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Posted by Ryan Glisan
Ryan Glisan

So, I have realized lately that its been years since I have put out any metal music. I have also realized that I never actually gave any public explanation or c...omment on my departure from the band I started so long ago, Allegaeon, the situation with Pyrithion or the status of the project with my buddy Wes Hauch resulting in a lot of people being left in the dark. Although this isn’t the time or place for any of those necessarily, I would like to take this moment to state that I have been trying on many hats within the music business for the last couple years, trying to find ways to make a living at something that can be truly challenging. Ive moved a ton of times, been writing and working with a Country group Cheap Rodeo, writing for rock/indie projects and exploring licensing/publishing as well as trying out my luck on the video production side of things. I have had a lot of fun, met amazing people and will continue to work hard and explore those avenues but Its also become painfully obvious lately that I have neglected the things that made me fall in love with music in the first place. Namely Guitar and Heavy Metal.

So…. that being said, I am re-inserting myself back into the wild, so to speak. In the coming months I will not only be dusting off some oldies that I had planned to release with various projects in the past but also release some new music as well. I plan on having some very cool guest appearances and hopefully releasing some music that fans of my previous projects and all 7 of the Ryan Glisan fans out there can appreciate . I probably wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for people asking for it so hopefully people will dig on it. I plan on giving this music out for FREE, I’m doing this as my passion project and just want people to enjoy jamming the stuff out. In the coming months I will be throwing out some teasers to give people an idea of what I am working on, so with that said, here is a little unfinished teaser #1 of just a couple of the “DEMO” songs that I recorded, crappily, in the last 5-6 years or so that I will be re-recording and releasing….

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People have asked about a tapping technique I have done in both Pyrithion and Allegaeon songs. Here's a demo of one of my Allegaeon solos that slowly shows the technique. Check it out.


If anyone is at all curious what the other dudes who played on the Pyrithion EP are up to these days, you can friend/follow them here. Both dudes have some cool stuff in the works.

Hello everyone, while Pyrithion is currently on hiatus im going to put out some material with some of my friends from bands including The Faceless and Decapitated, check it out, hope you dig,


Follow us here for more updates - Wes Hauch Ryan Glisan and find us on Twitte...

This guitar was used to record the burden of sorrow EP and I am selling it on eBay. If you're interested feel free to message me

Ryan Glisan

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I want to thank everyone for their patience and for their concerns and good wishes that you have shown the band this last week. Obviously this is a situation that can't be planned for and therefor we have been trying not to speak out of turn. As of now, we don't have any more information on the situation than what we can find in the news but we want to make sure this plays out how it needs to and that we don't in any way interfere. Thank you so much for the continued support everyone, it means a ton to us.

Ryan and Andy

If you could handpick any drummer to play with us, who would it be????

Jam this out, tell your friends, repost for us....

Pyrithion - The Invention of Hatred (Official Lyric Video) New EP titles The Burden of Sorrow coming April 16, 2013. Preorder available at:

If we were to tour, what bands would you like to see us with????

What's your favorite song off the EP????

Our EP is available in most best buy stores, pick up a physical copy if you haven't already.

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If anyone is curious how Pyrithion got started, what future plans are, how we wrote the EP etc etc.....Our Guitarist Ryan Glisan answers some of those questions in an interview with Jackson Guitars…/jackson-qa-ryan-glisan-of-…/

Ryan Glisan has been busy. Shortly after releasing a sophomore full-length album in the middle of 2012 with his band Allegaeon, he received an intriguing invite from As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis.

The comments on the last post (with the video) give me hope that Pyrithion fans (at least so far) are open to intelligent discussion. It's really refreshing to see respectful and thoughtful interaction on a band's page. I can't wait to meet some of you when we finally have enough songs to play a show or two.
- Tim

"The Burden of Sorrow" came out last week and I've received a lot of strange comments.

Two hours left!
Thanks to everyone who has already made the ADM campaign a success!


I promise to get back to working on Pyrithion stuff now.
- Tim

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Tim Lambesis (As I Lay Dying) and Ahhhnold are here to pump you up, bringing you their third full length 'Triple Brutal' - they said they'd be back.

Check out these song clips, along with the track listing and guests, from the upcoming Triple Brutal album.

Our first single "The Invention of Hatred" was the 4th most downloaded song on iTunes "Metal" yesterday....thanks to everyone who got a copy, not bad for our first release.

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