"Purple Line officials said this week they plan to close the Lyttonsville Place bridge this summer so it can be rebuilt over six months as part of the construction of the 16.2-mile light-rail line...

The county is trying to acquire use of a right-of-way from a private property owner to connect Stewart Avenue to Kansas Avenue in the neighborhood. This would enable residents to continue to access Brookville Road—an important artery that drivers use to reach Georgia Avenue and e...ventually the Capital Beltway in Silver Spring. Stewart Avenue currently dead ends just before it reaches Kansas Avenue in Lyttonsville.

However, Craig said some residents near Kansas Avenue expressed concerns at the community meeting that their streets would be overwhelmed with traffic if that change was implemented. As a result, officials are still considering the option."

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Crossing is important entrance and exit to Lyttonsville neighborhood; Silver Spring’s Spring Street bridge to be closed in 2020
Lyttonsville residents say the bridge served as a vital link during segregation.