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R0BOTS - Upcoming new band, no rush, or due dates, but await it, know it exists, we'll begin real promotion when the time comes.

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This is j0hnny, feel free to add me on my personal account! Would love to keep in touch with you from here on out!


d=_Ob R0BOTS is j0hnny ex The Medic Droid with DJ S3RL known for the song Pretty Rave Girl & countless other hits.

EVERYONE LIKE/ADD/SHARE THIS ACCOUNT! SPREAD THE WORD! Check out & listen to all the music posted BELOW on this page! LEAVE A COMMENT for support! -r0bots

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j0hnny is ex - The Medic Droid r.i.p. in new band R0BOTS w/ DJ S3RL known for the song Pretty Rave Girl. BUY all my music to support r0bots! YouTube: