The Park County Commissioners will hold two public meetings to hear comments on two Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs) within Park County – the High Lakes WSA and the McCullough Peaks WSA. The WSAs have been studied by the Park County Wyoming Public Lands Initiative (WPLI) Committee. Comments may address any aspect of the WSAs.


The public meetings will take place at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 25th at Heart Mountain Hall at the Park County Fairgrounds at 665 East 5th Street in Powell and at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 26th at the Cody Clubroom at 1240 Beck Avenue in Cody.

For additional information, contact the Park County Commissioners’ office at 527-8510.

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Aaron Andrews to Magic City 4x4 Public Group.

Flyer designed by Stacey Stacey Schessler Osborne THANK YOU for your contribution!


Should be a good time.

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So, I have been approached by Fremont County to come up with a proposal for a 5000 acre piece of land that the county needs to decide on what to do with it. Thi...s is a section of land near Copper Mountain just north of Shoshoni, WY. It overlooks Boysen Reservoir as well.

Now, Wyoming isn’t exactly known as being a great state for rockcrawling. However, this is something that I intend to change. Its mainly because so much of the public lands in the state are currently not even accessible because you need to cross private property just to get access to it. Well, this land borders BLM land and was part of an old gravel mine/pit years ago. There is dry camping in the area on BLM land and at the base of the property. Not to mention a massive boulder field that has been stacked up in the parking area already that would be a great playground area.

That being said, last weekend I went up and scouted some of the property above the parking area. This wash in particular. We hiked in about 1/4mi and I have attached pics of what it looks like. There are also several off-shoots of loop canyons that also run out of this wash. This wash goes much further, but having dropped a 45lb weight lifting plate on my big toe that morning it was a process to even get that far. I plan to scout the rest if the property on foot in the next couple weeks.

The conclusion that I came up with is that this area would be an awesome place to develop a Trail System for OHV usage. So, I need your help. The Board of Directors for Fremont County needs to hear from the public on what should be done with the land. They have an open comment section on the website for this and I have been advised by someone close to the board that we need to get as many comments as possible. The website is
Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Site Visit and Public Comments Form”. Then check Copper Mountain and fill it all out.

The goal will be to develop this area into a legitimate Trail System. I beleive this will provide much needed revenue to the local community in Shoshoni and draw offroaders into the area. IMO, this would be a great area where UTV, ATV, and OHV drivers can come to play and spend money.

Also, I am in need of people who have experience working with government on opening areas like this. So, if you have any interest in helping out, please PM me some contact info as I would like to talk with you.

Update 4/9/18
So, I just left the board meeting in Lander, WY. Upon leaving, I am surprisingly optimistic at this point of the potential for this being approved. The major concerns are from the local land owners and ranchers. Three to be exact. Their concerns are based on the potential theft, vandalism, harm to livestock, and disruption of their ranches. These are family homesteads that go back several generations, a d they have vaild concerns. However, I think with the proper management, they would be open to the idea.

Two of the board members reached out to me as I left. And, IMO, they are the two most interested in setting up the correct trail system.

There are basically two proposed sections that they are considering for motorized vehicle use. First one is the southeast corner where the gravel pit is and where the wash is that I took the pictures below.

However, there is another area on the southwest side that they want me to look at as well. In fact, the same two board members specifically ask me to please go take a look at that area, and talk with them about the potential there. That means that they are willing to compromise and willing to work with us to allow motorized re recreation in this area.

The next meeting is going to be Thursday night at the Lander, WY courthouse. I unfortunately will not be able to attend.

Update 4/12/18

Huge win tonight in Lander, WY!

We just got the Fremont County Board to approve the lower 1/3 of the 5000+ acres on Copper Mountain for motorized access and specificly a rockcrawling trail system! That is 1600+ acres that we might be able to develop a trail system on. This was a huge win, but its only the start.

This is NOT done. It now has to go through the 30 day public comment portion, and then get sent to Senator Cheney to be added to a new bill. Then to the state for voting. This actually could be a reality soon.

So, this is very important: We need to get as many comments added at this point once they open the 30 day comment portion.

I want to thank those of you who attended tonight. While I couldn’t make it, I was being updated constantly on what was going on.

Update 4/19
FYI, the next meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 30th in Lander, WY at the courthouse. Starts at 6pm. We need a bigger presence there. So, if you have time, please come.

I will be trying to be there as well.

Fwiw, I know that this could fall apart at any moment. It is my understanding that Julia Stuble (who holds the “Conservation” seat in the Commitee) only agreed to approve the Copper Mountain WSA because she wanted to use it as leverage to then ask for the closing of 124,000 acres, which is the rest of the BLM’s WSA areas in the rest of Fremont, Carbon, and Natrona Counties. From what I understand, if she doesn’t get her way with the other areas, she intends to pull her approval of the Copper Mountain Proposal. So, in essence, she is using political blackmail tactics to push her agenda. She works for the Wyoming Outdoor Council as well as Wyoming Public Lands & Energy. All of which are demanding that these areas be deamed “Wilderness” areas. That means they will be closed to all mixed uses. In other words, the only way to get into any of these areas would be to walk in on foot or ride a horse in. You couldn’t even ride a bike, let alone take a fire road to get in.

As of now, I have several other things on my agenda to help gain support moving forward. This includes meeting with the town of Shoshoni’s Chamber of Commerce as well as the County Commissioner for that area Larry Allen. None of which had any idea that this was even on the table.

Plain and simple is that we need support. We need public comments, we need attendance to show the committee that Wyoming needs this.

So, Please continue to share this around as much as possible.

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Shootout starting soon.
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Meeting Billings crew to go play in the Pryors. Meet at Blair's by 8.

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Seems most our club is in the midst of vehicle upgrades and repairs do we still want to try to schedule our typical January head-hunters trip to Sand Cooley or just do the typical January meeting/gift exchange deal?

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Y.O.R.R. Yellowstone Off Road Racing

Y.O.R.R is excited to announce our tentative 2018 race schedule
Broadview,MT May 18th-19th
Strugis,SD. June 22nd-23rd
Powell,WY July 21st-22nd
Columbus,MT Sept 21st-22nd

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Monthly meeting. Let's plan some wheeling!

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