistant is a voice-controlled space exploration game that combines Amazon Alexa and PubNub to enable gamers to explore the depths of the Milky Way.

We are at Iterate Developer Conference in San Francisco. Jeff Atwood did an amazing keynote talk about user interface design to support a growing developer community.

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Get to knows IBM Watson Discovery, and learn how to build a super smart bot that can intelligently search for answers, trends and patterns:

How to build an intelligent app that searches a database in realtime to analyze and retrieve data based on a submitted question with IBM Watson Discovery and PubNub.

We are hosting a meetup to learn how to measure Heart-Rate Variability using your cell phone. RSVP here.

Wed, Feb 28, 2018, 6:30 PM: • What we'll doThis event will take you deep into heart rate variability - a non-invasive biomarker that will be included in all popular wearables within the next couple of

Cognitive capabilities + realtime = smarter applications.

See why IBM Watson and PubNub are a match made in heaven.

An introduction to IBM Watson APIs and PubNub Functions, and an overview of the different APIs available to build cognition into your realtime apps.
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How to build a robot that feeds your fish (and other things) with Arduino, #Alexa and Echo:

A walkthrough on how to build a robot, powered by Arduino, Alexa, and PubNub MQTT, that uses an arm and wheels to carry out tasks around the house.
PubNub shared their event.

Come to our event tonight at PubNub HQ and learn how to make your own cryptocurrency.

Let's go back to basics and show you how to build a nicely featured chat app with AngularJS:…/chatengine/angularjs/web-chat/

How to build a fully-featured AngularJS chat app with messaging, typing indicators, public and private chat rooms, chat invitations, user presence, and more.

Stop by our booth at Index Conference at Moscone West. We are giving away cool prizes #PubNub

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🆕 webinar from Mapbox tomorrow, @ 10am PST!

Learn how to create unique dashboard apps and data visualizations that integrate mapping and location to understand your business data:

Create unique dashboard applications and data visualizations that integrate mapping & location to understand your business data