“’Can you look up Charlie on your magic box?’ my mother asks. Magic box is her name for computers, and Charlie is the name of the only man she ever loved.”

The day I helped my elderly mom search for an ex-lover on the internet
Personal growth.
Let it grow.
Sometimes nowhere it where it's at.

“I've always felt that musicians and their music are our traveling companions through life. Songs are like postcards from a time and a place that we've visited in our days gone by, both physically and emotionally.”

We all have a certain song that, for whatever reason, reminds us of another time in our life

“Bridge Over Troubled Water” — Simon & Garfunkel (1970): Paul Simon originally thought it would be "a little hymn," but this Grammy-winning song developed into a major production reminiscent of Phil Spector's Wall of Sound.

Classic singles that instantly transport you to a moment in time and yet still sound fresh

I see a red door and I want it painted black.

The Rolling Stones, 1966

What song was it for you?

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"Marijuana for recreational use has recently been legalized in our state, and the shops are open for business. In fact, I read that Portland already has more weed shops than nail salons (but not quite as many as coffee shops ... yet). And if my friend Pam wanted to check one out, then we were going to. Pam is a persuasive sort of person."

Marijuana for recreational use has recently been legalized in our state, and it was time for two middle-aged women to see what all the fuss was about

A defining song for both Motown and for Marvin Gaye, "What's Going On" almost never got released. Motown founder Berry Gordy hated the tune and repeatedly rejected it. Scheduled for release behind his back, the single topped the soul chart and vaulted up to No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song rebranded Motown, turning it from a very successful pop factory into a label with a social conscience.

Pop classics from the heyday of Hitsville U.S.A.

Hey, weight a second! A "Scarface" reunion went sideways Thursday night when a prominent journalist asked Michelle Pfeiffer about her weight during production of the 1983 cocaine epic.

Boos for question about Michelle Pfeiffer's weight

Yet another "Beautiful Day" for Bono, the recipient of the first-ever George W. Bush Medal for Distinguished Leadership.

Bono receives inaugural George W. Bush award

"When it got dark, Dave got us all together and pulled out a joint. He lit up, took a few hits and passed it around. When it got to me, I froze."

I smoked pot for the first time in a long time, and let's just say that I'm no longer as cool as I thought I was