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Rocky Lane
· March 27, 2017
What a treat!
$6.50 for their signature dessert... the funnel cake sandwich with handmade, homemade ice cream that is as rich and decadent as the entire presentation.
It melts in your mouth and in you...r hand if you don't eat it quick enough.
Did i say what a decadent treat it was?
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Cardinal Robbins
· February 7, 2014
I love Quenelle! The owners are the sweetest people you'll ever meet, the ice creams are the best in the city, the service is excellent, and the baked goods are out of this world! If you need to order... something special for a loved one, don't hesitate to ask. They did the finest Linzer cookies for my sister's birthday. She adored them. I will *always* remember how gracious they were about baking them for her, too. #finestpeopleever See More
Joyce Conner Radiches
· April 12, 2017
If you can figure how to ship your blueberry pie ice cream from CA. to FL., I'll be the first to order....
Mike Bawse Smith
· April 30, 2017
Awesome place, very clean and great place for flavorful ice cream 🍦!!!
Sarah Folger
· October 7, 2014
Great location and lovely presentation and perfect ice cream. Flavors are creative, but not fussy or overwrought. They all make delicious sense. I had a scoop of current and grapefruit sorbet with cho...colate and an excellent salty chocolate chip cookie chaser. See More
Yuriy Geyvandov
· March 26, 2017
It's so good, they have new flavors all the time. Def worth checking it out
Gizelle DeSena
· July 1, 2014
Always an awesome experience every time I go. All workers are very friendly and informative when it comes to answering the questions of what certain ingredients are in the flavors. John (I'm pretty he's the owner) See More
Andrew Rhoades
· November 3, 2015
This place is amazing! Wonderful, creative flavors and every Wednesday, funnel cake ice cream sandwiches! So good!
Stephanie Corrales
· August 15, 2014
Soooo delish!!!! Went for the first time today with my friend ~ got the Hibiscus Prickly Pear & Blood Orange (both non-dairy) and am H*A*P*P*Y* You guys rock!!!! Have to bring the rest of my office n...ext time ^_^ See More
Ed Ibarra
· May 21, 2017
Tiny place but Amazing Ice Cream with interesting flavors.
Highly Recommend.
Heather Roach
· September 21, 2016
Wednesday night funnel cake sandwiches are to die for. This is honestly my favorite place!
Judy An Vulchev
August 22, 2013
The best ice cream ever. Everything we tried was awesome but my favorite was the yuzu mojito pop. Wow.
Rebecca Sanchez
· November 12, 2013
The ice cream here is so good! I had the roasted pineapple and also the mandarin orange. So flavorful and tastes exactly what the name suggests!
Grand Cheng
· September 18, 2013
Ice Cream is so good! Owner and Chef makes all the flavors. I tried the Blueberry Pie, Passion Fruit, and Oolong! Come try this place, I guarantee you'll love it!
Joseph Kristian Vistan
· January 22, 2017
If you are searching for proof of a higher power, look no further.
Douglas Himebaugh
· September 12, 2015
If you love ice cream bars this is the place to go.
Thomas Zellers
· November 9, 2013
Be sure and try the Biskoff ice cream if they have it in stock. Also recommend the salted chocolate chip cookies.
Tim Oberg
· January 16, 2015
my favorite place (of ALL the places) and within walking distance from my house!
Erin Kelly-Park
· August 27, 2013
Amazing flavors! Absolutely divine. So happy you're in the neighborhood! We'll spread the word. (Just note that it's cash only.)
Max Martinez
· March 15, 2014
Best local ice cream in Burbank! The chimay ice cream blew my mind!

Cigar City Brewing, Jai Alai. Probably one of the top IPAs in the country made into an ice cream. Rarely seen on the west coast, available at #Quenelle now! #cigarcitybrewing #jaialai #craftbeer #icecream. Paired with our Valrhona chocolate ice cream. So good! Won't last long!

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Excited to part of this great charity event! #pbpla #pbp2016 #quenelle #pbpla2016

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Project by Project Los Angeles is with Viviane Restaurant and 22 others at California Science Center.

LAST DAY!!! Everything is coming together beautifully for our 2016 Plate by Plate Presented By Project By Project. Check out our restaurant lineup for tomorrow...!! We are so excited to serve our guests and stuff our faces! It's not too late to join us Saturday August 6th at 7pm. Buy your tickets here: . Tickets will not be sold at the door, you must purchase online. See you there!!!

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Whether it’s in a cup or a cone, here are ten ice cream joints where dairy-free eaters won’t have to grab a popsicle (unless they want to).

I guess this makes it official.. please visit us in Burbank where @gnosmas is killing it with the new flavors... killing my food cost too with all the booze I need to buy him

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it's an honor to be able to work with such amazing restaurants and people The Bellwether Tokyo Fried Chicken Co. Honeybird etc…/la-dd-honey-bird-fried-chicken-la-…

La Cañada Flintridge, the quiet, small town just north of Pasadena, is known for some good schools, a well-stocked Trader Joe's and a Round Table pizza frequented by AYSO kids post-soccer practice. But a non-chain restaurant serving fried chicken and biscuits? Not so much.

Honeybird congrats on the opening!! 🍯🍗

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beautiful day for ice cream and cold brew @saddlebackchurch #bigcampus #inevergetlost #igotlosthere

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opening soon!!! @honeybirdla so excited for our friends and future daughter in law

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mini pies

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bacon chorizo fluffernutter

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fried chicken & waffles... waffle and schmaltz ice cream, maple caramel, fried chicken skin, 11 herbs and spices

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fruity pebbles #onastick

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#onastick cherry yuzu creamsicle push pop available only @tokyofriedchickenco... 🎶 I feel like 치맥 tonight 🎶 🍗🍺

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speak softly and carry a big stick 🍍🍒

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skittle bomb (red bull and cointreau) 🌈💣

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