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Mini Sanyal
· December 26, 2017
We absolutely love Pupcake and would highly recommend their treats and cakes.. We’ve been ordering from Pupcake for more than three years now. The service is great!! Now that we’ve moved to Abu Dhabi,... we make sure to order Pupcake treats for Juno anytime someone is coming from India. Chinthana always couriers the treats to whatever address I give her - be it Hyderbad or Gurgaon. A couple of years ago, we ordered the carrot cupcakes for Juno - my husband wanted to sample one because they smelled so yummy. Pupcake treats are homemade, healthy and yummy and above all made with love. They’re the BEST! See More
Smitha Suri
· December 26, 2017
The brood at home says a big thank you for the yummy, fresh goodies from Pupcake! I must say hearing them go 'kurum kurum' with the treats has made us nibble on the treats too!� I had the happiest gan...g on the meatloaf day...if the humans were not vegetarian, I am quite sure that loaf would have had to be split in more ways:) See More
Monika Manchanda
· April 2, 2018
Thank you Chinthana Gopinath and Pupcake team. Fluff totally enjoyed the cake and even with his super sensitive stomach, it worked for him very well.

You really made two brats at home extremely happy ❤️❤️
Swetha Guhan
· August 13, 2017
Hi all - just leaving a review here. Ordered cupcakes for my puppy from this place - Chintana PupCakes and got the worst service ever. Cakes weren't labelled . No ingredients mentioned . They were hea...vy and looked old and had fur inside the boxes in which the cakes came. Very disappointed that out little girl won't get a special treat on her birthday :( See More
Upali Nag
· August 28, 2017
Dear Sasha, calvin, maya, subbu, nobu and xena - thank you so much for making my birthday so yummy with the treats and the chicken carrot cake. Am sure your mommy could not have done it without you...r help. Lots of licks and tail wags, pebbles See More
Saras Srikanth
· April 17, 2016
We ordered a Carrot and Peanut butter cake for our pooch's first birthday yesterday. Our two canine babies totally loved it. And to top that, the 22+ year old human at home could not resist a bite too....

It was awesome pawsome. Tasty and healthy! Thank you :)
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Antorleena Bhaumik
· July 18, 2015
My babies simply love Pupcake goodies... The fresh smell tempts me to eat it up myself :) What more can I appeals to canines and humans alike :) simply love the message from the canine member...s of Pupcake that comes with the birthday cakes...cheers to team Pupcake.. See More
Sayli Rajadhyaksha
· July 17, 2015
An amazing concept with an awesome human to do full justice to it, is the definition of Pupcake! Add to it the cute and cuddly tasters/helpers, this is a winning recipe. Abby and I love you Team Pupcake! ♥
Dipti Manchanda
· May 27, 2017
Thank you Pupcake team for making Jackie's day so special..the cake was finished in less than 2 mins by him..kudos��
Sushma Pavan Shetty
· November 18, 2015
Thank you Sasha,Calvin and Maya

You made my Birthday such a Dog-gone Good n memorable with such yummy cake and treat's.. Totally loved it

Your friend Spotty
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Coco and Scooty munch on Pupcake treats
You will never guess what this pretty girl's name is. It's Crime Master Gogo 😁 The story goes like this. She was first bought by a group of young guys who were told by the breeder that this is a male pup, hence the name. 8 months down the line, they discovered that they had been "cheated". So they sold her off to someone who kept her tied up all day in the dog house, hoping she'd be a guard dog!! Fortunately for her, Ankita and her husband rescued her from these series of horrific circumstances. Gogo is now the apple of their eye, a spoilt princess that she was always meant to be. Happy Gotcha Day, Gogo! Stay happy, healthy and spoilt 😘😘😘

Apart from running Pupcake, it is my life's biggest privilege to be a part of the core team at Freagles Of India that works on the rehabilitation and adoptions of beagles released from research testing laboratories across India. Last year, a very special batch of beagles were released into our care. Ten little ones, super seniors aged between 10-13 years of age, their entire lives spent in the confines of laboratories being used as test subjects in pharmaceutical research.

Th...e oldest two were Grant and Waheeda, both about 13 years old. Grant lived a beautiful life in freedom until he left the physical plane a couple of months ago. Waheeda aka Chutki celebrates her 14th birthday today, her first as the cherished member of her wonderful family that also consists of her freagle brother Biglu & Indy brother Babu.

Last year, I was a part of the team of volunteers who went to Hyderabad to bring these precious beings to Bangalore. And today, I baked her her birthday cake. Words cannot express how I feel.

Here's wishing Chutki loads of good health, plenty of belly rubs and lots of joyful togetherness with her family who she bosses over with an iron paw. Happy 14th Birthday, you beautiful beautiful girl 💞

#freedomsunshinelove #10goldenoldies

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(open to cities within a day's driving distance)
Serena is an approx. 5 year old boxer whose resilience has been awe inspiring. She has been through much & is ready to be adopted! Serena is leash trained & toilet trained. She has been left home alone for up to 5 hours & she has never thrown a fuss. This can gradually be extended by a couple of hours more. She enjoys long walks, yummy food, some heavy petting from her humans & is ace at car drives. She's f...ine with other dogs so long as they don't try to bully her, she'd need to be socialised with smaller sized dogs to see if they get along. She absolutely LOVES footballs! This was discovered when she stole a football from a bunch of kids at Cubbon Park & her caretakers had to pay the irate parents a princely sum of Rs. 350 when she refused to return it.
What happened to her eye, you ask? Serena had wandered into her rescuer's home-office compound a few months ago. Maggots were eating into the right side of her face, skin hung on to her bones & her hanging teats bore testimony to the kind of scum who owned her before she was dumped. She endured painful dressing changes without a wince & without sedation. The flesh on her face regenerated but she lost her eye. She then developed pyometra (Infection of the uterus that can be fatal), a series of growths in her mammary glands were discovered (found to be benign) & tick fever. She underwent surgeries & against all odds, made it! Nothing can keep a good dog down!
Serena needs a home that can serve her a non-vegetarian diet, her body needs the protein after all she's been through. Like most boxers her age, she should not be put through rigorous exercise in order to keep her heart safe. If slow, luxurious walks in the park with a chica in hot pink is your idea of bliss, Serena is the dog for you. If you'd like to make this amazing dog yours, call Reena on 9845013827.
PS. This clause is not to be taken lightly. She will need a steady supply of
#boxer #boxersofinstagram #breederdiscards #puppymillsurvivor #scarsaretattooswithbetterstories

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