Book today, and a little piece of heaven will become an unforgettable place in your heart. Sundance Guest Ranch


– Indeed, thank God, there are still pieces of heaven on this earth. So we're proud and grateful to introduce you to the Sundance Guest Ranch, Ashcroft, British Columbia, Canada.

Immense views, reliable horses, well-seasoned wranglers and a heart full of Sundance sun, make the Sundance Guest Ranch an unforgettable place. Those who stayed here take the ranch, the horses, the breeze and the characteristic landscape along in their imaginary suitcase and keep it close to them. What makes this outfit so remarkable? Hard to say, it’s a mix, it's a culture as such.

The timeless authenticity of the land’s nature often feels like way back in the day when the two Cornwell brothers, from South West England’s Gloucestershire, pioneered the area. And there is no coincidence; they started an operation where horses could have rest (and the riders too), located near the village of Ashcroft.

It's a ranch for families, for couples, even for larger parties. Children of all ages are most welcome too. Horseback riding is managed in a way that both safety and pleasure go together in a well-balanced way.

You're most welcome for inquiries, travel recommendations,... etc. We're most happy to assist and serve you.
Soyez les bienvenues, le ciel sur terre est à vous. Pour les francophones; nous vous acceuillons en Français aussi.


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Never Judge a Book by Its Cover : the Stubborn Looking Sweetheart Yearling Stallion


Cory Solomon - Slowing Down to Go Fast - reculer pour mieux sauter -
Rallentare verso il basso veloce

The American -the World Richest One Day Rodeo- will be held Feb 19 2018 Arlington TX - Le Rodéo le plus Riche de Monde 19 Fév 2018 à Arlington TX - Il Rodeo più ricco del mondo 19 feb 2018 ad Arlington TX


Cory Solomon se montrait impressionant et tellement éfficace; la vitesse enorme obtenue par une élégance relaxe. Merveilleux!

Cory Solomon era impressionante e molto efficace; l'enorme velocità raggiunta da un'eleganza rilassata. Meraviglioso!

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The American the-world's-richest-one-day-rodeo is just a couple of Sundays away Feb 19 Arlington, TX

The horse is Sissy Hayday under the wonderful pilot Miss Hailey Kinsel. Barrel Racing has worldwide grown faster than any other timed event in the rodeo industry.

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The American -Wolrd's Richest One Day Rodeo is right in front of us! Feb 19 Arlington, TX

Sage Kimzey in a sweet-neat bull ride 2017.

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The American -The World Richest One Day Rodeo Feb 19 Arlington TX

It's getting close. This striking super rodeo concept by RFD-TV is one of a kind. Just to warm-up a flashback to 2017 bareback riding with the Great Tim O Connell.

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Warming Up for the American World-Richest-One-Day-Rodeo Feb 19 Arlington, TX

Here Marty Yates illustrates setting a standard under 7 sec in Tie Down Roping. Remember the days we ate our hats as it sounded unbelievable getting under 8. Marty Yates is no doubt a young man with quite some future ahead of him.

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No doubt Clinton Anderson got into the equine educational market as a downunder hot knife into butter. His natural skills and talent enriched with his easy way of expressing the hands-on approach was and ever remains so refreshing. Included in the Equine section of RFD-TV

Clinton works hard to educate horse owners on how to be safe and effective while enjoying their horses. His methods are easy to understand and designed to help horse owners get the results they desire

Genius Horseman Chris Cox >> join him on RFD TV

Chris Cox has had a lifetime of education with the greatest, most important teacher of all, the horse. Raised on a cattle ranch in the wilds of Australia, Chris had opportunities that most horsemen of this day and age never experience. With only horses for transportation, Chris learned at an early age how to appreciate and distinguish the abilities and traditions of the great men and horses around him. He has developed a way to translate those discoveries into methods for the students he teaches today. Simply put, Chris Cox Horsemanship shows horse people how to get results.

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The Woodwind pellet grill brings easy and delicious BBQ right to your back patio. Grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, barbecue, or even sear all your favorite foods.

The Las Vegas Entrepreneurial Class of Cowboy. Ryan Growney.


Ryan Growney, South Point Hotel-Casino, Equestrian Center and Spa Manager, is most probably the world’s top-notch class of cowboy. And for sure the only hotel-casino business leader who works often horseback in the casino (in the arena to be more precise). The legendary South Point Hotel-Casino, Spa & Equestrian Center includes… an equestrian center of 1,200 a...irconditioned stalls and a huge 4,500 seat arena, the Priefert Pavilion, an exhibition hall. No surprise, the South Point hosts an infinite series of high-end equine events year round.

Ryan Growney is a hotel-casino manager at heart. He started his casino career as a dealer for Micheal Gaughan, back when Gaughan owned the Orleans. He worked his way up fast-paced. At 33 he became Hotel-Casino Manager of the South Point, the Cowboy landmark on Las Vegas Boulevard, expanded with a Spa, an equestrian center and, most probably the most expensive purchased horse trailer parking on the planet. This may illustrate the dedication to the equine industry. And in regards to equine passion; the Gaughan family and the American Quarter Horse have shared a great wonderful trail that led to the legacy of today.

The South Point has that remarkable flair of making people feel welcome. The cheer to roll the dices and enjoy equine events. The Southern class of hospitality and foremost … each time again a wonderful experience. – Ryan Growney represents and serves the Gaughan casino-tradition in a such a great consistent way.


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Coming Soon - Horseback in British Columbia's Heaven

The Sundance Guest Ranch in a Full Special upcoming next week.

Only the hands of a lady can guide you so elegantly to this piece of heaven. Its nature tells endless stories. Every day seems like a new chapter in an infinite world of experiences. The Sundance Guest Ranch opens so much more than its gates. Indeed, we're happy to offer you soon the complete special about this inspiring place in Ashcroft, British Columbia, Canada. The ranch where the wind whispers the warm words of welcome. Sundance Guest Ranch

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The American, the World’s Richest One-Day Rodeo.

– US Fans and people from all around the globe are looking forward, getting tickets and travel arrangements for RFD TV's THE AMERICAN - AT&T Stadium on Sunday, February 25, 2018. Indeed, make plans now to see all the action. Qualifier events are already taking place across the country as ropers and riders hope to compete in Arlington during the world's richest one-day rodeo!

The American is the richest one-day-rodeo on the planet and has become a unique tradition.

Cattlemen to Cattlemen by NCBA on RFD-TV

RFD-TV, rural America's most important network, also featuring the Cowboy Channel, embraces the core heart of America's Western Heritage & Agricultural Industry. Indeed, the network that brings US Rural Life on Television and Your online devices.

The National Cattlemen's Beef Association is proud to present NCBA's Cattlemen to Cattlemen; a television show for cattlemen created by cattlemen.


RFD-TV understands how important the cattle industry is to the United States. Whether you are a producer or a consumer, the first time you sit to watch this program you immediately understand why Cattlemen to Cattlemen has become such a popular part of "Rural America's Most Important Network." Its relevance goes far beyond the men and women who raise cattle; we are all affected by one of America's oldest industries. The 30-minute news-magazine program focuses on cattle industry issues, producer education, the week's news headlines and market developments. NCBA's Cattlemen to Cattlemen has covered issues such as ethanol production and corn prices along with international trade and disaster relief efforts. NCBA's Cattlemen to Cattlemen has interviewed Secretaries of Agriculture and the House Agriculture Committee Chairman as well as countless congressional, agricultural and other industry leaders. NCBA's Cattlemen to Cattlemen provides viewers with a variety of weekly segments focusing on producer education. Topics have included herd health, low-stress cattle handling, reproductive management, mineral nutrition, nuisance and horn flies and new beef products. NCBA's Cattlemen to Cattlemen is doing its part to address the important issues affecting the cattle and beef industries. It is programs like Cattlemen to Cattlemen that are helping to give rural America the good name it deserves.

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Autumn Cattle

Autumn is painting life in beautiful copper-gold. The Angus heifers and steers draw the contrast in the landscape and the Beefmaster cow is joining the painter's pallet of these late remarkable autumn days.

Raats Family Ranch added 4 new photos — with Rik Raats.

Lem Lewis, the Texas Ranch Broker with a Ranch Cast Radio Show

– Lem is the man that stands full length for a wonderful selection of Texas Ranches on the market, from rolling hill to endless Texas views... but there is more. He conceived a unique Ranch Cast Show. True to the long term western radio tradition, Lem talks in depth with passionate people. Men (and women) who's passion drove them to remarkable achievements. Next on this page you can find the episode in which Lem Lewis is interviewing the grand class entrepreneurial Texas Bourbon Distiller Dan Garrison. 'Better to Ask for Forgiveness than to Ask for Permission'. Everything is Big in Texas, business with a big entrepreneurial heart; Lem for sure is a most inspiring broker with both a lot of acres as tons of inspiration aswell under his hat.

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