"Quadro essentially acts as a Touch Bar without ever having to pay the price for a new Macbook." .. Read more here:

“Almost half (49%) of smartphone users in the U.S. downloaded zero apps in the last month.” -ComScore Report, 2016  I read this stat earlier this month and was shocked. Not at the statistic itself, but mostly because I fit into that bucket of the 49%. How could I have not downloaded one single app i...


Quadro – A smart controller for your Mac and Windows computer: (Quadro)

Quadro by Actions on LaudableApps
#Quadroapp is like a spaceship control station for all your computing adventures Gif by Illo #sketchapp #productivity #workflow #ArtofComputing #design

Quadro: automatizzazione a portata di tap su macOS

#quadroapp #MACOS #automation

Quadro è un’app che permette di eseguire azioni complesse su macOS con un semplice tap sul proprio dispositivo iOS. Organizzato in Pad e Palette, è dotato di una grafica curata in ogni dettag…

How to add an Apple Touch Bar to Windows? Install Quadro!👇

#MakeUseOf #quadroapp #touchbar

If you own an iPhone or iPad, you can add an Apple Touch Bar clone to Windows using an app called Quadro. We show you how it works.

Keep your zaps/applets tidy and run them with a tap thanks to #Quadroapp. Learn how: #productivity #must #zapier #IFTTT #automation

Who controls the controllers?

📣 Giving an #interface to #IFTTT and #Zapier to gather all your #applets/zaps in a well-displayed view, and run them with a tap. 👽 #automation #quadroapp

Who controls the controllers?

Dreamin of a vacation where you relax floating in the beautiful Caribbean waters? Tap and make your dream come true.

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Don't break your #workflow, save what you want to read later, with a tap! #quadroapp 💪 🤓 #safari #productivity #web

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In a hurry? put to sleep your computer with only a tap. 🌙 🏃 #MustHave #essentials #Mac & #Win #productivity

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We ❤️ Bear App! Come explore our Gallery and steal some ready-to-use actions to get the most of Bear features!

Creates a new draft from the selected Bear note and opens in Medium

Find inspirational videos on #TED with a tap - #IdeasWorthSpreading #ActionsWorthHaving 😄

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What are you looking for? Use this action to perform a quick search on #Dribbble. Tap, found.
🔍 #designers

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Keep links handy. 👉 🔗 Send it to your space in Slack, with a tap.

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Our friends from Bear 🐻 just came out with an amazing release! Check out all the Bear actions Quadro can launch!

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Quadro shared a link.
Ello! 👋 Download Quadro! 👽 Video by ILLO

#Sketch users... if you haven't seen this already, then you need to watch it now! 🤓 Sketch #productivity

Working with Quadro on Sketch, a few highlights. Read the related article here: