Tasty food of Namak Mandi
Sargardan Drama
Not sure he is wrong or the traffic warden!!! Allah de mong raham oke nu :((( Video by Attaullah Khan

Anyone demanding dowry will face charges that could result in prison time of up to two months, a fine of Rs 300,000 or both.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has approved a bill that bans dowry demands. Violation of the rule will result in fine and imprisonment as well. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has banned bridegroom or their families from demands of dowry across the province. According to the new law, anyone demanding d...

Tasty food of Namak Mandi

Video by Fayaz Ahmad

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Abdul Basit
· February 20, 2018
You really have amazing videos, your hardworking for the pashtoon history and pashtoon tradition, that work is very appreciative we want that type of information and you making easy way to get this fo...r us , so also thanks to you . once again you are doing a very fantastic job See More
Hassnain Amell
· August 5, 2017
How much i praise you, appreciate you for the work you are doing, it is nothing. It is really comfortable and bring solace knowing guys like you who promotes positive image of Pakhtoons in a mature co...nciouse way at the expense of your preciouse time. It is my first time ever review for any page, i couldn't hold of myself, looks like i got compelled here to make a 5* review and it would have been unjust to look at your quality posts and yet not make a review about it.

In the end i would just say; may Allah keep giving you strenghth, time , whatever you need in keep working for Pakhtoons ,may Allah protect you from compromising your love for Pakhtoons and give you what you wish for in afterlife. My prayers with you keep up your voice of Pakhtoon.
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Asfandyar Khattak
· August 2, 2017
I have seen a lot of unnecessary post on different Pashto or Peshawar Pages,but I found @pukhtoogle one the best pages of KPK.. I am also working on different pages and I always inspired by the way ad...min posts.. I learnt a lot from the seniors of the @pukhtoogle .. And I will feel great if you guys give me an opportunity to work for this page, my own page , for my own peoples and for Pashto.. thanks and keep it up.. Allah de Baryalaa Ka ♥ ....!! See More
Sanaullah Khan
· February 12, 2018
I have seen many many groups page but really first time I enjoy in your page . Very good job. I appreciate your work .keep it up . From me 5����� and thumbs up ��
Salman De
· October 23, 2017
The amount of effort you put in your Pages and Websites, 5/5 always!

P.S. btw can you fix the login at thepashto. com ? I can't login.

Lunch time de, shattar rakagai kar mar band

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I don't think so the industry will produce such comedy drama again; amazing acting by Alamzeb Mujahid. If you watch this video 50 times you ll never get bore.

Mention your favorite dialog of Shahzada

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Posted by Pukhtoogle
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Moxet Khan added 3 new photosfeeling excited with Tariq Afghan and 5 others.

زه په خپله مورنئ ژبه پښتو مئین یم

چې کوم قوم ته خپله ژبـه سپکه شي ، نو هغه سپک شي او چې خپله ژبه ترې ورکه شي ، نو ورک شي.

خـــان عبــدالغفــار خــان


Today is #MotherLanguageDay, i would like to share some screenshots of the updated version of ThePashto Dictionary which i developed in 2012. Due to regular job, freelancing and other web portal and pages i was unable to update the website [technically], as it was not responsive, lack of some features, bugs, missing information, broken links and alot of other issues.

This upcoming version is equipped with the following features
- English/Pashto pronunciation (Audio)
- Image while searching a word to better understand the meaning
- Missing words recording
- Improve dashboard for contributors
- Mobile Responsive
- Fast and Secure
- Improved build-in Phonetic Keyboard

Dictionary has more than 1,500 registered users, 30K+ downloads [desktop app] so far and 65K+ visitors monthly;

Most probably it ll be ready in mid of March, if you have any suggestions for improvement most welcome to share in comments 🤗

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Good Morning, caption it..

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WAPDA Colony located in Taru Jaba is closed from more than 6 months for sports. Youngster of surrounding areas are requesting the concern authorities to allow them for cricket and football but there is no result as Deputy Director of WAPDA Hanif refused to allow them.

We request the authority and public to support us and allow us to play in the ground.

[Requested by Players]

Not sure he is wrong or the traffic warden!!! Allah de mong raham oke nu :(((

Video by Attaullah Khan

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Yra che dase yo dak chenak we aw da seend ghara aw...

complete the sentence..


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May 1999, the beginning of summers in Peshawar, my father, Dr.Abdul Wadood, who was the head of Department of Pharmacology, Khyber Medical College at the time took me along to a gathering of his friends at Charsi Tikka in Namak Mandi.

Namak Mandi was chosen by his friends for the get together because of its delicious food. It is located in the near vicinity of Dabgari Gardens, where most of my father’s friends had their clinics. My father was never into clinical medicine so, ...

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18 February, Anniversary of Baba E Ghazal Hamza Baba, sharing documentary we compiled couple of months ago.

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Documentary on Baba e Ghazal Hamza Baba, Hamza Baba was born and died in Landi Kotal; a well known poet of Pashto Language.

Poeple in Khwazakhela Bazar Swat are protesting against military check-posts.

After every 4, 8 hours there is a video on social media about Peshawar Zoo, people are throwing stones on animals, bundles of garbage and sticks.

The question is "The authority is aware about this situation?" if so why they are not taking serious action; increase entry fee, clean zoo area with stones and sticks, there should be double fence one for the animal inside the cage and one for outside the cage.

We seriously need to educate ourselves and society.

The flavour of a home-baked Kakorai is natural. In the past, people used Desi ghee with pistachio, almonds and walnuts to make its mixture a real treat for the guests. The sof t paste would be put in a large utensil for baking on charcoal for yielding a delicious taste

Known by dif ferent names the home-baked sweet cake is still a popular treat for guests in northern parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Called Brat in Dir, Bajaur, Chitral and Kohistan, and Kakorai in Shangla, Swat, Buner and Aasheerai, the sweet bread is a mixture of wheat flour, eggs, ghee, sugar and mil...

Share a couplet of Khushal Khan Khattak aw Good Shpa ❤️

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