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Andrew Malouff
· March 26, 2018
I’m not surprised to see how the Sheriff’s dept/Jailers left Michael Bailey to languish in jail for 52 days on a misdemeanor warrant, before seeing a judge. From my own personal experience in 2016, w...hen I was arrested as a result of an illegal stop and B.S. contempt of cop charge (case was dismissed by the D.A.) I was treated as less than human at every stage. I was kept in a holding cell for hours because I refused to answer questions as the police along with your jailers were trying to build a case. One of your ignorant jailers was just certain my I.D. wasn’t mine because “the picture didn’t look like me”- the stupid fool. I was told by a jailer “we’re going to keep you in here and let you think about whether you want to answer questions”. I was completely innocent, yet treated like an animal the entire time. You guys showed me that you’re just a bunch of bullies with an axe to grind. At some point in time you guys should realize that not everybody your dealing with is guilty. And even if they are guilty, the conduct I witnessed, not only against me, but other inmates was just pathetic and shameful.
In the Bailey case, he was obviously less than human in your minds. Except this time the ACLU caught you bullies red handed. Now the county has to pay “an undisclosed settlement”. I wonder how much this is costing the taxpayers of Pueblo, because of you inhumane, authoritarian bullies think you can act with impunity? Very disgusting and bad form Pueblo Sheriff’s dept.
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Amanda Hall Hartle
· August 15, 2017
Today, my son and I met an officer at the loaf n jug on 36th Lane by the name of Joshua. My son has autism and has always been fascinated by police men and women. Joshua was so kind to him. He gave hi...m a couple pencils and sheriff star stickers and it truly made my son's day!!! I admire you all so much, thank you for all you do and for keeping us safe. Thank you Joshua for taking the time to talk to my son. � See More
Carol Knez
· August 17, 2017
The Pueblo County Sheriffs office live in my heart. I have been impressed with them for many years, they handled my granddaughter Ashley Kate Patterson's case with the at most professionalism, care a...nd heart. They gave us peace of mind that this case would get done and it did. I can never say enough about how great I think the sheriffs office is and what they do. They work these cases with every possible way of finding an end to an event. Their hearts are full as they have to go home to their families after seeing horrible horrible events. You will always remain in my heart, thank you for your dedicated service See More
Rose VanGorder
· April 12, 2018
Can you tell the public when to expect the filing of criminal child abuse charges against workers of El Pueblo Boys & Girls Ranch please?

Why has nothing been done yet? Hope you aren't waiting for a ...statute of limitations to go into effect.
Thank you.
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Barbara Hegarty
· November 15, 2017
Deputy Ronnie Martinez worked very hard Sunday to help a young doe that was stuck in a fence. He tirelessly assisted the doe until she was free. I applaud his efforts and am proud that he is one of ...Pueblo County's finest! See More
Sandra Finn
· August 26, 2017
Thank you to the great men and women who serve our community including our dispatchers! I received a phone call this morning at 1230am, my wallet had been stolen out of my vehicle. You're professional...ism was outstanding!!! And thank you for what you do every day to serve our community!!! ��� See More
John Michael Lavender Jr
· April 10, 2017
You guys are the worst. Your receptionist is an idiot who spends most of her time avoiding answering questions even to the point of pretending to be taking a call just to hope that people leave. You corrupt and have a bankrupt moral system. You are supposed to be here to serve and protect; yet you make it hard for normal and good citizen landlords and are in favor of drugged-out tenants who embrace the criminal life. Why? You are without honor or integrity. Waste of resources and tax dollars! See More
Tina Sandoval-Mayo
· June 5, 2016
**Update** We found out he goes by Lumpy
I would like to thank Deputy Martinez ( I'm sorry I don't know his first name). He was working at the events center for Centennial High Schools graduation. My... daughter is a freshman soon to be a sophomore, is special needs and plays the drums for Centennial. Deputy Martinez is her Sheriff buddy. Everytime she sees him it makes her day. Every night before bed she says her prayers she always says one for him. Anyhow, on graduation night my daughter had to be at the events center to play her drum with the band for graduation. She was having a rough day. She turned around and saw her Sheriff buddy and she was in awe. He even sat by her when her friends went to take a break. Thank you Deputy Martinez for making my daughter's night and weekend. See More
Leah Sanchez
· October 17, 2017
why dont you guys have remote.visitations from home anymore but still on-site? its real inconvenient and unfair for people who are out of state amd cant visit on site!
Robbie Heckmann
· July 1, 2017
Most ridiculous law enforcement office I've ever seen. Top 3 most corrupt in Colorado and top 20 in the country. Facts not opinion. Your 27 times more likely to be murdered by a pueblo law enforcement... officer then a terrorist. 31 time more likely to be murdered by them then if you vacationed in Iraq in the last 20 years See More
William Yakel
· December 25, 2017
I had the extreme privilege of actually meeting the Undersheriff JR Hall who was a very down to Earth individual. I lived with my brother who went to Pueblo to live out the remainder of his life. I was in Pueblo from May 2014-May 2015. He was on Dialysis (End Stage Renal Failure ). My brother died this February 5th 2017. The Undersheriff was the most nicest person I had encountered in that small County. We lived by Joplin and 2nd Street where they have the Soapbox Derby Races down that steep hill which goes down 2nd Street. I don't see myself going back there. For the year that I was there I did my Christian Missionary Work feeding the Homeless and I also ministered to the Multiple Meth/Heroin Addicts that I encountered throughout the City of Pueblo. All in All the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office was a very Professional Organization. Before I left town I made sure to stop by there again to shake the hand of Sheriff Kirk Taylor. Before I drove back to South Florida I made sure to give Undersheriff JR Hall 1 of our 9463 FOUNDATION STICKERS ( Foundation to Remember Florida's Fallen Officers ).

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Gayla Delaney
· December 8, 2016
Please please please share this, especially in Pueblo! My brother Brendon Delaney is currently missing for almost a full 24 hour period. He is epileptic which means he has seizures and has been dealin...g with a bad reaction to a medication his neurologist prescribed him last week. He has been home stable for a couple days after being hospitalized but as of last night, he hasn't been seen! We have called everyone and everywhere we can think of and he hasnt turned up. He was last seen wearing an oversized swiss army green jacket, brown steel toed boots and blue jeans. His hair is dark brown, he weighs about 175 pounds and is about 6'2". The last picture in the red shirt is the most current pic of him taken two days ago when he got out of the hospital. His phone is off right now but he might turn up somewhere that has Wi-Fi?? Hes been very emotional lately but is not a violent person. We're just very worried about him and this is odd for him to just disappear and have zero contact with us. We are his only family in Colorado so if you see him please let me or Jess Stoner know!! If nothing else, please share this so maybe someone else you know might know of his whereabouts and keep him in your thoughts and prayers! Any information would be helpful! Thank you for your time! See More
Scott Chase
· July 18, 2016
I want to thank each and every deputy, officer, administrator, etc. for all you do. I respect and value each and,every one of you. I have made a long career in Hospital Security, at St. Mary-Corwin, a...nd have interacted with many of you over the years. I also worked in Law Enforcement, with Dept. of Defense, so we share common ground. I want you all to know, that I would always have your backs, and assist you in any way I can. I respect you all, and thank you for all you do!
Scott Chase
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Walter Stokely
· July 17, 2017
Fix the sewer lines in the Sheriff's Department officers and inmates have to smell that and the people coming in to visit. usually when people think of the Sheriff's Department the first thing that co...mes to mind is the sewer smell. I mean come on these are police officers why do they have to live with this on a daily basis inmates also have rights. You would think the media would have got wind of that lol. and put it in the news yep just a comment. See More
Scott Cullen
· October 6, 2016
The guys in Beulah are doing a great job. It is nice to know our homes are being protected. I made it to the Custer county and Pueblo County line last night. I was stopped roughly 3 miles from my ...home. Asked for my paperwork. The deputy was very kind. Came back said I didn't have the proper paperwork. Advised me to head to the fair grounds to get what I need. It is nice to know the town is protected. See More
Gilbert Montoya
· May 26, 2016
I've noticed the department is more focused on busting marijuana grows than focusing on pueblo main problem......Heroin and pills are the epidemic in this community.....How about you start showing tha...t you are cleaning the streets from these horrible drugs...There are people on the streets who have committed more horrible crimes than growing weed....Focus on solving these unsolved murders the community has mourned about.....The PPD lost control of the city....Time to regain it back for our younger generation..... See More
WillandSarah Fleshman
· June 14, 2016
PCSO deputies responded to my house the day I discovered that my husband was in dire need of emergency medical services - the two deputies who initially responded immediately took control of the situa...tion and after fire and AMR took over, one of the deputies made it his priority to stay with my son and did everything he could to try and help keep him calm. I am greatly indebted to them both for everything they did. Thank you to Sheriff Kirk Taylor for improving response times and bringing more deputies to the Pueblo West community. See More
Payten Trimble
· July 12, 2017
So sick of every car speeding down my very residential street and there is zero enforcement of the speed limit. There is zero presence from you people! Do something before a child gets hit from one of... these assholes! See More
Vince Simard
· November 2, 2017
Saw a young man on youtube make your Pigs look like fools LOL You simply Cant force people to show ID... ESP when they are just filming... LOL Stupid pigs. LOL
Cammie Reynolds
· October 10, 2016
I would like to send out my gratitude to the Pueblo County Sheriff's Dept, I appreciate their efforts and kindness to the residents of Beulah. I heard many good things about your presence in the vall...ey!! My elderly grandmother lives up there and on Friday night after she was able to return home an officer knocked on her door to make sure things were good. WOW, thank you. It puts the families mind at ease knowing we have your support!!

Thank you to all, that made the return home for the Beulah Valley residence's possible!

The sheriff's dept, state patrol, all fire departments on hand (firefighters from all areas including volunteers), the red cross and the state fairgrounds, YMCA and anyone else that lent a helping hand. Your efforts did not go without notice.

This is the time we can be proud to live in Pueblo and the surrounding areas!!

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Joint press conference on major heroin bust in Pueblo. Almost 60 pounds seized, equal to 40,000 doses.
Thin Blue Line
Thank you Highland Park Elementary for having some of our deputies join with other First Responders to read to students today in celebration of Dr. Seuss!

Prom is a time to make memories.
What kind of memories will you make???

Pueblo County High School student Peter Herrera wanted to make Senior Prom a day he and his date, Taylor Bruner, would remember forever!!
Peter enlisted the assistance of Pueblo County Sheriff’s Detention Bureau Chief Jeff Teschner to help create memorable pictures while showing his support for Law Enforcement. ...
“I’m passionate toward law enforcement officers. Sometimes they have a negative image but I’ve always looked at them as positive and wanted to show them support. Since my date and I are supportive of law enforcement, I thought it would be neat to take our prom pictures with a sheriff’s car and some deputies.”
Chief Teschner arranged for the unique prom photo shoot prior to tonight’s prom at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center.
Having a little fun is what prom should be about. Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor reminds teens to have fun, create memories but most of all to not put their future in jeopardy by adding alcohol or drugs to the festivities.
Underage drinking and use of drugs is illegal. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is impaired driving and can have costly and even deadly consequences. Don’t ruin your prom night. Stay sober and stay safe!

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Wasted. Stoned. High. Drunk. If you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, it's all impaired driving. Drugged and buzzed driving is still driving under the influence. Drive High, Get a DUI. Be Safe!

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